Tumi Sondharo Meghomala Lyrics

Tumi Sondharo Meghomala Lyrics | তুমি সন্ধ্যার মেঘমালা | Rabindra Sangeet

Tumi Sondharo Meghomala Lyrics

তুমি সন্ধ্যার মেঘমালা
তুমি আমার সাধের সাধনা,
মম শূন্যগগনবিহারী।
আমি আপন মনের মাধুরী মিশায়ে
তোমারে করেছি রচনা,
তুমি আমারি, তুমি আমারি,
মম অসীমগগনবিহারী,
তুমি সন্ধ্যার মেঘমালা
তুমি আমার সাধের সাধনা।।
মম হৃদয়রক্তরাগে
তব চরণ দিয়েছি রাঙিয়া,
মম হৃদয়রক্তরাগে
তব চরণ দিয়েছি রাঙিয়া,
ওই সন্ধ্যাস্বপনবিহারী।
তব অধর এঁকেছি সুধাবিষে মিশে
মম সুখদুখ ভাঙিয়া,
তুমি আমারি, তুমি আমারি,
মম বিজনজীবনবিহারী,
তুমি সন্ধ্যার মেঘমালা
তুমি আমার সাধের সাধনা।।
মম মোহের স্বপন-অঞ্জন
তব নয়নে দিয়েছি পরায়ে,
ওই মুগ্ধনয়নবিহারী,
মম সঙ্গীত তব অঙ্গে অঙ্গে
দিয়েছি জড়ায়ে জড়ায়ে,
তুমি আমারি, তুমি আমারি,
মম জীবনমরণবিহারী,

তুমি সন্ধ্যার মেঘমালা
তুমি আমার সাধের সাধনা।।

Meaning of Tumi Sondharo Meghomala Lyrics

Tumi sondharo meghomala lyrics first line, “Tumi sondharo meghomala,” refers to the lover as a lovely collection of dusk clouds. Clouds in art can symbolize mystique, intrigue, and the mutable nature of sentiments. The song’s refrain, “Tumi amar sadher sadhona,” declares that the beloved is the source of their joy and that having them in their lives makes them happy.

Tumi sondharo meghomala lyrics further describes the lover as a compelling flutist. The captivating and melodic traits of the beloved are highlighted in this metaphor. The mere existence of the beloved brings comfort and pleasure to the singer. The phrase “Tomare korechi rochona” denotes that the artist has picked the right one to be the center of their attraction and commitment. The repeating line “Tumi amari,” emphasizes the speaker’s feeling of belonging and their close relationship throughout the entire melody.

The phrase “Oi sondhyashoponbihari” in the lyrics refers to the lover as the maker of nighttime fantasies. This can signify that the beloved has the ability to fulfill the singer’s hopes and desires. The phrase “Tobo odhor ekechi sudhabishe mishe” implies that the singer has found satisfaction and fulfillment by fusing their own essence with that of their partner.

The words of the subsequent stanzas describe their beloved as the object of the singer’s gaze and as the muse for their singing. These analogies convey the singer’s profound appreciation for the beloved and the impact they have on their artistic or personal expression. The song centers around the aspects of affection, love, and the transforming force of the beloved’s presence.

In Conclusion, tumi sondharo meghomala lyrics highlight the beauty, appeal, and radiance of the beloved by drawing comparisons to various elements of nature and showing them as a fascinating presence that fills the singer’s life with happiness and cheer.

About the Author of the Song

When Tagore was on the boat at Chalan Bil in 1897, he wrote and composed Tumi Sondharo Meghomala, a love song. This Prem Porjay song is based on the Yaman-Kalyan raga and Ektaala. In the movie “Achena Uttam,” music director Upali Chattopadhyay skillfully combined thetraditional method of portraying this very popular Tagore song with a classical symphonic approach.

Tumi Sondharo Meghomala Lyrics

Durnibar Saha’s rendition of this song is well-liked by the public. Violin, Sitar, Tabla, Sarangi, and Esraj are some of the musical instruments in this rendition. The cultural influence of “Tumi Sondharo Meghomala” transcends time and generational boundaries. People seek to connect with the song and cheris fond memories and admiration for Rabindra Sangeet as a whole. It acts as a link between generations and encourages a strong sense of cultural kinship among Bengalis.

Song Name : Tumi Sondharo Meghomala Lyrics
Film Name : Achena Uttam
Lyrics : Rabindranath Tagore
Singer : Durnibar Saha
Parjaay : Prem-36
Upa-parjaay : Prem-Boichitra
Taal : Ektaal
Raag : Iman Kalyan
Arrangement : Upali Chattopadhyay
Programming : Pradyut Chatterjea
Recording, Mixing, Mastering : Debojit Sengupt
Directed by : Atanu Bose 
Chief AD : Subrata Ghosh
Producer : Pramod Anant
Presented by : Alaknanda Arts And Shank Entertainment
Label : Panorama Music

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