Shohor Adhar Lyrics

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Shohor Adhar Lyrics

মন কেমন করে আজ এ মন
কেন করে যে এমন ?
তোমার কথাই ঘুরে ফিরে।
রাত আঁধার রাত যখন
ঘুমের ঘোরে তখন,
তোমাতে মন হারায়।

তারাদের সাথে রাত্রি ঝরে
ভালোই আছি এই শহরে,
ভাবতে নেই এসব কথা
এই ভেবে সব যন্ত্রণা।

হাতে হাত কত হাসি
কত যে গান,
হঠাৎ ঝড়ের আমন্ত্রণ
অশ্রু জলে ভেসে যায়।
সুপ্রভাত ভালোবাসার বুকে ছুরিকাঘাত,
আজ পথের ধারে স্বপ্ন লাশ
আকড়ানো হাত ছুটে যায়।

রাতগুলো শুধুই একা,
ফটো ফ্রেমে তোমার দেখা,
সাগর তীরে দাঁড়িয়ে ভাবায়
শেষ বিকেলের রক্তিম আভায়।

তারাদের সাথে রাত্রি ঝরে
ভালোই আছি এই শহরে,
ভাবতে নেই এসব কথা
এই ভেবে সব যন্ত্রণা।

Meaning of Shohor Adhar Lyrics

Shohor Adhar Lyrics expressive piece of Bangla poetry, reflecting on various emotions and experiences. The song opens with a contemplative tone, questioning the state of the heart on this particular day and pondering why it feels the way it does. The poet is introspective, exploring the intricacies of emotions that seem to be influenced by someone’s words, as the lines suggest, “তোমার কথাই ঘুরে ফিরে,” meaning ‘your words keep echoing.’ The repetition of the phrase “মন কেমন করে আজ এ মন” emphasizes the introspective nature of the narrative, as if the poet is trying to understand the current state of their own heart.

As the shohor adhar lyrics verses progress, the poet delves into the night, describing it as a time when the mind gets lost in the thoughts of the person in question. The night becomes a metaphorical space where the mind surrenders to the depth of feelings, especially when the world is wrapped in the darkness of sleep. The imagery of the night and the association with losing oneself in thoughts convey a sense of emotional vulnerability and longing.

Shohor Adhar lyrics following stanza introduces a shift in perspective, as the poet reflects on the city and its nights. The city becomes a backdrop to the poet’s emotions, and the juxtaposition of the city’s vibrant life with the internal turmoil creates a poignant contrast. The lines, “তারাদের সাথে রাত্রি ঝরে, ভালোই আছি এই শহরে,” suggest a facade of well-being presented to the world while internal struggles persist. The poet acknowledges the external appearance of being fine in the city, but there’s a disconnect as the inner thoughts remain preoccupied with unspoken pains.

Shohor Adhar Lyrics

Shohor Adhar lyrics verses continue to explore the emotional landscape, expressing a sense of detachment from the societal norms and expectations. The poet seems to distance themselves from societal conversations and distractions, seeking solace in their own thoughts. The choice of words like “এসব কথা” (these words) and “এই ভেবে সব যন্ত্রণা” (in these thoughts, all pain) convey a yearning for a deeper understanding and connection beyond the superficialities of daily life.

Shohor Adhar lyrics next stanza introduces a vivid imagery of shared laughter, songs, and the sudden invitation of a storm. The storm becomes a metaphor for intense emotions, and the tears that flow are described as breaking the dam of emotions. The contrast between laughter and tears, happiness and sorrow, creates a poignant atmosphere, reflecting the complexities of human emotions.

The concluding lines bring a sense of closure to the narrative, mentioning the morning and the aftermath of a night filled with emotions. The imagery of a love-struck heart being pierced by the morning light and dreams lying lifeless along the path evoke a sense of melancholy. The mention of a hand breaking free from a grip implies a liberation from emotional constraints, possibly hinting at a cathartic release or a decision to let go.

In summary, shohor adhar lyrics appears to be a deep exploration of inner emotions, relationships, and the juxtaposition of personal struggles with the external world. The vivid imagery, metaphors, and introspective tone contribute to a rich tapestry of emotions, making it a poignant piece of Bangla poetry.

About the Author of the Song

Shohor adhar is a bengali song made by Bohu Bochon Band. Shohor adhar sung by Iqfat Zishan. Shohor adhar lyrics is written by Iqfat Zishan. Shohor adhar music is composed by Iqfat Zishan, Syed Real and Nafius Salam Yani. Shohor adhar was released on বহু – bochon youtube channel on Feb 1, 2024.

Singer : Iqfat Zishan
Lyric and Tune : Iqfat Zishan
Compose and Voice arrangements: Iqfat Zishan, Syed Real and Nafius Salam Yani
Guitars: Nafius Salam Yani Rakibul Islam Sajal
Acoustic: Iqfat Zishan
Bass and Synth : Mashikur Rahman
Drums : Zessad Mahmood
Recording label : STUDIO MRB ( Mashikur Rahman)
Artwork: Iqfat Zishan

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