Raat Holey Lyrics

Raat Holey Lyrics | রাত হলে | Debayan Banerjee

Raat Holey Lyrics

রাত হলে, জোনাকি মিছিমিছি, খালি পায়ে
বাসা ফেলে চলে দূরে,
ঘুম আদরে
পাড়া জুড়োলে, চাঁদও কাছাকাছি, আলো গায়ে,
উঁকি মারে, মেঘচাদরে…

গল্প শোনা, পাহাড়ের
অল্প বোনা, বাহারের
মেখে গায়ে এ বাহুডোর
আলগোছে, দেখি ভোর

দমকা হাওয়ার, মাতন এলে
যাই ছুটে যাই, খবর পেলে
দাঁড়িয়ে ঠায়, আলো জ্বেলে
রয়েছি হায়, আলো জ্বেলে

রাগ হলে, কাগজে মাখামাখি, কত আঁচড়,
মুঠো ভরে, দেব ফেলে, প্রেম নিয়নে…
কথা ফুরোলে, করেছে ডাকাডাকি, কত পাঁজর
উড়োচিঠি, রোদপিয়নে…

গল্প শোনা, পাহাড়ের
অল্প বোনা, বাহারের
মেখে গায়ে এ বাহুডোর
আলগোছে, দেখি ভোর

Meaning of Raat Holey Lyrics

Raat holey lyrics are poetic and convey a sense of introspection, emotion, and the beauty of nature. The song seems to depict the quietude and introspective moments that come with the night. The imagery of the moon shining softly, the empty roads, and the act of leaving home to venture into the distance all create a serene atmosphere. The mention of sleep and the moonlight suggests a tranquil and contemplative state of mind.

Raat holey lyrics verses go on to paint a picture of a story unfolding, with references to hills, blossoms, and the dawn. The narrative introduces elements of storytelling and natural beauty, symbolizing a journey or experience. The use of metaphorical language, such as “মেখে গায়ে এ বাহুডোর” (“Mekhe gaye e bahudor”), meaning “The arms adorned with clouds,” adds a layer of vivid imagery and artistic expression to the song.

Raat Holey Lyrics

As the raat holey lyrics progress, they capture the essence of the wind and the anticipation that comes with the arrival of news or change. The reference to standing still and waiting for light to break implies a sense of patience and hope, perhaps for a new beginning or revelation.

Raat holey lyrics mention the rage, crumpled paper, and the act of letting go of love in the verses introduces a contrasting theme. The song touches upon the emotional aspects of life, portraying the intensity of feelings and the release of emotions through actions like tearing paper or expressing love. The juxtaposition of these elements adds depth to the narrative, creating a dynamic and emotionally charged atmosphere.

Raat Holey Lyrics

Raat holey lyrics repeated refrain “গল্প শোনা, পাহাড়ের অল্প বোনা, বাহারের মেখে গায়ে এ বাহুডোর আলগোছে, দেখি ভোর” (“Galpo shona, paharer olpo bona, baharer mekhe gaye e bahudor algoche, dekhi bhor”) anchors the song and serves as a reflective refrain. It reinforces the theme of storytelling, the fleeting nature of time, and the anticipation of the dawn.

In conclusion, Raat holey lyrics is a beautifully crafted song that weaves together elements of nature, storytelling, and human emotions. The lyrics are rich in metaphorical language and create a poetic narrative that invites listeners to reflect on the complexities of life, love, and the passage of time. The soothing melody and evocative lyrics make this song a memorable and contemplative piece in the realm of Bengali music.

About the Author of the Song

Raat holey is a bengali song sung by Debayan Banerjee. Raat holey lyrics is written by Pralay Sarkar. Raat holey was released on SVF Music youtube channel on Jan 26, 2024.

Singer: Debayan Banerjee
Composition: Anis Ahmed
Lyrics: Pralay Sarkar
Music arranged and produced by: Anis Ahmed
Additional music production: Debayan Banerjee
Flute: Panchajanya Dey

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