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Sei Je Holud Pakhi Lyrics

সেই যে হলুদ পাখি

বসে জামরুল গাছের ডালে

করতো ডাকাডাকি

আমার শৈশবের সকালে (x2)

একদিন গেল উড়ে

জানি না কোন সুদুরে

ফিরবে না সেকি ফিরবে না

ফিরবে না আর কোনদিন

ফিরবে না সেকি ফিরবে না

ফিরবে না আর কোনদিন

বুড়ো মাঝির নৌকায় বসে সারাটা দুপুর

যুবরাজের ঘোড়া আর রাজকণ্যার নুপুর (x2)

চলে গেল স্রোতে ভেসে

জানি না কোন দূর দেশে

ফিরবে না সেকি ফিরবে না

ফিরবে না আর কোন দিন

ফিরবে না সেকি ফিরবে না

ফিরবে না আর কোন দিন

ভাঙা মন্দিরেতে গুপ্ত ধনের খোঁজ

দূর সীমানার হাতছানি রোজ রোজ (x2)

হারানো সে সোনালী দিন

সবুজ ইচ্ছা স্বপ্ন রঙিন

ফিরবে না সে কি ফিরবে না

ফিরবে না আর কোন দিন (x6)

Meaning of Sei Je Holud Pakhi Lyrics

Sei je holud pakhi lyrics talks about a yellow bird that used to sit on the branches of a tree and chirp in the morning of the singer’s childhood days. The singer expresses nostalgia for those days and wonders where the bird has gone since then. By the yellow bird the singer tries to convey his state of mind here, When the singer tries to express the feeling of missing someone he loves through that yellow bird. When the chorus of the song is sung, he won’t return there the singers and chorus relive old memories.

Overall, sei je holud pakhi lyrics is a melancholic reflection on the passing of time and the loss of childhood memories. The singer composed this song to stir his old memories. Sei je holud pakhi lyrics is composed of childhood memories which still haunt the singer but which can never be returned. The song can be interpreted as a metaphor for the need for freedom in general. The yellow bird is a metaphor for the human spirit, which wants to break out of the confines of society and ascend to a new planet. The cage can stand for the restrictions and laws that society places on people, which can prevent them from achieving their goals.

The song can also be seen as a love story, where the bird stands for a lover trying to escape an oppressive union. A relationship or another person’s expectations, which are preventing the lover from being free, can be represented by the cage. Another interpretation of the song’s meaning is that the yellow bird stands for hope or a new beginning. The bird is trying to escape from a dark and unpleasant environment, but it is sure that a better future awaits it outside the cage.

Overall, sei je holud pakhi lyrics celebrates the human spirit and the desire for freedom and independence. Sei je holud pakhi lyrics are poetic and metaphorical, allowing the listener to interpret the song in their own way.

About the Author of the Song

Holud Pakhi is a popular song by the bengali band cactus. Lead vocalist Sidhu wrote the song, which is about a yellow bird called “Holud Pakhi”.This is one of the most well-known song by the well-known bengali rock group Cactus. Indian Bengali rock group Cactus hails from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Since their founding, they have released four full-length studio albums and given over 2500 gigs both domestically and overseas.

Sei Je Holud Pakhi Lyrics

The band’s lineup is Sidhartha Sankar “Sidhu” Ray on vocals, Shubayan Ganguly on bass, Sibaji “Baji” Paul on drums, Sanjay on guitar, Kanishka (Pinky) Sarkar on keyboard, and Rajesh Lahiri on vocals.

Song: Band Name – Cactus 
Singer : Siddhartha Sankar Roy
Label : Saregama India Ltd

These are some various versions and adaptations of his songs on platform like YouTube. These are some links off the songs that have been provided here :

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