Abar Bhalobese Felechhi Tomay Lyrics

Abar Bhalobese Felechhi Tomay Lyrics | আবার ভালোবেসে ফেলেছি তোমায় | Nilanjan Ghosal

Abar Bhalobese Felechhi Tomay Lyrics

একটা গান মেঘের মত আকাশ জুড়ে ইতস্তত ভাসে
হাজার কাঁটাতার পেরিয়ে অনেক ঘুরে
তোমার কাছে আসে,
একটা সুর গুনগনিয়ে গুনগুনিয়ে ঘুম পাড়িয়ে যায়
তেমনি আবার আবার ভালোবেসে ফেলেছি তোমায়,
আমি আবার আবার ভালোবেসে ফেলে তোমায়।

চুপিসারে খুব গোপনে খামখেয়ালে রাত্রি জাগা ফুল
অন্ধকারে বাতি জ্বেলে খুঁজতে চাওয়া বেয়াক্কেলে ভুল,
রাত পোহালে ঠান্ডা ভোরে চাঁদ যেভাবে ফিরে যেতে চায়
তেমনি আবার আবার ভালোবেসেফেলেছি তোমায়,
আমি আবার আবার ভালোবেসে ফেলেছি তোমায়।

প্রশ্নবাণে বিদ্ধ মনে উতরে যাবো নেই কোনো উপায়
কোন সাগরে ডুবলে বলো খুব সহজে ভেসে ওঠা যায়,
স্রোত হারানো নদী যেমন শুকনো মনে সমুদ্রকে চায়
তেমনি আবার আবার ভালোবেসে ফেলেছি তোমায়
আমি আবার আবার ভালোবেসেফেলেছি তোমায়।

Meaning of Abar Bhalobese Felechhi Tomay Lyrics

Abar bhalobese felechhi tomay lyrics expresses a deep and emotional connection between two individuals. The imagery and metaphors used in the song convey feelings of love, longing, and the complexity of relationships.

Abar bhalobese felechhi tomay lyrics opening lines describe the sky being filled with clouds like the way emotions surround and envelop the singer. The mention of navigating through a thousand thorns symbolizes the challenges and obstacles faced in the journey of love. Despite the difficulties, the singer finds themselves drawn to the person they love, creating a sense of inevitability and longing.

Abar Bhalobese Felechhi Tomay Lyrics

Abar bhalobese felechhi tomay lyrics next lines introduces the idea of a melody that lulls the singer to sleep and brings comfort. The repetition of falling in love again and again emphasizes the depth and enduring nature of their feelings. The lyrics convey a sense of surrender to love, as the singer acknowledges and embraces the act of repeatedly falling for the same person.

The following verses introduce a more introspective tone, where the singer reflects on the quiet moments of contemplation. The use of metaphors like “night awake with secret thoughts” and “searching for light in the darkness” suggests a journey of self-discovery and introspection within the context of the relationship. The mention of the cool morning after a night of searching for the moon implies a sense of resolution and acceptance in the face of challenges.

Abar bhalobese felechhi tomay lyrics final lines introduces a questioning and philosophical element to the song. The singer contemplates the complexity of the human mind and the lack of easy answers to life’s questions. The analogy of a river losing its way and desiring the vastness of the sea suggests a desire for growth and a quest for something more profound.

Abar Bhalobese Felechhi Tomay Lyrics

Throughout the song, there is a recurring theme of repetition, emphasizing the cyclical nature of emotions and the continuous process of falling in love. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the emotional landscape, using nature-inspired metaphors to convey the depth and complexity of the singer’s feelings.

In conclusion, “Abar bhalobese Felechhi Tomay” is a poignant exploration of love, longing, and self-discovery. The lyrics use rich imagery and metaphors to convey the emotional journey of the singer, capturing the intricacies of relationships and the cyclical nature of love. The repetition of certain phrases adds emphasis to the themes of enduring love and the inevitable pull towards the person who holds a special place in the singer’s heart.

About the Author of the Song

Abar Bhalobese Felechhi Tomay is a bengali song written and composed by Nilanjan Ghosal. Abar Bhalobese Felechhi Tomay sung by Sudhaborshy. Abar Bhalobese Felechhi Tomay animated music video is made by Brishti. Abar Bhalobese Felechhi Tomay was released on Nilanjan Ghosal youtube channel on Mar 23, 2023.

Song: Abar Bhalobese Felechhi Tomay Lyrics
Lyric, composition: Nilanjan
Singer voice: Sudhaborshy
Guitar: Arghya mandolin
Harmony: Bilawal
Recording and sound engineering: Writaban (@midnight crisis)
Video: Brishti

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