Jodi Abar Lyrics

Jodi Abar Lyrics | যদি আবার | Angel Noor

Jodi Abar Lyrics

মেঘলা দিন,
তোমাকে ভেবে কেটে যায় রঙিন,
ফেলে আসা ভালোবাসা মলিন
তবুও মনে পড়ে যায় ..

চায়ের কাপ,
তোর আমার যতো স্মৃতির চাপ,
হিসেব মেলানো কঠিন ..

যদি আবার, দেখা হয় তোমার আমার
ভুলে যেও সব অভিমান,
ছিলো যতো ঋণ।

আছি আজো, আমি শুধুই তোমার
জানি তুমি অন্য কারো,
আমি দিশাহীন।।

আমার মন খারাপের সুর
মিশে গেছে যতদূর,
তুমি শুনতে কি পাও, এই গান।

যাক না দিন এমন
তোমাকে ভেবে ভেবে,
হোক আজই প্রতিক্ষার অবসান।।

লুকিয়ে থাক
শীতের কুয়াশায় ভেজা দুচোখ,
মুছে যাওয়া যতো গল্প আজ
প্রেম হয়ে ফিরে যায়।

আড়াল হোক,
লুকিয়ে রাখা যতো কষ্ট সব,
শিশির হয়ে ঝরে যাক।

যদি আবার দেখা হয় তোমার আমার
মনে করো সেই মন ভাঙা গল্প-গান।

আছি আজো, আমি শুধুই তোমার
জানি তুমি অন্য কারো,
আমি দিশাহীন।।

Meaning of Jodi Abar Lyrics

Angel Noor describes “Jodi Abar” as a soul-stirring melody that weaves a tale of enduring love and unwavering commitment. With its evocative lyrics and poignant vocals, the song transports listeners into a realm of emotion, capturing the essence of everlasting connections. The enchanting music complements the narrative, creating a harmonious blend that resonates with the heart. “Jodi Abar” is a musical journey that tugs at the strings of the soul, leaving an indelible mark of love and longing.

Jodi Abar lyrics beautifully captures the essence of unrequited love, melancholy, and the lingering emotions that persist despite the passage of time. The lyrics evoke a sense of nostalgia and longing, painting a vivid picture of the singer’s emotional landscape. The opening lines set the tone, as the singer reminisces about a rainy day and the vibrant colors it brings to mind, symbolizing the myriad emotions associated with love. The metaphor of raindrops as tears of affection falling from the sky adds a poignant touch, suggesting that love, like rain, can be both refreshing and melancholic.

Jodi Abar lyrics reference to a cup of tea becomes a powerful symbol of shared memories and the indelible imprints of love. The singer reflects on the difficulty of quantifying the depth of these memories, emphasizing the challenge of reconciling the complex emotions associated with love and the passage of time. The recurring theme of separation and the inevitability of parting resurface in the lines expressing a desire for another meeting. The singer acknowledges the difficulty of letting go of pride and past grievances, highlighting the emotional debts that remain unresolved.

Jodi Abar Lyrics

Despite the pain and heartbreak, the singer remains steadfast in their feelings, conveying a sense of resilience and an enduring connection. The plea to forget past mistakes and grievances suggests a willingness to reconcile and start anew. The singer conveys a sense of vulnerability, admitting to being emotionally adrift and dependent on the presence of the beloved for a sense of purpose.

Jodi Abar lyrics melancholic notes continue as the singer describes a troubled heart, expressing the distance that has grown between them and their beloved. The metaphor of a song reflects the singer’s attempt to communicate their inner turmoil, conveying a sense of desperation for the beloved to hear and understand their emotional state.

The refrain “আছি আজো, আমি শুধুই তোমার, জানি তুমি অন্য কারো, আমি দিশাহীন” serves as a powerful anchor, encapsulating the essence of the song. It translates to “I am still here, I only belong to you, I know you are someone else, I am directionless.” This repetition reinforces the central theme of unrequited love, emphasizing the singer’s enduring commitment and emotional vulnerability.

Jodi Abar lyrics closing verses, the singer encourages the beloved to hide their tears and let go of past sorrows. The image of tears in the winter chill and the idea of stories being washed away by the rain create a metaphor for the passage of time and the transformative power of love. The final plea for a reunion, even if it leads to heartbreak, underscores the singer’s willingness to embrace the pain for the chance of renewed connection.

In conclusion, Jodi Abar lyrics explores the unrequited love, nostalgia, and emotional vulnerability. The evocative lyrics, enriched with metaphors and vivid imagery, create a deeply resonant narrative that transcends the specific details of the singer’s experience, making it universally relatable to anyone who has experienced the complexities of love and loss.

Song Name: Jodi Abar Lyrics
Singer: Angel Noor
Music Arrangement: Asif Ahmed
Guitarists: Adeeb Hasan & Sadman Shakib Ayan
Mix master: Sahrin Shahriar
Lyrics & Composition: Angel Noor.

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