Ehejar Xapon lyrics

Ehejar Xapon Lyrics | Subasana Dutta

Ehejar Xapon Lyrics

Fulibo dusokut
Adhorua ehejar xapon
Uribo pokhi hoi
Aloxua pronoy hridot
Val loga bur kio rong sotiai
Val pua bure aa
Lahe lahe kaxole ahi
Dhire dhire morom dilehi
Lahe lahe kaxole ahi
Dhire dhire morom dilehi

Pakhi meli axa bure
Hengulia geet jure
Satu rongi mone
Binga mele
tumi oha khyon bure
utonua kolijate
kotonu kobitat
lohor tule
xaboti dhore onuvutiye
xaboti dhore onuvutiye
bare bare
Lahe lahe kaxole ahi
Dhire dhire morom dilehi
Lahe lahe kaxole ahi
Dhire dhire morom dilehi

Meaning of Ehejar Xapon Lyrics

Ehejar Xapon lyrics is a beautiful composition that captures the essence of love, nature, and the gradual unfolding of emotions. The lyrics are poetic, rich in imagery, and resonate with the cultural and linguistic nuances of Assam.

Ehejar Xapon lyrics begins with verses like “Fulibo dusokut, Adhorua ehejar xapon,” which can be translated to convey the blooming of flowers and the arrival of dawn. These lines set the stage for a journey through various natural elements, intertwining them with emotions and expressions of love. The mention of birds and their melodies, such as “Uribo pokhi hoi, Aloxua pronoy hridot,” adds a melodic quality to the verses, symbolizing the harmony of nature and love.

The following lines, “Val loga bur kio rong sotiai, Val pua bure aa,” paint a vivid picture of colorful landscapes and blooming flowers, suggesting the beauty and vibrancy associated with love. The repetition of phrases like “Lahe lahe kaxole ahi, Dhire dhire morom dilehi” emphasizes the gradual and delicate unfolding of emotions, mirroring the unhurried pace of nature.

“Pakhi meli axa bure, Hengulia geet jure” introduces the metaphor of birds singing in harmony, symbolizing the unity of souls in love. The mention of colors and emotions, like “Satu rongi mone, Binga mele,” further strengthens the connection between nature and the emotional landscape of the song.

Ehejar Xapon Lyrics

The verses “Tumi oha khyon bure, Utonua kolijate, Kotonu kobitat, Lohor tule” delve into the personal and intimate aspects of love. The lyrics express the tender emotions associated with the heart, love’s expression through poetry, and the awakening of feelings like the rising sun.

Ehejar Xapon lyrics closing lines, “Xaboti dhore onuvutiye, Xaboti dhore onuvutiye, Bare bare,” suggest the gradual and continuous process of understanding and experiencing love. The repetition of “Lahe lahe kaxole ahi, Dhire dhire morom dilehi” reinforces the theme of a slow and steady blossoming of emotions.

In essence, “Lahe Lahe Kaxole Ahi” is a lyrical journey that weaves together nature, love, and personal introspection. Its poetic expressions and cultural references make it a captivating piece, and the nuanced Assamese language adds a distinctive regional flavor to the song. Through its verses, the song captures the subtleties and intricacies of love, portraying it as a gradual, beautiful, and harmonious process that unfolds like the natural world it draws inspiration from.

About the Author of the Song

Ehejar Xapon is a Assamese song sung by Subasana Dutta. Ehejar Xapon lyrics is written by Barsha Borah. The music of this song is composed by Palash Gogoi. Ehejar Xapon was released on the platform youtube on Nov 25, 2023.

Singer: Subasana Dutta
Lyrics & Composition: Barsha Borah
Music: Palash Gogoi
Mixing & Mastering: Diganta Bordoloi
Vocal Design: Palash Gogoi
Guitar design: Rupam sarma
Flute : Anjan medhi
Background vocals: Prandeep Hazarika, Bhaskar Opswel, Palash Gogoi
Directed by: Pranab Bharali
Director of Photography: Prithviraj Dutta
Editing & Color Grading: Uddipta Kumar Bhattacharyya

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