Nikhoj Tui Lyrics

Nikhoj Tui Lyrics | (নিখোঁজ তুই) | Nikhoj | Rupam | Swastika, Tota

Nikhoj Tui Lyrics

নিখোঁজ তুই
কন আজনই যা ছিলো শোব
হারিয়ে যা ভীশাদে নীল
নীরবতার মুখো দাই
এহ রাতে চাদ, আখোনো নেই
খবর তোর সফল হোক
আবার শোব বাতাশ জোখন
রাতার গুমর কয়েক বার খবর পাঠাই
আমার নিখোঁজ

বিষন্ন মন উধাও পথে
পালাতে চায়
নিরুদ্দেশ নিখোজ প্রহর জীর্ণ হৃদয়
রিক্ত সহার সভি নিখোজ
অন্ধ আলো এ অন্ধো তাই
নিখাস কালো যখন স্বরূপ
বিপজ্জনক বিপাদ বুঝে
পালাতে চাই

বাতাস যখন রাতের গুমর কয়েক বার খবর পাঠাই
আমার নিখোঁজ
বিবর্ণ মন তোমার পথে হারাতে চাই
নিখোজ তুই উতল জিবন ব্যাকুল আমার
সমস্ত ক্ষণ ভীশাদে নীল সব আয়োজন নিরুদ্দেশে
নিখোঁজ প্রহর

Meaning of Nikhoj Tui Lyrics

Nikhoj Tui lyrics paint a picture of a person who is searching for an elusive presence, perhaps a lost love or a deeper meaning in life. It conveys a sense of longing, solitude, and introspection. The lyrics reflect a deep emotional state where the singer is searching for something or someone, a sense of emptiness and desire for connection. They describe a sense of emptiness, both in the external world and within the heart of the person singing the song.

In the opening lines, the singer is addressing someone who has gone missing, using poetic imagery to express their search. They mention the disappearance of the moon in the night sky, implying that even celestial bodies cannot be found, and they hope for news of the person they are searching for. The word “নিখোঁজ” is repeated, which can be translated as “unfound” or “missing,” emphasizing the theme of searching and longing.

Nikhoj Tui Lyrics

Nikhoj Tui lyrics second part of the song describes a desolate and empty heart that longs to find its way. The singer desires to find direction and purpose in a world that seems devoid of meaning. The use of “নিরুদ্দেশে” (undirected) suggests a feeling of aimlessness and a lack of clarity in life. It express a desire to dispel a heavy heart and find solace in the midst of darkness, using metaphors such as “নিরুদ্দেশ, নিখোজ” to convey a directionless search for relief.

The mention of “অন্ধ আলো” (blind light) and “নিখাস কালো” (dark black) adds to the contrast between light and darkness, possibly symbolizing the dichotomy between hope and despair. The speaker seems to be grappling with their emotions and trying to make sense of the world. The repeated reference to the wind carrying news at night and the singer’s longing and solitude throughout the song evoke a sense of melancholy and yearning for something that may be lost or unattainable.

Nikhoj Tui lyrics final part of the song, the repetition of the phrase “বাতাস যখন রাতের গুমর” (when the wind sends the night’s message) emphasizes the idea of receiving news or communication, which could relate to the ongoing search. The singer expresses a profound desire to find what they are looking for and is willing to lose themselves in the process. The word “নিখোঁজ” is repeated again, reinforcing the theme of searching.

Nikhoj Tui lyrics appears to be a deeply introspective and emotional reflection on the theme of searching for something that is missing. It conveys a sense of yearning and a longing for meaning or a significant presence in the singer’s life. The use of poetic and evocative language adds depth to the emotions expressed in the song.

Overall, Nikhoj Tui lyrics appears to be a song that explores the complexities of human emotions, the search for purpose, searching for something lost, a sense of emptiness and the yearning for connection or meaning in life. It combines vivid imagery with a sense of introspection and deep emotion, making it a poignant and thought-provoking piece of music. The repeated use of “নিখোঁজ” emphasizes the theme of searching or seeking throughout the song.

About the Author of Nikhoj Tui

Nikhoj Tui Lyrics

“Nikhoj Tui” was written and composed by Rupam Islam, a very famous songwriter. He also beautifully sung the song. Shibasish Banerjee was the music producer of this song. Necessary backing vocals were done by Aparajita, which was very helpful. Mixing and mastering of the song was done by Prasenjit Chakrabutty.

Song: Nikhoj Tui lyrics
Lyrics & Composition: Rupam Islam
Singer: Rupam Islam
Music Production: Shibasish Banerjee
Drums: Sambit Chatterjee
Bass: Prasenjit “Pom” Chakrabutty
Guitars: Surjo Bhattacharjee
Keyboards: Shibasish Banerjee
Backing Vocals: Aparajita
Mix and Master: Prasenjit “Pom” Chakrabutty

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