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Dhoro Jodi Hothat Sondhye Lyrics

ধরো যদি হঠাৎ সন্ধ্যে

তোমার দেখা আমার সঙ্গে

মুখোমুখি আমরা দুজন

মাঝখানে অনেক বারণ

বাইরে তখন হাওয়া ঝোড়ো

তুমি হয়তো অন্য কারো

আরও একবার বলবো সেদিন

আজ জানেকি জীদ না করো

ধরো যদি চেনা গন্ধে

মেতে উঠি চেনা ছন্দে

যদি ছুঁতে চাই  আবারও

জানি ছোঁয়া তবু বারণ

চলে যাবে হাওয়া ঝোড়ো

সময় ছিলো আমাদেরও

তবু আবার বলবো সেদিন

আজ জানেকি জীদ না করো

Meaning of Dhoro Jodi Hothat Sondhye Lyrics

Dhoro jodi hothat sondhye is a romantic Bengali song that expresses the intense feelings of love and longing. It is a romantic song that expresses the longing of the speaker for their beloved. Dhoro jodi hothat sondhye lyrics describe the beauty of the evening and how it creates a perfect atmosphere for two lovers to be together. Dhoro jodi hothat sondhye lyrics urge the beloved to come closer and be by their side in the quiet of the night. Dhoro jodi hothat sondhye lyrics also talks about the beauty of the sky, the flowing waters, and the rising moon that symbolize the union of two hearts in love. 

The song also emphasizes the power of music in evoking deep emotions and creating a strong connection between people. The singer uses various metaphors, such as the evening breeze, the sun’s rays, and the nightingale’s song, to describe the listener’s voice and its effect on him. Dhoro jodi hothat sondhye lyrics is a beautiful expression of the joy and wonder of young love. The song has become a classic in Bengali music, and its popularity has spread beyond the Bengali-speaking community. Its enduring appeal lies in its ability to capture the essence of love and longing in a way that transcends language and culture.

Dhoro jodi hothat sondhye lyrics

Dhoro jodi hothat sondhye lyrics can be related to today’s modern world in which people often live apart from their loved ones due to work or other circumstances. The song can also be used to describe the experience of those who have lost someone they love and are hoping for their return. The themes and emotions of this song are universal and the desire for any lover to meet with their beloved is that’s what the song’s lyrics are related to.  

About the Author of Song

Dhoro Jodi Hothat Sondhye is a soothing bengali song which was composed and sung by Spandan Bhattacharya (Baundule). The song was released in May 2018 on  ” Baundule Official ” YouTube channel and it was a part of Dhoro Jodi Hothat Sondhye album. Later on it was launched on various other music streaming platforms. Dhoro Jodi Hothat Sondhye is one of the most popular songs of Spandan Bhattacharya in which he had tried to use a variety of musical instruments including Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Violin, Bass Guitar etc.

The song has a slow and melodious tune, and the use of traditional Bengali instruments like the flute and the tabla adds to its emotional depth. This unique combination of various musical instruments generates melodious music and the overall feel and rhythm of the song is truly mind blowing. 

Vocal & Composition: Spandan Bhattacharya |
Lyrics: Partha Ghosh
Mix: Aalap Sordaho
Guitar: Voirob Chakraborty
DOP: Arjama Das
Editing: Rusha Special
Thanks: Rittika, Rubai And Others

These are some various versions and adaptations of his songs on platform like YouTube. These are some links off the songs that have been provided here :

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