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Oboseshe Lyrics 

কি যায় আসে মন খারাপে?

সব হারা আর কি হারাবে?

আচমকা ভাঙ্গা মন,

পেলে ছোঁয়া নরম,

এত ভাববে নাকি, তুমিই ভাবো,

অবশেষে ভালোবেসে চলে যাবো

অবশেষে ভালোবেসে চলে যাবো। 

মিলছে পায়ে পা চোখ যায় জুড়িয়ে

ভাগাভাগি করে নেবো পাবো যা কুড়িয়ে,

তুমি দেখো আমি আমার 

ভাগটাও দিয়ে দেবো,

শুধু দেওয়ার ফাঁকে তোমার 

হাতটা ছুঁয়ে নেবো। 

চেয়েছিলাম এমন যা হচ্ছে এখন

যতদিন আছি ছেড়ে যেও নাগো,

অবশেষে ভালোবেসে চলে যাবো

অবশেষে ভালোবেসে চলে যাবো। 

যদি সময়ে ফিরে যাওয়া শিখে যেতাম

আরো ভালো একটা মানুষ তোমায় দিতাম,

আমি জানলে আগে আঘাত কি পেতাম

তুমি সামনে এলে দাগ কি লুকিয়ে নিতাম। 

আচমকা ভাঙ্গা মন

পেলে ছোঁয়া নরম,

এত ভাববে নাকি তুমিই ভাবো,

অবশেষে ভালোবেসে চলে যাবো

অবশেষে ভালোবেসে চলে যাবো ..

Meaning of Oboseshe Lyrics 

Oboseshe lyrics explores the emotions of a person who is grappling with a troubled heart. The singer begins by questioning what brings sorrow to the heart and ponders on the losses they have endured. Oboseshe lyrics describe a heart that feels suddenly shattered but yearns for tenderness when touched. The singer wonders whether the person they’re addressing will eventually understand their feelings, and in the end, they express their intention to move on after having loved and learned from the experience.

Oboseshe lyrics suggest that the singer is willing to accept the pain and move forward with the memories of a past relationship. The singer questions why their heart is feeling down and contemplates what more they could lose. They express a desire to mend their broken heart, hoping to find a soft touch once again.

Oboseshe Lyrics 

The singer acknowledges that perhaps the person they are singing about will eventually realize their worth and appreciate their love. The repeated phrase “অবশেষে ভালোবেসে চলে যাবো” (meaning “In the end, I will love and move on”) emphasizes the singer’s determination to heal and move forward, despite the pain they are currently experiencing.

In essence, Oboseshe lyrics reflects the universal theme of love and its complexities. It delves into the raw and honest emotions of someone who has faced disappointment and heartbreak but is determined to heal and continue their journey. The lyrics convey a sense of resilience and acceptance, acknowledging that life’s ups and downs are part of the human experience. Overall, it is a beautifully crafted song that captures the essence of human emotions, particularly the ups and downs of love and the healing power of time.

About the Author of the Song

“Oboseshe” is a Bengali song by the Indian singer Arijit Singh. The song was released in 2021 as part of the soundtrack for the Bengali film “Kishmish” starring Bengali actors Dev and Rukmini Maitra. It was directed by Rahul Mukherjee. 

There are numerous awards that he has been a recipient of over the years, such as the Television Cine Awards, Kalakar Awards, Filmfare Awards East, Filmfare Awards East (2017), and the NABC International Bangla Film Award 2017. A number of his accomplishments have earned him the recognition of being one of the most sought after and highly paid actors in Bengali cinema. Agnishapath, directed by Prabir Nandi, marked Dev’s debut in the acting world in 2005, when he appeared opposite Rachana Banerjee in the movie.

Dev had also been a mentor on the Bengali dance reality show Dance Bangla Dance, replacing Mithun Chakraborty. He is also a Member of Parliament in the Lok Sabha representing Ghatal constituency since 2014, as a candidate from the party All India Trinamool Congress. He owns the production house Dev Entertainment Ventures.

Some of the movies by the Bengali actor and producer Dev are Projapoti, Paglu, Kacher Manush, Challenge, Bindaas, I Love You, Herogiri, Dui Prithibi, Sudhu Tomari Jonno, Kelor Kirti, Chaader Pahar, Sedin Dekha Hoyechilo, Love Express, Le Chakka, Golondaaj, Amazon Abhijaan, Zülfikar, Bolo Na Tumi Amar, Ahare Mon and a lot more.

Song: Oboseshe Lyrics
Film Title: Kishmish
Song Composed and Written by: Nilayan Chatterjee
Singer: Arijit Singh
Music Arrangement and Production: Soumyadeep Subhadeep
Filmstar: Dev, Rukmini Maitra, Kharaj M, Anjana Basu, June M, Kamaleshwar M,
Director: Rahool Mukherjee

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