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Amar Bhindeshi Tara Lyrics

আমার ভিনদেশী তারা

একা রাতেরি আকাশে

তুমি বাজালে একতারা

আমার চিলেকোঠার পাশে

ঠিক সন্ধ্যে নামার মুখে

তোমার নাম ধরে কেউ ডাকে

মুখ লুকিয়ে কার বুকে

তোমার গল্পো বলো কাকে

আমার রাত জাগা তারা

তোমার অন্য পাড়ায় বাড়ী

আমার ভয় পাওয়া চেহারা

আমি আদতে আনাড়ী

আমার আকাশ দেখা ঘুড়ি

কিছু মিথ্যে বাহাদুরি (x2)

আমার চোখ বেধে দাও আলো

দাও শান্ত শীতল পাটি

তুমি মায়ের মতই ভালো

আমি একলাটি পথ হাটি

আমার বিচ্ছিরি এক তারা

তুমি নাও না কথা কানে

তোমার কিসের এতো তাড়া

সে রাস্তা পার হবে সাবধানে

তোমার গায় লাগেনা ধুলো

আমার দু’মুঠো চাল-চুলো (x2)

রাখো শরীরে হাত যদি

আর জল মাখো দুই হাতে

প্লীজ ঘুম হয়ে যাও চোখে

আমার মন খারাপের রাতে

আমার রাতজাগা তারা

তোমার আকাশ ছোয়া বাড়ি (x2)

আমি পাইনা ছুঁতে তোমায়

আমার একলা লাগে ভারী… (x2)  

Meaning of Amar Bhindeshi Tara Lyrics

Amar bhindeshi tara lyrics opening stanza depicts I’m looking for some company because I’m lonely (or single). The other day, I overheard someone calling your name. Do you reside nearby? Are you also lonely? or do you have a friend who comforts you when you’re anxious or depressed

Amar bhindeshi tara lyrics second verse discusses I’m not particularly fancy, and you appear much beyond my pay grade. I’m simply a regular person, afraid, and stupid. I’ve gone through difficult times in life, or at least I’d like to believe I have, and this gives me some false confidence that I can contribute to our relationship. I can share with you all of my experiences, both good and bad, as well as all I have discovered along the way. I lead a lonely existence, but with you nearby, I believe I will finally find the solace and tranquillity I have sought my entire life.

Amar Bhindeshi Tara Song Lyrics

And It’s cool if you don’t think I’m worth it. Just disregard what I just said and continue. If you exercise caution and start taking care of yourself, I have no doubt that you will lead a beautiful life. You presumably live and fantasize of a very opulent, fancy existence, which I cannot promise, while my existence is that of a commoner. Nonetheless, it would be good if you were simply the friend for me, someone I can get in touch with when I need a few encouraging words.

Amar bhindeshi tara lyrics final verse, it is mentioned that a person needs company to feel less lonely. They are hoping that the individual they are dreaming about would come over and grab their hands to make them feel safe and secure. For them to get through a difficult night, they require assurance and consolation.

About the Author of Amar Bhindeshi Tara Lyrics

Amar bhindeshi tara lyrics from the Bengali film Antaheen (2009). A lovely song performed by Anindya Chattopadhyay. Shantanu Moitra wrote the music. starring Rahul Bose, Mita Vashisth, Aparna Sen, and Sharmila Tagore in addition to Radhika Apte. One interpretation of the song’s inner meaning is that the Bhindeshi Tara (evening star) represents a guiding light or a source of inspiration that can lead one to self-discovery and enlightenment. The repeated use of the word “Amar” (my) suggests a personal connection to this light, as if it is a part of the singer’s inner self.

Amar bhindeshi tara lyrics is essentially about the beauty and uniqueness of the evening star. and its enduring quality throughout the ages. However, it also has a deeper spiritual meaning that is open to interpretation. Amar bhindeshi tara lyrics is a beautiful and poetic hymn to the power of music, the beauty of the night sky, and the isolation of the human situation as a whole. It serves as a reminder of the protective effects of both art and music and speaks to our shared longing for affection, comfort, and connection.

Song – Amar Vindeshi Tara Lyrics
Movie – Antaheen (2009)
Vocal & Music – Anindya Chatterjee
Lyrics – Chandril Bhattacharya
Written by – Shyamal Sengupta
Directed by – Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury
Produced by – Jeet Banerjee, Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury And Indrani Mukerjee

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