Lal Shari Lyrics

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Lal Shari Lyrics

কত যত্ন করে রাখি
ওরে আমার পোষা পাখি,
বড় ভাগ্য গুনে পেয়েছি তোমায়।
দূরে গেলেই বাড়ে জ্বালা
এই মন হয় উতলা,
তোমার কথা ভেবে কাটে না বেলা।

তোমার মনের ভাবনায়
আমি কিছুই বুঝিনা,
বড় আপন আপন লাগে
আবার কেন অচেনা।

লাল শাড়ী পরে তুমি ছাড়বা আমারে
ভাবতেই জানি কেমন মনে ব্যাথা লাগে রে।
লাল শাড়ী পরে তুমি ছাড়বা আমারে
ভাবতেই জানি কেমন মনে ব্যাথা লাগে রে।

(Instrumental Break)

তোমার হাসি মাখা মুখটা আমার
সব সুখের কারণ,
তাই বারে বারেই ফিরি যতই
করই না বারণ। (২)

মন বিভোর থাকে যখন তুমি
দেখা দাও না হায়,
কিভাবে বুঝাই, কতটা চাই
ভালোবাসি তাই।

লাল শাড়ী পরে তুমি ছাড়বা আমারে
ভাবতেই জানি কেমন মনে ব্যাথা লাগে রে।
লাল শাড়ী পরে তুমি ছাড়বা আমারে
ভাবতেই জানি কেমন মনে ব্যাথা লাগে রে।

Meaning of Lal Shari Lyrics

Lal Shari lyrics expressed in Bengali, encapsulates themes of longing, love, and the pain of separation. The lyrics depict a poignant emotional journey of someone deeply in love, grappling with the absence of their beloved, symbolized by the image of a “red saree” that the beloved wears.

Lal Shari lyrics song begins with a declaration of affection and care towards the “posha pakhi” (beloved bird), highlighting the cherished bond and the fortune of having found such love. However, the tone shifts dramatically when distance grows between them, causing an unbearable ache in the heart. The protagonist finds each moment unbearable without the presence of their beloved, whose thoughts dominate their mind endlessly.

The refrain about the “red saree” that the beloved wears becomes a poignant motif throughout the song. It symbolizes not just the physical attire but also the emotional connection and the pain associated with separation. The repetition underscores the intensity of longing and the emotional turmoil experienced by the protagonist.

Lal Shari Lyrics

Lal Shari lyrics instrumental break provides a moment of introspection, perhaps mirroring the protagonist’s contemplation of their emotions and memories associated with the beloved. It adds a layer of depth to the song’s narrative, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in the feelings conveyed.

The protagonist finds solace in the smile of their beloved, considering it the reason for all their happiness. Despite trying repeatedly to move on, they find themselves returning to thoughts of their beloved time and again, unable to escape the grip of love’s emotions.

Lal Shari lyrics closing verses express the overwhelming desire for the beloved’s presence and acknowledgment of their love. The plea for recognition and understanding of the depth of their feelings is heartfelt, revealing vulnerability and sincerity in their emotions.

Overall, the song “Lal Shari” (Red Saree) by the emotional and evocative lyrics, masterfully weaving together themes of love, separation, and yearning. It captures the universal experience of love’s joys and pains, resonating deeply with anyone who has felt the bittersweet longing for a loved one. The imagery of the red saree becomes a powerful symbol of love and longing, imbuing the song with a poignant and timeless quality that speaks to the heart.

About the Author of the Song

Lal Shari Lyrics

Lal Shari is a bengali song is sung by Tanzil Misbah. Lal Shari lyrics was written by Tanzil Misbah and the sad song Lal shari music was composed by Shovon Roy. Lal Shari music video was directed by Nazmul Evan and Assistant director is Shihab Xmed Himel from the production Nazmul Evan Films. Lal Shari was released on Tanzil Misbah youtube channel on Jun 6, 2024.

Lal Shari Song Details :

Song : Lal Shari
Singer : Tanzil Misbah
Music, Mix and Master : Shovon Roy
Tune and Lyricist : Tanzil Misbah
Directed By : Nazmul Evan
Produced By : Burnabee Digital
Cinematographer : Yasin Bin Ariyan
Edit : JS Zeeshan
Color : Shamim Hossain
Label : Tanzil Misbah

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