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Prem Lyrics

প্রেম এসে গেছে হৃদয় গভীরে
প্রেম-এসে গেছে হৃদয় গভীরে,
প্রেম করে মন্দ তোমার সাথে
ভালো রাখে সে আমারে।

প্রেম আগুন, প্রেম ফাগুন,
প্রেম দারুন,
সে ও লাগে ভালো, যদি থাকি আমি
ধোঁয়ার আঁধারে,
প্রেম-এসে গেছে হৃদয় গভীরে।

আমি কাঁদতে চাই
প্রেমে পড়ে কাঁদতে চাই,
আমি থাকতে চাই
তোমার প্রেমে শুধু থাকতে চাই।

আমার তুমি ছাড়া যেন কেউ নাই
কেউ নাই,
প্রেম আমার কাছে পুরোনো বাড়ি,
পুরোনো গাড়ি,
যতই নতুন কিছু থাক না মানুষের শহরে।
প্রেম করে মন্দ তোমার সাথে
ভালো রাখে সে আমারে,
ও প্রেম-করে মন্দ তোমার সাথে
ভালো রাখে সে আমারে।

প্রেম আগুন, প্রেম ফাগুন,
প্রেম দারুন,
সেও লাগে ভালো, যদি থাকি আমি
ধোঁয়ার আঁধারে,
প্রেম-এসেগেছে হৃদয় গভীরে।

Meaning of Prem Lyrics

Prem lyrics beautifully expresses the depth of love that has entered the singer’s heart. Prem lyrics verses describe the profound impact of love, portraying it as a flame that ignites in the heart and a feeling that resonates deeply. Prem lyrics emphasize the significance of maintaining a good relationship despite the challenges that love may bring.

The poet personifies love as a force that arrives silently but leaves a lasting impression. The repeated refrain “প্রেম-এসে গেছে হৃদয় গভীরে” (Love has come deep into the heart) reinforces the idea that love is not just a fleeting emotion but something that penetrates the core of one’s being.

Prem lyrics mention of different seasons like ফাগুন (Spring) adds a poetic touch to the song, symbolizing the various phases of love. Love is likened to fire (প্রেম আগুন), and the intensity of this emotion is highlighted by the use of powerful imagery. The singer acknowledges the complexities of love, acknowledging that it can sometimes be challenging, yet it is something cherished and desired.

Prem Lyrics

Prem lyrics verses also express a longing to cry in the midst of love, suggesting that emotions can be overwhelming and cathartic. The desire to be immersed in love and the wish to exist solely within the realm of the beloved’s affection are beautifully articulated. The poet wishes for a life where only the beloved’s love matters, emphasizing the exclusivity and singularity of the emotional connection.

Prem lyrics also touch upon the materialistic aspects of life, portraying love as something more valuable than possessions like old houses and cars. This juxtaposition of materialism against the intangible essence of love serves to highlight the enduring nature of true emotional connections. The poet implies that even in a city filled with modernity and newness, the timeless essence of love remains unparalleled.

Prem Lyrics

Prem lyrics repeated acknowledgment of the beloved’s flaws and the acceptance of imperfections in love add a realistic and relatable dimension to the lyrics. Despite recognizing the challenges, the singer expresses a commitment to keeping the love alive and thriving.

In summary, this Bengali song is a heartfelt exploration of the depth and complexity of love. It captures the essence of love as a powerful force that can bring joy, tears, and a sense of fulfillment. The poet beautifully weaves together imagery, emotions, and reflections on the nature of relationships, creating a piece of art that resonates with listeners and conveys the timeless theme of love in a profound and relatable manner

About the Author of the Song

Prem is a bengali song Is sung by Mahtim Shakib. Prem song tune are done by Tune H M Nipu and the music directed by Mushfiq Litu. Prem lyrics was written by H M Nipu. Prem song was released on Channel HM YouTube channel on Mar 7, 2024.

Song : Prem
Singer : Mahtim Shakib
Music : Mushfiq Litu
Tune And Lyricist : H M Nipu
Script And Screenplay : Team Channel HM
Direction : Team Channel HM And Mohon Islam
DOP : Helal Khan Irish
Edit And Colour : Md Lincon
Label : Channel HM

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