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Ekta Chele Lyrics

একটা ছেলে মনের আঙিনাতে

ধীর পায়েতে এক্কা দোক্কা খেলে

বন পাহাড়ি ঝর্না খুঁজে

বৃষ্টি জলে একলা ভিজে (x2)

সেই ছেলেটা আমায় ছুঁয়ে ফেলে,

সেই ছেলেটা আমায় ছুঁয়ে ফেলে।

আমি তো বেশ ছিলাম চুপিসাড়ে,

ছোট্ট মেয়ে সেজে একটা কোণে

সবুজ বনে নীলচে আলো জ্বেলে

স্বপ্ন ভেজা মাটিতে পা ফেলে (x2)

সেই ছেলেটা হঠাৎ এলো মনে,

সেই ছেলেটা হঠাৎ এলো মনে।

ছোট্ট আমি দুষ্টু আমি সেজে,

কেমন যেন হলাম জড়োসড়ো

আকাশ ভরা তারার আলো দেখে

বৃষ্টি ভেজা মাটিতে পা রেখে

বুক ভরা আবেগটুকু ঢেকে

হঠাৎ করে হয়ে গেলাম বড়ো।

বন পাহাড়ি ঝর্না বৃষ্টি ফেলে

আমায় বাসলে ভালো সেই ছেলে (x2)

Meaning of Ekta Chele Lyrics

Ekta Chele lyrics appears to be a lyrical expression of a nostalgic memory or a moment of reflection on past experiences. The lyrics describe two individuals, a boy and a girl, who had their own unique and separate adventures in nature. The boy is portrayed as someone who played alone in the forest, seeking waterfalls and getting drenched in the rain. The girl, on the other hand, is depicted as a quiet and dreamy child who found solace in the green woods and the starry night.

The refrain of the song, “Ekta Chele Moner Angina-te, Dhir Paaye Ekka-dokka Khele,” is particularly powerful, expressing the boy’s deep connection to his innermost thoughts and desires. The song is a poignant reminder of the power of imagination and the beauty of the human spirit.

Ekta Chele Lyrics

As ekta chele lyrics progresses, it seems that the narrator is reminiscing about their own childhood and how these two individuals, the boy and the girl, left a lasting impression on their heart. The refrain, “সেই ছেলেটা আমায় ছুঁয়ে ফেলে” (“That boy touched me”), and “সেই ছেলেটা হঠাৎ এলো মনে” (“That boy suddenly came to mind”), suggest that the memories of these two childhood friends or acquaintances continue to linger in the narrator’s thoughts and have a deep emotional impact on them.

In conclusion, “Ekta Chele Lyrics” is a classic Bengali song that continues to resonate with people across generations and borders. Its beautiful lyrics and uplifting melody capture the essence of childhood innocence and the beauty of imagination, making it one of the most beloved songs in the Bengali musical tradition.

About the Author of the Song

Ekta Chele Moner Angina-te, Dhir Paaye Ekka-dokka Khele” is a Bengali song that has become a beloved classic over the years. The song’s lyrics were written by Gauriprasanna Mazumder and the music was composed by Sudhin Dasgupta. It has been performed by many artists, including the legendary singer Manna Dey.

Ekta Chele Lyrics title roughly translates to “A boy plays alone with his heart’s longing.” The opening lines of the song, “Ekta Chele Moner Angina-te, Dhir Paaye Ekka-dokka Khele,” set the tone for the rest of the composition. They describe a young boy playing alone with his heart’s longing, lost in his own thoughts and dreams.

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