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Ami Banglay Gaan Gai Lyrics

আমি বাংলায় গান গাই,
আমি বাংলার গান গাই,
আমি আমার আমিকে চিরদিন
এই বাংলায় খুঁজে পাই।

আমি বাংলায় দেখি স্বপ্ন,
আমি বাংলায় বাঁধি সুর
আমি এই বাংলার মায়াভরা পথে
হেঁটেছি এতটা দূর।

বাংলা আমার জীবনানন্দ
বাংলা প্রাণের সুখ,
আমি একবার দেখি, বারবার দেখি,
দেখি বাংলার মুখ। আহা হাহা ..

আমি বাংলায় কথা কই,
আমি বাংলার কথা কই
আমি বাংলায় ভাসি, বাংলায় হাসি,
বাংলায় জেগে রই।

আমি বাংলায় মাতি উল্লাসে
করি বাংলায় হাহাকার,
আমি সব দেখে শুনে খেপে গিয়ে
করি বাংলায় চিৎকার।

বাংলা আমার দৃপ্ত স্লোগান
ক্ষিপ্ত তীর ধনুক,
আমি একবার দেখি, বারবার দেখি,
দেখি বাংলার মুখ। আহা হাহা ..

আমি বাংলায় ভালবাসি,
আমি বাংলাকে ভালোবাসি
আমি তারি হাত ধরে সারা পৃথিবীর
মানুষের কাছে আসি।

আমি যা কিছু মহান বরণ করেছি
বিনম্র শ্রদ্ধায়
মেশে তেরো নদী সাত সাগরের জল
গঙ্গায়, পদ্মায়।

বাংলা আমার তৃষ্ণার জল
তৃপ্ত শেষ চুমুক
আমি একবার দেখি, বারবার দেখি,
দেখি বাংলার মুখ। আহা হাহা ..

Lyrics Interpretation

The lyrics “Ami Banglay Gaan Gai” in English translate to “I sing songs in Bengali.” The song’s first two lines talk about the singer’s passion of Bengali singing and his wish to use music to bring happiness and joy to all.

The singer’s intention to remove grief and sorrow through music is expressed in the following two lines, which underline the value of joy and affection in life.

The song’s final two lines emphasise the singer’s continuous desire to dream and see those dreams come true with the support of their partner, emphasising the value of friendship and company in life.

About the Author of the Song

The Bengali song “Ami Banglay Gaan Gai” was written by respected musician and songwriter Pratul Mukherjee. The track was originally performed by renowned Indian playback singer Manna Dey in 1964.

The song also gained popularity in Bangladesh throughout the 1960s and 1970s, a time when the nation was enjoying a major shift and establishing its identity following its independence from Pakistan in 1971.

The song promotes the significance of music in uniting people and creating happiness while praising the beauty and depth of the Bengali language and culture.The song has evolved into a Bengali cultural symbol over time.

Musical Elements

The tabla, harmonium, and guitar are prominently used in the song’s distinctive Bengali musical composition. The song’s lyrics are basic but catchy, and the music makes it easy to sing along.

The song starts off with a calm, melodic beat that eventually speeds up to create a bright, uplifting rhythm. The tabla and other percussion instruments give the song a very Bengali vibe.

Bengali music fans adore this song because its melody and lyrics perfectly reflect the spirit of Bengali music and culture.

Several Bengali movies have featured Ami Banglay Gaan Gai, which has increased its cultural relevance and appeal.


The 1995 Bengali movie “Deya Neya,” which was directed by Sudeshna Roy and Abhijit Guha, is one of the most noteworthy ones to use the song. The song’s inclusion in the movie increased its popularity and established its standing as a Bengali cultural icon.

The song has also appeared in a number of other Bengali movies, including “Gaaner Oparey” (2010), “Baishe Srabon” (2011), and “Bhalobasar Anek Naam” (2006).

Ami Banglay Gaan Gai Lyrics

“Aami Banglay Gaan Gayi” has appeared in numerous movies and television programmes throughout the years, and it has also been performed at numerous cultural gatherings and festivals in Bengal and other regions. It still motivates and unites Bengalis around the world.

Moreover, “Ami Banglay Gaan Gai” has influenced numerous other musicians to produce music that celebrates the elegance and diversity of Bengali language and culture. The song has had a great influence on Bengali society and has contributed to promoting and preserving Bengali identity and culture for coming generations.

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