Kannya Re Lyrics

Kannya Re Lyrics | কন্যা রে | Snigdhajit Bhowmik | Dabbu 

Kannya Re Lyrics

কন্যা রে তোর চোখের কোলে ও..
কন্যা রে তোর চোখের কোলে
উথাল পাথাল বন্যা দোলে,
মন না দিয়ে যাবো কেমন করে।

হুম.. রুপের জোয়ার দুকূল ভাসায়
পরাণ জ্বালাস চোখের ভাষায়,
বুকের চাতাল জুড়ে কদম ঝরে।

ও.. মাঝ দরিয়ার তুফান রে তুই,
আমারে ডোবালি,
কন্যা রে তুই আমায় ফেলে
বল না কোথায় গেলি।

ও ও.. ও কন্যা রে ..

কন্যা রে তোর নূপুর বাজে
চলার পথে সকাল সাঁঝে,
শোনো বোলে ডাকি কেমন করে।

হুম.. বলনা রে তোর কিসের ব্যথা
বল না আমায় গোপন কথা,
চল না নিয়ে আমায় মনের ঘরে।

ও.. মাঝ দরিয়ার তুফান রে তুই,
আমারে ডোবালি,
কন্যারে তুই আমায় ফেলে
বলনা কোথায় গেলি।

এলো চুলে নাইতে যাবি
মনের ভুলে ফুল ফোটাবি,
চুপি চুপি সাড়া দিবি ডাকে ও ও ..
কইবি কথা চোখে চোখে
টের পাবেনা অন্য লোকে,
কার কাছে তোর মনের চাবি থাকে ?
হো কন্যা রে তুই রাধা হলে,
আমি বনমালি ..

ও.. মাঝ দরিয়ার তুফান রে তুই,
আমারে ডোবালি,
কন্যা রে তুই আমায় ফেলে
বল না কোথায় গেলি।

Meaning of Kannya Re Lyrics

Kannya re lyrics appears to be a Bengali song with expressive and poetic lyrics that convey a deep sense of emotion and longing. The lyrics depict a conversation between someone addressing a woman with endearing terms like “kanya” (meaning girl or maiden). The person expresses their admiration for the woman’s eyes, the sound of her anklets, and the way she carries herself.

Kannya re lyrics opening lines describe the captivating allure of the woman’s eyes and express a desire to dive into the ocean of her gaze. The use of metaphors like “rup er jowar” (waves of beauty) and “buker chatal jure kadom jhore” (waves breaking in the heart) adds a poetic and romantic touch to the lyrics. The mention of a storm in the middle of the sea metaphorically signifies the emotional turbulence experienced by the speaker, who implores the woman not to leave without revealing where she has gone.

Kannya re lyrics song continues with a reference to the rhythmic sound of the woman’s anklets, creating a vivid image of her walking along the path during different times of the day. The speaker longs to hear her call and urges her to share her feelings, asking her to open up and let the speaker into her heart. The storm in the middle of the sea is reiterated, emphasizing the emotional turmoil experienced by the speaker.

Kannya Re Lyrics

As the kannya re lyrics progress, the speaker pleads with the woman not to leave and asks her to reveal her destination. The repetition of the term “kanya re” adds a poignant and emotional appeal to the narrative. The speaker expresses a willingness to drown in the sea if the woman leaves, emphasizing the depth of their emotions and the impact her departure would have on the speaker.

Kannya re lyrics takes a turn towards a more contemplative tone as it explores the pain and secrecy in the woman’s heart. The speaker implores her to share her hidden feelings and invites her into the inner chambers of their heart. The use of metaphors like “elo chule naito jabe” (if you don’t come with loose hair) and “chupi chupi sara dibi dake” (quietly shed your tears) adds a sense of vulnerability and raw emotion to the lyrics.

Kannya re lyrics concluding lines introduce a religious and mythological reference by likening the woman to Radha, a central figure in Hindu mythology known for her deep love for Lord Krishna. The speaker expresses a desire to be like a garland of flowers around Radha’s neck.

In summary, Kannya re lyrics portrays a deeply emotional and romantic conversation between two individuals, with rich metaphors and poetic expressions. It explores themes of love, longing, and the complexity of emotions in the context of a relationship. The repetition of the term “kanya re” and the vivid imagery create a powerful and evocative musical experience.

About the Author of the Song

Kannya re is a original bengali folk song sung by Snigdhajit Bhowmik. Kannya re lyrics written by ritem sen. Kannya re music was composed by Dabbu. Kannya re song is directed by Neel. Kannya re was released on T-series Bangla youtube channel on Feb 12, 2024.

Song: Kannya Re – Original Folk Song
Singer: Snigdhajit Bhowmik
Artists: Aishwariya & Suvankar
Music Composed, Arranged & Production: Dabbu
Lyrics: Ritam Sen
Guitars & Stroke instrument: Dabbu
Project by: Dabbu Music Production
Video: Neel Artworks
Directed by: Neel
Assistant Director: Swaroop Pal
DOP: Shreyanjan Basak
Edit: Neel Artworks
CC: Neel Artworks
Music On: T-Series

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