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Debota Lyrics

ছুঁয়ে দিলে সবই,
হলো না কিছুই তোমার
কড়া নেড়ে হারিয়ে গেলে আবার

লিখে রেখে চেনা কোন আগুন
ধরাশায়ী ক্রোধে, পুড়ছো ভীষণ

তবে কেন হারালে, মুখোশের আড়ালে
দেবতার ঘুম ভেঙে আবার…

অজানা ভয়ে, পাও নি খুঁজে আশ্রয়
চিলতে রোদে, খুন হবে কতো সময়

বলেছিলে ধরবে সূর্যটা তুমি
সেই তুমি ডানা ভেঙে পড়ে আছো

তবে কেন হারালে, মুখোশের আড়ালে
দেবতার ঘুম ভেঙে আবার…

Meaning of Debota Lyrics

Debota lyrics reflects a deep exploration of inner turmoil, resilience, and the quest for authenticity amidst challenges and setbacks. The verses weave together imagery and emotions to convey a narrative of introspection and struggle.

Debota lyrics opening lines, “ছুঁয়ে দিলে সবই, হলো না কিছুই তোমার / কড়া নেড়ে হারিয়ে গেলে আবার,” suggest a poignant realization that losing touch with oneself leads to a loss of everything meaningful. This can be interpreted as losing one’s identity or integrity in the face of adversity or external pressures. The theme of resilience emerges with the idea of rebounding after a tough defeat, implying that setbacks do not define one’s ultimate path.

“Likhe rekhe chena kon agun / Dharashayi krodhe, purcho bishon” speaks to recognizing an internal fire, possibly a passion or intense emotion, which when uncontrolled (ধরাশায়ী ক্রোধে), can be overwhelming. This could signify the struggle with inner demons or intense feelings that threaten to consume one’s peace or stability.

Debota lyrics refrain, “তবে কেন হারালে, মুখোশের আড়ালে / দেবতার ঘুম ভেঙে আবার…” questions the act of giving up, suggesting that behind a mask (মুখোশের আড়ালে), one can awaken a dormant strength or purpose (দেবতার ঘুম ভেঙে আবার). This underscores the theme of resilience and the potential for inner transformation even after experiencing setbacks or moments of retreat.

Debota Lyrics

“অজানা ভয়ে, পাও নি খুঁজে আশ্রয় / চিলতে রোদে, খুন হবে কতো সময়” delves into themes of fear and uncertainty, questioning the ability to find refuge amidst emotional or existential crises. The imagery of trembling amidst storms and the passage of time underscores the fragility of stability and the inevitability of confronting challenges.

“বলেছিলে ধরবে সূর্যটা তুমি / সেই তুমি ডানা ভেঙে পড়ে আছো” asserts a powerful declaration of identity and responsibility. It suggests the capability to hold the sun, metaphorically representing the ability to harness immense power or responsibility. This contrasts with the earlier questioning of defeat, reinforcing the idea of reclaiming agency and purpose despite adversity.

In conclusion, this song intertwines introspective lyrics with evocative imagery to explore themes of identity, resilience, and the human experience of confronting inner conflicts. It invites listeners to reflect on their own journeys of self-discovery and resilience in the face of life’s challenges. The use of metaphor and emotion-rich language enhances its depth, making it a poignant reflection on the complexities of navigating personal growth amidst adversity.

About the Author of the Song

 Debota Lyrics

Debota lyrics is a Bengali song sung by Sarower Jahan Shuvo. Onno Groher Gaan is the 2nd track of the album “Tritio Srenir Jibon. Debota lyrics were written by Sarower Jahan Shuvo. The tune and the music of the song were composed by Riot. Onno Groher Gaan was mixed and mastered by Suharto Sherif & Anamul Hasan Raju. All songs of the album are recorded and produced at Studio 100 Miles. The artwork of the music video are done by Ahad Antor & Sarower Jahan Shuvo. Debota was released on Riot YouTube channel on Jun 17, 2024.

Singer – Sarower Jahan Shuvo
Compositions & Arrangement: Riot
Mix and Master: Suharto Sherif & Anamul Hasan Raju
Produced By: Aziz Ayon & Bappy Hasan
Lyrics: Sarower Jahan Shuvo
Guitar : Bappy Hasan
Drums : Aaqib Shahriar Shuvo
Bass : Niloy Barua
Artwork: Ahad Antor & Sarower Jahan Shuvo
All Songs recorded and produced at (Studio 100 Miles)

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