O Chand Samle Rakho Lyrics

O Chand Samle Rakho Lyrics | ও চাঁদ সামলে রাখো জোছনাকে | Manna Dey

O Chand Samle Rakho Lyrics

ও চাঁদ.. সামলে রাখো জোছনাকে
সামলে রাখো জোছনাকে
কারো নজর.. লাগতে পারে
কারো নজর লাগতে পারে
মেঘেদের উড়ো চিঠি
উড়েও তো আসতে পারে
ও চাঁদ, সামলে রাখো জোছনাকে
ও চাঁদ, সামলে রাখো জোছনাকে

ঝলমল করিও না গো
তোমার ঐ অতো আলো (x2)
বেশী রূপ হলে পরে
সাবধানে থাকাই ভালো
মুখের ঐ উড়নিটাকে একটু রাখো
খুলনাকো দোহাই, একেবারে
ও চাঁদ, সামলে রাখো জোছনাকে
ও চাঁদ, সামলে রাখো জোছনাকে

এই সবে রাত হয়েছে
এখনি অমন হলে
মাঝরাতে আকাশটাতে
যাবে যে আগুন জ্বলে (x2)
সেই ফাঁকে তুমিও কখন
চুরি যাবে
কাকে পাবে বাঁচাতে তোমারে
ও চাঁদ, সামলে রাখো জোছনাকে
ও চাঁদ, সামলে রাখো জোছনাকে।

Meaning of O Chand Samle Rakho Lyrics

O chand samle rakho lyrics means “O Moon, Keep Yourself Hidden.” The metaphor of the moon, which is frequently associated with beauty, romance, and emotions, is central to the song. In this context, the words represent a lover pleading with the moon to remain hidden so that their emotions and secrets are not revealed to the world.

O chand samle rakho lyrics of the song, written by Pulak Bandyopadhyay, reflect the tremendous feelings felt by someone in love. It brilliantly conveys the need for seclusion as well as the dread of having one’s emotions exposed. The song’s melody, paired with Manna Dey’s soulful voice, gives the lyrics depth and emotional impact. “O Chand Samle Rakho” is a timeless classic that elicits feelings of love and longing in listeners. Its beautiful lyrics and lovely melody have made it a beloved tune in Bengali music.

About the Author of the Song

“O Chand Samle Rakho” is a classic Bengali song performed by Manna Dey, a legendary Indian playback singer. O chand samle rakho lyrics wrote and composed by Sudhin Dasgupta. It first appeared in the Bengali film “Sharolipi,” which was released in 1961. Manna Dey’s performance of “O Chand Samle Rakho” is well-known for its passionate and expressive delivery. His powerful yet beautiful voice accentuates the depth and pathos of the lyrics, leaving an indelible impression on listeners. With its captivating melody and calming orchestration, the song’s composition contributes to its appeal.

O Chand Samle Rakho Lyrics

Manna Dey’s o chand samle rakho lyrics has had a tremendous cultural impact on the Bengali music scene. With its moving lyrics and soul-stirring melody, the song has become a timeless classic that has influenced generations of music fans. Here are some of its cultural ramifications:

Iconic Romantic Song: “O Chand Samle Rakho” is recognised as one of Bengali music’s most iconic romantic ballads. Because of its poetry lyrics and sincere sentiments, it has become a popular choice for expressing love and longing. The song is now a staple of Bengali cultural events such as weddings, concerts, and cultural gatherings.

Manna Dey’s Legacy: Manna Dey’s performance of “O Chand Samle Rakho” has had a profound cultural impact. Manna Dey, known for his versatile and soulful voice, gave the song to life with his outstanding singing talent. His delivery and emotive interpretation of the song have boosted its prominence and made it a landmark in his brilliant career.

Musical Influence: Sudhin Dasgupta’s composition of the song is praised for its beautiful structure and calming orchestration. It influenced subsequent Bengali music composers and songwriters. The emotional depth and musicianship of “O Chand Samle Rakho” encouraged the creation of similar romantic ballads in Bengali cinema and music.

Song: O Chand Samle Rakho Lyrics
Singer: Manna Dey
Singer: O Chand Samle Rakho Jochhnake
Music Director: Prabhas Dey
Lyricist: Pulak Banerjee
Label: Saregama India Ltd

There are several different version of O Chand Samle Rakho like lofi and cover versions of the song available on YouTube. Here is the popular versions of the song “O Chand Samle Rakho” sung by Arijit Singh.

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