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Se Dekha Lyrics

এ দেখা সেই দেখা নয়
যা দেখে সাধারণ মনে হয়
এ দেখা প্রেমের দেখা
যা সাজা দিয়ে যায় !

তুমি বলতে পারো
এটা কি ছেলে খেলা নয় !
তুমি বলতে পারো
এটা কি পাগলামি নয় !

কিন্তু বিশ্বাস করো !
তুমি আমি equals to
ভালোবাসা হয় ।

যদি মনে পড়ে যায়, কাজের বেলায় ?
যদি মনে পড়ে যায়, শেষটা বেলায় ?

কেনো মনে পড়ে যায় !
কেন তুমি তুমি ময় !

তবে এই মেয়ে , তুমি বলো আমায় !
এটা কী ভালোবাসা নয় ?

বলতেই পারো, ছেলে খেলা নয় !
বলতেই পারো, পাগলামি নয় !
ভালোবাসা হয় , ভালোবাসা হয়
তুমি আমি আর…
ভালোবাসা হয়
ভালোবাসা হয়..

Meaning of Se Dekha Lyrics

Se dekha lyrics reflects the complexity and nuances of love, transcending conventional perceptions and challenging stereotypes. The lyrics express a yearning for a unique and profound connection that goes beyond the ordinary encounters one might have. The singer suggests that the meeting described in the song is not just an ordinary meeting but a meeting born out of love, a love that is adorned and enriched with special moments.

Se dekha lyrics ponder whether this encounter can be dismissed as just a playful interaction or mere madness. The singer questions societal norms and expectations associated with relationships, challenging the conventional categorization of love. By asking whether it’s a game for boys or an act of foolishness, the song challenges stereotypes that often limit and define romantic relationships.

However, amidst the skepticism and societal questioning, there’s an assertion of equality and a profound declaration of love. The singer emphasizes the belief that “you” and “I” are equals, highlighting the reciprocity and mutual respect in the relationship. This reinforces the idea that love is not confined to predefined roles or societal expectations but is a shared and equal experience between two individuals.

Se dekha lyrics further explore the impact of love on one’s daily life, questioning if it resonates during work hours or if it surfaces only in the final moments of the day. This contemplation reflects the all-encompassing nature of love and its ability to permeate every aspect of life, blurring the lines between the personal and professional spheres.

The repetition of the question, “Why does it come to mind? Why do you persist in my thoughts?” suggests the overwhelming and persistent nature of love. It emphasizes the inevitability of thinking about the beloved, highlighting the depth of emotion and connection between the two individuals.

Se dekha lyrics takes an interesting turn by addressing the girl directly, inviting her to share her perspective on whether this can be considered love. This shift in focus adds a layer of vulnerability and openness, as the singer seeks validation and understanding from the object of affection.

In the concluding lines, there is a reiteration of the belief that love is not just a game or madness but a profound and genuine emotion. The repetition of the phrase “Love happens” reinforces the idea that love is a natural and spontaneous occurrence that defies societal norms and expectations.

In summary, se dekha lyrics delves into the complexities of love, challenging stereotypes, and societal expectations. It celebrates the uniqueness of a connection that goes beyond conventional definitions, emphasizing equality, reciprocity, and the profound nature of genuine love. Through its introspective lyrics, the song encourages listeners to reflect on their own experiences of love and question societal norms that may limit the true essence of romantic relationships.

About the Author of the Song

Se Dekha Lyrics

Se dekha is a Bangladeshi song made by Vintage Vine Band. Shey Dekha is the first track from the album ”Nirbodh”. Vintage Vine band describe Se Dekha as “গানটি একটি জীবনের সহজ সম্পর্কে জড়ানোর প্রবল আকাঙ্খারই প্রতিচ্ছবি মাত্র। বাকিটা আমাদের জীবনের গতিধারার উপর পরিবর্তনশীল। আমরা প্রত্যেকটি মানুষই জীবনে কখনও না কখনও প্রেমে পড়ি। প্রেম জীবনের একটি অংশ। হয়তো কোনো সম্পর্ক, কখনও বা প্রকৃতি অথবা কোনো মানুষের মাধ্যমেই আমাদের জীবনের প্রেমের বহিঃপ্রকাশ ঘটে।”

Se dekha lyrics sung by Vintage Vine Band singer Fatin Shahriar Alvee. Se dekha song music is composed by Feb 12, 2024 Band. Se dekha song mix and mastered by TanseefVibes. Se dekha song was released on vintage vine youtube channel on Feb 12, 2024.

Song – Se Dekha Lyrics
Vocals & Guitars – Fatin Shahriar Alvee
Guitars – D M S Ismail Adnan
Bass – Tamim Ebena Bhuiyan
Composition and performance – Vintage Vine Band
Lyrics – Fatin Shahriar Alvee
Mix & Master – TanseefVibes

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