Mentaaal Title Track Lyrics

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Mentaaal Title Track Lyrics

মুডেরাই আসল রাজা,
বাজনা বাজা, হেব্বি রেলায়
খেলা হবে মারকাটারি
মাঝমাঠে তে আজ;
খেয়ে যাবি খুব ক্যালানি
হাড় জ্বালানি স্যাম্পেলেরা
হাওয়া ফাওয়া গরম হলেই
বিন্না মেঘেই বাজ;
What the, what the…
মেন্টাল মেন্টাল ভিলেনের ভিড়ে
মেন্টাল মেন্টাল তার গেছে ছিঁড়ে

ফুল্টু খোশমেজাজি
ফাটি হয়ে শব্দবাজি
বন্ধুর বন্ধু আমি, দুষ্টু লোকের যম;
মস্তির চড়ছি গাছে
ক্ষেপলে বড্ড বাজে
বুঝেনে আমার আছে টাঙিয়ে দেওয়ায় দম…
What the, what the…
মেন্টাল মেন্টাল ভিলেনের ভিড়ে
মেন্টাল মেন্টাল তার গেছে ছিঁড়ে

Meaning of Mentaaal Title Track Lyrics

Mentaaal title track lyrics appears to be a lively and energetic composition with a mix of colloquial expressions and playful language. Titled “মুডেরাই আসল রাজা” (Mooderai Asol Raja), the lyrics convey a sense of celebration, carefree attitude, and a zest for life. The words paint a vivid picture of a festive atmosphere, urging the listeners to join in the fun and let loose.

Mentaaal title track lyrics opening lines suggest the presence of a true king in the mood, setting the tone for a spirited occasion. The mention of playing musical instruments, particularly the “হেব্বি রেলায়” (Hebbi Relai), implies a lively and rhythmic gathering. The subsequent reference to a cricket match adds a sporty dimension to the festivities, with the excitement of the game being highlighted.

Mentaaal title track lyrics take a playful turn as they encourage indulgence in enjoyment and revelry. Phrases like “খেয়ে যাবি খুব ক্যালানি” (Kheye yabi khub kyalani) suggest a carefree attitude towards consequences, urging individuals to take risks and savor the moment. The mention of burning bones in the “স্যাম্পেলেরা” (Sampelera) and the impact of hot winds on clouds intensify the portrayal of a high-energy environment.

Mentaaal Title Track Lyrics

The repeated exclamation “What the, what the…” adds a touch of exuberance and surprise to the composition. It may signify the unexpected twists and turns that life brings, further reinforcing the theme of embracing spontaneity and living in the present.

Mentaaal title track lyrics lines “মেন্টাল মেন্টাল ভিলেনের ভিড়ে, মেন্টাল মেন্টাল তার গেছে ছিঁড়ে” (Mental mental bhilener bhide, mental mental tar geshe chhide) suggest a chaotic and lively encounter with someone described as “ভিলেন” (bhilena), possibly representing a vibrant and energetic character who has left an impact, leaving chaos and excitement in their wake.

Mentaaal title track lyrics closing lines use humorous language and wordplay, describing a cheerful and mischievous disposition. References to being mischievous in the trees and creating a big bang when clapping hands contribute to the overall playful tone of the song.

In essence, mentaaal title track lyrics captures the spirit of a carefree celebration, encouraging listeners to embrace the joyous chaos of life and relish every moment. The lyrics blend colloquial expressions with energetic descriptions, creating a lively and engaging composition.

About the Author of the Song

Mentaaal Title Track Lyrics

Mentaaal title track is a bengali song sung by Keshab Dey. Mentaaal title track lyrics written by prasen. Mentaaal title track music video directed by Amlaan A Chakraborty. Mentaaal title track was released on time music bangla youtube channel on Jan 25, 2024.

Song Name – Mentaaal Title Track
Music director – Amlaan A Chakraborty
Singer – Keshab Dey
Lyricist – prasen
Arrangment & programming – ishan mitra
Mixing & Mastering by Shubho Deep Mittra at BBAY Studios

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