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Ondhokar Lyrics

এভাবে কতো রাত কেটে যাই
তোমার আমার বসে একা
নীল ঘুম চোখ খোজে কাকে
শুধুই তোমাই

আবারও যে ফিরতি পথে
একরাশ অবকাশ নিয়ে

একটা নতুন একটা পুরনো
গান বেধেছি তোমাকে নিয়ে
তুমি কি ??
পাচ্ছ শুনত

হেয়াদফনেতে চলছে বিটলস
কখনও বা ব্রাদ আদ্দামস
কখনও বা তোমাই নিয়ে
লেখা গান

কত দিন দেখা হই না
তোমার সাথে ক্যাফেটারিয়া
নান্দান চত্তর ফাকা পরে
ডাকছে তোমাই একতারা মঞ্ছ

চারি ধার আজ ভীষণ অন্ধকার
চারি ধার আজ ভীষণ অন্ধকার
তুমি নেই আছে পরে অন্ধকার
অন্ধকার অন্ধকার
শুধু অন্ধকার

Meaning of Ondhokar Lyrics

Ondhokar lyrics seem to be a poetic and contemplative, expressing emotions of solitude, longing, and perhaps a sense of darkness. It’s important to note that the interpretation of lyrics can be subjective, and different listeners may perceive the meaning in various ways. However, I’ll attempt to offer an analysis based on the provided text.

Ondhokar lyrics verses depict a deep emotional state, possibly a yearning for someone special, and the singer seems to be caught in a cycle of loneliness. The repetition of phrases like “তোমার আমার বসে একা” (sitting alone with you) and “নীল ঘুম চোখ খোজে কাকে” (blue sleep searching for whom) suggests a sense of solitude and a quest for connection. The mention of “শুধুই তোমাই” (only you) emphasizes a singular focus on a particular person.

Ondhokar lyrics subsequent lines introduce a theme of returning to familiar paths, possibly indicating a desire to revisit memories or reconcile with the past. The phrases “একরাশ অবকাশ নিয়ে” (with a sudden opportunity) suggest a willingness to embrace new possibilities or revive old ones.

 Ondhokar Lyrics

The mention of a “নতুন একটা পুরনো গান” (a new, old song) being woven around the person adds an intriguing layer. It could symbolize the complexities of relationships, where the singer is crafting something new yet rooted in the past. The question “তুমি কি? পাচ্ছ শুনত” (What about you? Are you listening?) indicates an eagerness for reciprocation or acknowledgment from the other person.

The reference to “হেয়াদফনেতে চলছে বিটলস” (the Beatles are playing in the headphone) and other names like “ব্রাদ আদ্দামস” (Brad Adams) suggests a diverse musical influence. Music often serves as a powerful medium to convey emotions, and these artists might represent a soundtrack to the singer’s emotions.

Ondhokar lyrics take a melancholic turn with the repeated lines “চারি ধার আজ ভীষণ অন্ধকার” (all directions are in profound darkness), creating a vivid metaphor for the emotional void. The repetition of “অন্ধকার” (darkness) reinforces a sense of loss or absence, and the phrase “তুমি নেই আছে পরে অন্ধকার” (you are not there, only darkness remains) poignantly encapsulates the theme of longing and emptiness.

In summary, Ondhokar lyrics appears to delve into themes of love, solitude, and the passage of time. The poetic language, use of metaphors, and references to music contribute to a rich and evocative narrative. However, given the subjective nature of interpretation, listeners may find their own unique meanings within the lyrics based on personal experiences and emotions.

About the Author of the Song

Ondhokar is sung by independent song writer and musician Anumoy Dutta. Anumoy Dutta also written lyrics and composed the music of Ondhokar. Ondhokar was released on Anumoy Dutta youtube channel on Jan 2, 2024.

Vocal,Compositions & Guitar :- Anumoy Dutta
Audio Mix Master :- Anumoy & Anupam Dutta

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