Khola Janala Lyrics

Khola Janala Lyrics | খোলা জানালা | Swat Band

Khola Janala Lyrics

খোলা জানালা দখিনের বাতাসে

ঢেকে যায় পর্দার আড়ালে,

তখন তুমি এসে হেসে বলে দাও

আছি আমি তোমার পাশে।

বহুদূর পথ ভীষণ আঁকাবাঁকা

চলতে ভীষণ ভয়,

তুমি এসে বলে দাও আছি আমি পাশে

করোনা কিছুতেই ভয়।

তখনও বুঝিনি চলে যাবে তুমি

আমাকে এভাবে কাঁদিয়ে,

তখনও বুঝিনি ফিরে আসবেনা

আমার পৃথিবী রাঙিয়ে।।

সাদা আকাশে মেঘের ভেলা

রচে রঙের মেলা,

কখনো কালো, কখনো নীল

কখনো বা হলুদ সাদা।

আমার আকাশ জুড়ে ছিলো

তোমারই রঙের মেলা,

সাদার মাঝে কালো বসিয়ে

তোমারই বিদায়ের পালা।

তখনও বুঝিনি চলে যাবে তুমি

আমাকে এভাবে কাঁদিয়ে,

তখনও বুঝিনি ফিরে আসবেনা

আমার পৃথিবী রাঙিয়ে।।

অনেক পথের পথিক আমি

ক্লান্ত সর্বশেষ,

তোমার পথের ঠিকানা খুঁজে

আমি আজ অবশেষ।

তুমি আমার প্রথম ও শেষ

জীবনের ভালোবাসা,

তোমার মাঝে তাইতো আমার

জীবনের শত আশা। 

তখনও বুঝিনি চলে যাবে তুমি

আমাকে এভাবে কাঁদিয়ে,

তখনও বুঝিনি ফিরে আসবেনা

আমার পৃথিবী রাঙিয়ে।।

Meaning of Khola Janala Lyrics

Music has a unique capacity to move our hearts and take us to various emotional spheres. “Khola Janala” is one such entrancing tune that has made an impression on listeners. This captivating melody, sung by the incredibly gifted Wakilur Rahman Milu and composed by the renowned Yeaminul Islam, has made a long-lasting impression on listeners all over the world. Let’s explore “Khola Janala”‘s captivating attributes and the genius of the artistry that produced it.

Khola janala lyrics expresses a deep and emotional connection between two individuals. The imagery of an open window letting in the southern breeze and the curtain swaying in its embrace sets a tranquil and comforting scene. The song’s narrator reassures their loved one that they are always there, even when facing the daunting and uncertain journey of life, symbolized by the treacherous and winding path. Despite the fear that comes with life’s challenges, the narrator’s presence serves as a source of comfort and courage, much like a reassuring presence in times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Khola janala lyrics also uses the metaphor of a colorful sky, where the colors symbolize the different phases and emotions of life. In this ever-changing sky, the narrator’s love remains constant and enduring. The mention of “kalo” (black) amidst the other colors could signify difficult or dark times, but it still holds a special place in their farewell.

Throughout the song, there is a sense of longing and a search for meaning in life’s journey. The narrator acknowledges their weariness as a traveler but finds solace and purpose in their love for the other person. It is a reflection of the profound impact that this person has had on their life, being both the beginning and end of their love story.

The recurring refrain, “তখনও বুঝিনি চলে যাবে তুমি, আমাকে এভাবে কাঁদিয়ে, তখনও বুঝিনি ফিরে আসবেনা, আমার পৃথিবী রাঙিয়ে,” adds a sense of melancholy and uncertainty to the song, suggesting that despite the narrator’s love, there might still be unresolved feelings or unfulfilled desires. Khola janala lyrics beautifully captures the complexities of human emotions, the passage of time, and the enduring power of love.

About the Author of the Song

Wakilur Rahman Milu of the Swat Band sings Khola Janala Song. Tahsin Ahmed Performs the Cover Version Song. Yeaminul Islam is a composer. Yeaminul Islam wrote khola janala lyrics. “Khola Janala” is proof of the ability of music to cross boundaries and speak to our souls. Wakilur Rahman Milu’s remarkable vocal talent and the brilliant composition of Yeaminul Islam have made this song a timeless treasure in the music industry.

It is an authentic masterpiece that keeps on enthral audiences all over the world thanks to its everlasting appeal, sentimental lyrics, and soulful rendering. The song “Khola Janala” serves as a reminder of the ability of music to move us and change us for the better. The excellent vocalist Wakilur Rahman Milu, who is renowned for his versatility, gives his mesmerising voice to “Khola Janala.” Milu masterfully conveys the range of emotions included in the song’s lyrics with his rich, emotional vocals. His singular ability to portray both weakness and strength lends a dimension of realism to the song that leaves an everlasting impression on listeners.

Khola Janala Lyrics

Yeaminul Islam, the composer, is an artistic talent, and his work is what gives “Khola Janala” its mesmerising tune. Yeaminul’s talent comes in his capacity to write melodies that capture both the spirit of khola janala lyrics and the audience’s resonance. His amazing work expertly combines several musical elements, fusing classic and modern sounds to create a musical world that is ageless and captivating.

Song : Khola Janala Lyrics

Band : Swat The Band

Lyrics & Composition : Yeaminul Islam

Vocal, Rhythm Guitars : Wakilur Rahman Milu

Lead Guitars : Yeaminul Islam

Bass Guitars : Syed Hassan Shovo

Drums : Samiul hauqe Deep

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