Niyom Lyrics

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Niyom Lyrics

খুন করে আমাকে,
হঠাৎ সবাই
হয়ে গেলো অচেনা সহসাই,

তবুও নিয়ম ভাঙার নিয়মে
আমি রয়ে যাই

যে আগুনে পুড়িয়ে দেয়
চেনা মুখোশ প্রতি ভোরে
কীভাবে এসে দাঁড়ায় সম্মুখে

তবুও নিয়ম ভাঙার নিয়মে
আমি রয়ে যাই

Meaning of Niyom Lyrics

Niyom lyrics opening lines, “খুন করে আমাকে, হঠাৎ সবাই হয়ে গেলো অচেনা সহসাই,” immediately set a somber and unsettling tone. The phrase “খুন করে আমাকে” (murder me) suggests a metaphorical death or destruction, possibly of identity or innocence. The sudden transformation of everyone into “অচেনা সহসাই” (unknown companions) hints at a loss of familiarity or trust in relationships, where people become strangers or adversaries.

The recurring theme of breaking rules within the rules (“তবুও নিয়ম ভাঙার নিয়মে আমি রয়ে যাই”) suggests a defiance against societal norms or expectations. This defiance can be seen as a form of resistance or rebellion against conformity, indicating a desire for authenticity or personal freedom amidst constraints.

The imagery of fire (“আগুনে পুড়িয়ে দেয়”) and the familiar mask (“চেনা মুখোশ”) recurring each morning (“প্রতি ভোরে”) symbolize elements of transformation and concealment. Fire can symbolize destruction or purification, while the mask represents a facade or a persona that one wears daily. The act of facing these elements (“কীভাবে এসে দাঁড়ায় সম্মুখে”) suggests confronting challenges or truths directly, despite the masks or defenses one may use.

Niyom Lyrics

Niyom lyrics encourages deep introspection and personal interpretation. It may resonate differently with each listener, depending on their own experiences and perspectives. One possible interpretation could be a reflection on the complexities of human relationships, the struggle for individual identity within societal norms, or the emotional turmoil of navigating through unexpected challenges and betrayals.

In terms of artistic expression, the song employs poetic language and evocative imagery to convey its message. The use of Bengali language adds a cultural richness and emotional depth to the lyrics, enhancing the impact of the themes explored.

In summary, this song lyrically explores themes of violence, uncertainty, defiance, and self-discovery. It challenges conventional norms and invites listeners to contemplate deeper meanings beyond surface interpretations. Through its poetic imagery and evocative language, the song captures a range of emotions and human experiences, making it a poignant piece of artistic expression that resonates with the complexities of life and identity.

About the Author of the Song

Niyom Lyrics

Niyom is a Bengali song sung by Sarower Jahan Shuvo. Niyom lyrics were written by Sarower Jahan Shuvo. The tune and the music of the song were composed by Riot. “Niyom” was mixed and mastered by Suharto Sherif & Anamul Hasan Raju. Niyom was released on Riot the Band YouTube channel on Jun 17, 2024.

Song – Niyom
Singer – Sarower Jahan Shuvo
Compositions & Arrangement: Riot
Mix and Master: Suharto Sherif & Anamul Hasan Raju
Produced By: Aziz Ayon & Bappy Hasan
Lyrics: Sarower Jahan Shuvo
Guitar : Bappy Hasan
Drums : Aaqib Shahriar Shuvo
Bass : Niloy Barua
Artwork: Ahad Antor & Sarower Jahan Shuvo
All Songs recorded and produced at (Studio 100 Miles)

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