Menoka Lyrics

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Menoka Lyrics

অল্প বয়স এতে খেয়েছি ছ্যাকা,
টুরু লভ এ এসে ছেয়েছি টেকা,
তর দু ভরা তিলে যাই না ধকা
মেনকা করে দিল পকেট ফাকা।

তোমার সাথে খেলা হবে আজ ও মেনকা,
তোমার সাথে খেলা হবে রোজ ও মেনকা।
তোমার সাথে খেলা হবে আজ ও মেনকা,
তোমার সাথে খেলা হবে রোজ ও মেনকা।
মে মে মেনকা খেলা হবে খেলা হবে মে মে মে মেনকা ।

ও মেনকা ছুরি পরিস টুমকায় তো নাচা,
বিঝলি গেলে বাতি জাল জেনারেটর চাঁচা।

দেখবো তকে খেলার মাঠে হিট না ফ্লপ রে,
রং দেব মাঝ রাতে ললিপপ রে।
হর ঝুবতি আমি হরকা পান রে
লঙ্খা দিয়ে সাজি মিঠা পান রে।
পার লাগিয়ে কাচি ভাসেটাইল রে
ধমকা হওয়া দিলে সাবধান রে।

তোমার সাথে খেলা হবে আজ ও মেনকা
তোমার সাথে খেলা হবে রোজ ও মেনকা
তোমার সাথে খেলা হবে আজ ও মেনকা
তোমার সাথে খেলা হবে রোজ ও মেনকা
মে মে মেনকা খেলা হবে খেলা হবে মে মে মে মেনকা
খেলা হবে মে মে মে মেনকা….

Meaning of Menoka Lyrics

Menoka lyrics is rich in Bengali and is likely a composition rich in cultural and regional nuances. I can provide a general approach to understanding the lyrics and their possible interpretations.

Menoka lyrics seem to evoke a playful and energetic atmosphere, using vivid imagery and metaphors. The recurring mention of “মেনকা” (Menka) throughout Menoka lyrics suggests that Menka could be a symbolic or metaphorical figure representing a playful and carefree spirit, perhaps even a muse of joy and celebration.

The opening lines describe experiences of youth, indulgence, and carefree living, mentioning indulging in sweets, enjoying material gains, and avoiding the burdens of responsibility. The mention of a “ছুরি” (knife) and dancing suggests a lively and dynamic celebration, while references to a generator and dancing in the light of a lantern imply a rural or traditional setting.

Menoka lyrics also touch upon themes of love and companionship, expressing a desire to play and engage with Menka both today and every day. The repetition of these lines emphasizes the enduring nature of the joyous connection being celebrated.

Menoka Lyrics

There is also a section that seems to describe a lively and energetic dance, with references to colorful lights, the night, and the enjoyment of sweet treats like lollipops. The use of words like “হর ঝুবতি” (green betel leaf) and “লঙ্খা” (betel nut) suggests a cultural context, possibly referencing traditional customs or rituals.

The closing lines reiterate the intention to play with Menka and anticipate the continued celebration. The repetition of “মে মে মেনকা” (Me Me Menka) reinforces the central theme of the song, celebrating the joyous and carefree spirit associated with Menka.

In summary, while I don’t have the exact meaning of Menoka lyrics, the lyrics seem to celebrate the exuberance of youth, the pleasures of life, and the joy of companionship through the metaphorical figure of Menka. The use of vivid imagery, cultural references, and repetitive phrasing adds a poetic and rhythmic quality to the song, enhancing its emotional impact.

About the Author of Menoka

Menoka Lyrics

The song “Menoka,” featured in the recently released web series “Abar Proloy,” stands out as a captivating piece of musical artistry. Ritam Sen’s lyricism is well-known for its poetic depth, and in “Menoka,” his words seem to weave a narrative that transcends mere musicality, potentially enhancing the storytelling within the web series. The mesmerizing vocal performances by the exceptionally talented singers Dev Arijit and Ikkshita Mukherjee, contributes to the song’s emotional resonance and appeal. Amit Chatterjee’s credit for music management signifies the crucial role played in the song’s overall production.

Web Series : Abar Proloy
Song : Menoka
Music : Amit Chatterjee
Lyrics : Ritam Sen
Singers : Dev Arijit and Ikkshita Mukherjee

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