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Eka Lyrics

একা বেঁচে থাকতে শেখো প্রিয়,
তোমার নামে শিরনি দিয়েছি, তারার মাজারে।
আশা রাখি সুস্থ হয়ে উঠবে তাড়াতারি,
আমার নিরাগ লাগে ভারি,
কবে ছোঁবো সাদা শাড়ি!
আমায় নিয়ে আর ভেবোনা আরামপ্রিয়,
মনে স্বস্তি জেনো,
শুধুই ফুর্তি মেনো।
দোলনচাপার মৌসুমে আমি টানছি ঈতি এবার,
তোমার বদ্ধ ঘরে শোবার স্বভাব,
আমি না করেছি কবার?
তোমায় কে দিয়েছে নিকশ কালো রাতের যোগান??
তোমার মনের গতি…………
তোমার মনের গতি, রাতের দূর পাল্লার গাড়ি,
আমি ধরতেও না পারি,
আমি ক্যামনে যাবো বাড়ি!
টিকিট কেটে রেখেছিলাম যাত্রা সময় ভুলে,
এখন ইষ্টেশনে বেজায় অন্ধকার!
তোমায় কে দিয়েছে নিকশ কালো রাতের যোগান??

Meaning of Eka Lyrics

Eka lyrics is a Bengali song, and it appears to be a lyrical expression of love, longing, and separation. The lyrics are filled with poetic metaphors and emotions, making it a heartfelt and emotional composition.

In Eka lyrics, the singer addresses their beloved, expressing their feelings of being alone and yearning for the presence of the loved one. Eka lyrics seems to be a reflection of the pain and emptiness that the singer feels due to the absence of their beloved.

The mention of “সাদা শাড়ি” (white saree) and “দোলনচাপার” (swing) suggests traditional and cultural elements, indicating that this love is deeply rooted in tradition and nostalgia. The singer seems to long for a moment when they can see their beloved in a white saree, perhaps symbolizing a desire for a special occasion or celebration.

The Eka lyrics also touch on the theme of time and missed opportunities. The singer mentions being late for a journey and feeling lost at the dark station. This could be interpreted as a metaphor for missed opportunities or moments in the relationship, and the singer’s regret over not being able to seize them.

Eka Lyrics

The phrase “নিকশ কালো রাতের যোগান” (the rhythm of the black night) is intriguing. It might represent the mystery and allure of the night, which is often associated with love and romance. The singer is curious about who has added this rhythm to the night, suggesting a sense of wonder and enchantment.

Eka lyrics captures the essence of love, separation, and the longing for a reunion. It conveys deep emotions, and the singer’s words paint a vivid picture of their inner turmoil and desire to be with their beloved once again. The lyrics are open to interpretation and can be seen as a beautiful expression of love’s complexities and the yearning for a deeper connection.

In summary, Eka lyrics is a poignant and heartfelt expression of love, longing, and the pain of separation. It is filled with rich metaphors and emotions that convey the depth of the singer’s feelings and their yearning for a reunion with their beloved. Eka lyrics beautifully captures the essence of love and the complexities of human emotions.

About the Author of Eka

Eka song was performed by Aseer Arman. Aseer Arman in collaboration with Just Storys, was able to successfully reach their goal. The venue partner to this beautiful song recording is Hotel Tropical Daisy. The art partner to this beautiful production is Creato Cell.

Eka performed by : Aseer Arman
In collaboration with : Just Storys
Venue Partner : Hotel Tropical Daisy
Art Partner : Creato Cell

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