Dishaheen Lyrics

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Dishaheen Lyrics

তুমি এলে যে
এই নিখোঁজের মহাদেশে,
মনের যত মেঘ
মুছে রংধনু ও শেষে।
তোমার পায়ে পায়ে
দেখ আশারা ফিরেছে ঘড়ে,
তুমি থাকলে রোজ রঙিন
আলো আকাশে রাত্রিহীন।
তুমি ছাড়া এই জীবন দিশাহীন।

পাশাপাশি হেঁটেছি কত না দূরে,
যাবে যদি থেকে ছিলে কেন জুড়ে।
মনে মনে তুমায় দুচোখে আঁখি,
ছাওয়া পাওয়ার হিসেব এখন বাকি।
তুমি থাকলে রোজ রঙিন,
কামখেয়ালে রাত বিলীন।
তুমি ছাড়া এই জীবন দিশাহীন।
তুমি ছাড়া এই জীবন দিশাহীন।
তুমি ছাড়া এই জীবন দিশাহীন।।

Meaning of Dishaheen Lyrics

Dishaheen lyrics is from a Bengali song, and they express deep emotions and a sense of longing. Dishaheen lyrics is a reflection on the absence of a loved one and the emptiness it brings to life. It conveys the idea that the presence of the beloved person brings color, hope, and purpose to the singer’s life, and without them, life feels directionless and incomplete.

Dishaheen lyrics starts with a vivid description of the arrival of the beloved person, where their presence is likened to the appearance of a rainbow after the clouds have cleared. This symbolizes the joy and brightness they bring into the singer’s life. The mention of “আশারা” (hope) emphasizes that their presence fills the singer with hope and positivity.

The lines “তুমি থাকলে রোজ রঙিন, আলো আকাশে রাত্রিহীন” highlight the idea that as long as the beloved person is present, each day is colorful, and the night is never dark. This emphasizes the transformative effect of their presence on the singer’s life.

Dishaheen Lyrics

The repetition of the line “তুমি ছাড়া এই জীবন দিশাহীন” underscores the central theme of Dishaheen lyrics. Without the beloved person, life becomes directionless and meaningless. Their absence is like a void that cannot be filled, and the singer longs for their return.

The second stanza describes the singer’s yearning and their desire to be close to the beloved person. They express their longing for the person’s presence, comparing it to the act of finding a shadow, indicating that it’s an essential part of their life. The mention of “কামখেয়ালে রাত বিলীন” suggests that the nights pass in contemplation and waiting for the beloved person.

In summary, Dishaheen lyrics is a poignant expression of love, longing, and the transformative power of a loved one’s presence. It conveys the idea that life is incomplete and directionless without the person the singer loves. The vivid imagery and emotional depth of the lyrics make it a beautiful and touching expression of the human experience of missing someone dear to them.

About the Author of Dishaheen

The song “Dishaheen” was written by Akash Chakrabarty and sung by Durnibar Saha. The music was managed by Nabarun Bose. This song “Dishaheen” is part of the album Nikhonj.

Song : Dishaheen
Album : Nikhonj
Singer : Durnibar Saha
Music : Nabarun Bose
Lyrics : Akash Chakrabarty

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