Jonak Joley Lyrics

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Jonak Joley Lyrics

তোমারও কি কান্দন আসে
আমার মতন রইতে,
তোমারও কি বুক ভাইঙা যায়
মনের কথা কইতে ?
ও.. তোমারও কি কান্দন আসে
আমার মতন রইতে,
তোমারও কি বুক ভাইঙ্গা যায়
মনের কথা কইতে?

নিশি রাইতে জোনাক জ্বলে
আমার ঘরে আন্ধার,
তোমারও কি ভালোবাসা
পুইড়া হৈছে অঙ্গার?

চোখের জলে ভালোবাসার
হলো একটা নদী,
সেই নদীটা বুকের ভেতর
বইছে নিরবধি।

তোমার কাছে বলবো কি আর
মায়ার জালে বাঁধলে তুমি,
এখন শুধু সন্ধি করি
আমার সাথে আমি।

ভেঙে গেলে মন জোড়া নেয় না
ভালোবাসা কখনো তো ক্ষয় হয় না,
ধীরে ধীরে বাড়ে প্রেম, অন্তরেতে তুমি
যুগে যুগে অতল তলে, খুঁজি যে আমি।

তোমারও কি কান্দন আসে
আমার মতন রইতে,
তোমারও কি বুক ভাইঙা যায়
মনের কথা কইতে ?

নিশি রাইতে জোনাক জ্বলে
আমার ঘরে আঁধার,
তোমারও কি ভালোবাসা
পুইড়া হৈছে অঙ্গার?

Meaning of Jonak Joley Lyrics

Jonak Joley lyrics is a poignant reflection on the complexities of love, longing, and emotional turmoil. Through its lyrical verses, it delves into the depths of human emotions, exploring themes of love, heartache, and the relentless search for connection. The repeated questioning throughout the song reflects the speaker’s inner turmoil and uncertainty about their lover’s feelings. They question whether their lover also experiences the same pain, longing, and heartache that they do.

Jonak Joley lyrics recurring refrain, “তোমারও কি কান্দন আসে, আমার মতন রইতে” (“Do you also shed tears like me?”), sets the tone for introspection and vulnerability. It speaks to the universal experience of suffering and asks whether the object of affection shares in that pain. The repetition emphasizes the intensity of these emotions, highlighting the depth of the speaker’s love and the constant questioning of whether their feelings are reciprocated.

The moonlight casting shadows in the speaker’s home symbolizes the darkness and loneliness they feel in their lover’s absence. The comparison of love to a river flowing endlessly in the heart underscores the depth and enduring nature of their feelings. The moon, symbolizing love and illumination, is contrasted with the darkness of the protagonist’s home, symbolizing loneliness and despair. This contrast highlights the bittersweet nature of love, where moments of brightness are often tinged with shadows of doubt and insecurity.

Jonak Joley Lyrics

The metaphor of love as a river flowing within the heart evokes a sense of continuity and depth. Love is depicted as a constant presence, inexorably coursing through the depths of the soul. Yet, despite its constancy, it remains elusive, like a river that cannot be grasped or contained.

Jonak Joley lyrics, “ভেঙে গেলে মন জোড়া নেয় না, ভালোবাসা কখনো তো ক্ষয় হয় না” (“When the heart breaks, love is not bound, love never diminishes”), encapsulates the resilience of love in the face of adversity. Even when the heart is broken, love endures, transcending the pain and suffering of separation. This sentiment speaks to the transformative power of love, which can heal wounds and mend shattered souls. Jonak Joley lyrics also touches upon the theme of resilience and hope in love. Despite the pain and uncertainty, the speaker expresses a willingness to continue loving their partner. They refuse to let go of their feelings, believing that love never diminishes or fades away.

Overall, Jonak Joley lyrics captures the raw and intense emotions associated with love – the longing, the pain, the uncertainty, and the hope. It captures the universal experience of seeking connection and understanding in the midst of emotional turmoil. Through its evocative lyrics and imagery, it portrays the universal experience of love and the profound impact it has on our lives. It invites listeners to reflect on their own experiences of love and loss, reminding us of the enduring power of the human heart to endure and overcome.

About the Author of the Song

Jonak Joley

Jonak Joley is a bengali song sung by Habib Wahid And Nancy. Jonak Joley music was composed by Habib Wahid and Jonak Joley lyrics was written by Ali Baker Zico. Jonak Joley music video was directed by Taneem Rahman Angshu and the song was produced by Asif Iqbal. Jonak Joley was released on Gaanchill Music youtube channel on Feb 19, 2024.

Song : Jonak Joley
Vocal : Habib Wahid And Nancy
Lyricist : Ali Baker Zico
Music, Tune And Composition : Habib Wahid
Director : Taneem Rahman Angshu
DOP : Vasker Joni
AD : Nahid Hasan Nayan
Chief AD : Rohit Raihan Shykat
Produced by : Asif Iqbal
Production : Fox Unit Films
Label : Gaanchill Music

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