Tomake Chara Lyrics

Tomake Chara Lyrics | তোমাকে ছাড়া | Oni Hasan ft. Mizan Rahman

Tomake Chara Lyrics

যে আঙুল ধরে হাঁটতে শিখেছি
যে শাসন আমাকে দিয়েছে মানুষের আসন।
আমি ছিলাম চারাগাছ-
তোমার আদরে
আদরে বেড়ে হয়েছে বৃক্ষের ডালপালা-

ও মা তুমি থাকো আমার নিশ্বাসে
সকল দীর্ঘশ্বাসে

মা তুমি বিশালতার নীল
আমি পাখি সে আকাশে-

বাবা তুমি আমার শিক্ষা গুরু
তোমার মত হতে চেয়ে আমার জীবন হয়েছে শুরু।
খুঁজে ফিরি সেই আঙুল
তোমার ব্যাকব্রাশ করা চুল

কে শুধরে দেবে আমায়
জীবনের প্রতিটি
প্রতিটি ভুল।

তুমি বিশালতার নীল
আমি পাখি সে আকাশে।

তাই আমি শিখে গেছি কীভাবে
বাঁচতে হয় প্রবল ঝড়ে-
কেন শেখাওনি আমাকে তোমাকে
ছাড়া টিকবো কি করে।

তুমি মোমবাতির আলোর মায়া
পিঠে তাপ নেয়া বৃক্ষের ছায়া
কখনো নিভে গেলে
সে আলো সরে গেলে ছায়া-

তাই শিখেছি বাঁচতে হয় কীভাবে
প্রবল ঝড়ে
কেন, শেখাওনি আমাকে তোমাকে ছাড়া
আমি টিকবো কী করে নিয়ে এই মায়া
বাঁচবো কী করে যদি সরে যায় সেই মায়া

Meaning of Tomake Chara Lyrics

Tomake Chara lyrics rich with metaphor and emotion, delves into the deep bonds of love, guidance, and resilience shaped by parental figures, particularly a mother and father. It reflects on the lessons learned and the strength gained from their nurturing presence.

Tomake Chara lyrics opening lines set a reflective tone, portraying the speaker’s journey of learning to walk with a specific finger and sitting in a chair assigned by authority figures. These symbols suggest early guidance and structure provided by parents or mentors. The imagery of being a tree and growing branches, rooted in parental love, emphasizes how upbringing shapes one’s identity and growth.

Tomake Chara lyrics central verses are a heartfelt ode to the mother. She is described as the vast blue of the sky, while the speaker compares themselves to a bird soaring in that expanse. This comparison evokes a sense of security and freedom nurtured by the mother’s unconditional love and support. The lines further convey a plea for her constant presence and support in every breath and moment of life.

The father is then honored as the teacher whose wisdom has guided the speaker’s journey, marking the beginning of their life’s path. The imagery of searching for the father’s teachings through his beard brushing and combing highlights a desire for his continued guidance and correction of mistakes in life.

Tomake Chara lyrics

The refrain underscores the speaker’s dependence on their parents’ love and guidance, questioning who else can correct them for every mistake in life. This dependency reflects a deep-seated respect and trust in their upbringing and parental wisdom.

The song’s chorus reaffirms the theme of seeking survival skills in the face of powerful storms. It reflects on the irony of not being taught how to survive without parental guidance, questioning how one could endure life’s challenges without them.

The final stanza revisits the imagery of the mother’s nurturing light and the father’s shade under the tree, depicting their irreplaceable roles in the speaker’s life. It encapsulates the essence of learning resilience and survival skills from their teachings, preparing to face life’s storms independently while cherishing the enduring influence of parental love and guidance.

Overall, this song is a poignant exploration of parental influence, love, and guidance. It portrays a deep sense of gratitude and dependency on parental figures for shaping one’s identity, resilience, and ability to navigate life’s challenges. The poetic language and vivid imagery create a powerful narrative of familial bonds and the profound impact of parental nurturing on personal growth and survival.

About the Author of the Song

Tomake Chara lyrics

Tomake Chara is a Bengali song sung by Mizan Rahman. Tomake Chara lyrics of the song were written by Latiful Islam Shibli. Tomake Chara tune and music of the song were composed by Oni Hasan. The song was mixed and mastered by Taawkir Tajammul Nisshobdo. The video production was handled by Arif Islam, with direction and DOP by Rakib Khan. Tomake Chara was released on Oni Hasan YouTube channel on June 21, 2024.

Song: Tomake Chara lyrics
Composer: Oni Hasan
Singer: Mizan Rahman
Lyricist: Latiful Islam Shibli
Music Producer: Taawkir Tajammul Nisshobdo
Video Production: ‪@next_ventures‬
Creative Producer: Arif Islam
Director & DOP: Rakib Khan
Release Date: Jun 21, 2024

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