Mayar Dunia Lyrics

Mayar Dunia Lyrics | মায়ার দুনিয়া | Tanzil Misbah

Mayar Dunia Lyrics

কত কথা রাইখা দিছি
এই বুকেতে জমা,
এতো ব্যাথা দিছো বন্ধু
পাইবা কি আর ক্ষমা।
চোখ জুড়ানো ভালোবাসা দিলাম তোমায় যত
বিনিময়ে নাটক দিলা দুঃখ শত শত,
হায় যাওয়ার মতো আমি থাকি
নাটক গুলাই বুকে রাখি,
মনের কথা মনেই থাকুক
শোনার মানুষ নাই,
আমায় চেনার মানুষ নাই,
আমায় বুঝার মানুষ নাই,
এ মায়ার দুনিয়াতে একটা আপন মানুষ নাই।

নিজেরে ভাইঙা চুইরা গড়ছি কত শত
আগুনেতে পুইড়াও হইতে তোর মনেরই মতন,
আবেগের এই খেলাতে হাইরা গেছি আমি
তোর কাছে ছিলাম না রে একটু আমি দামি।

আজ আবেগ গুলা ভুইলা থাকি
নিজেই নিজের স্বপ্ন আঁকি,
আমি ছাড়া আমার আপন আর তো কেহ নাই।
আমায় চেনার মানুষ নাই,
আমায় বুঝার মানুষ নাই,
এ মায়ার দুনিয়াতে একটা আপন মানুষ নাই।
আমায় চেনার মানুষ নাই,
আমায় বুঝার মানুষ নাই,
এ মায়ার দুনিয়াতে একটা আপন মানুষ নাই।

Meaning of Mayar Dunia Lyrics

Mayar dunia lyrics written in Bengali, seems to express a deep sense of emotional turmoil and introspection. The lyrics convey a profound reflection on the complexities of relationships, love, and the human experience.

The poet begins by acknowledging the significant amount of words written and emotions poured into a book. The pain experienced is described as intense, questioning whether forgiveness can be obtained. The act of giving love with tearful eyes is mentioned, emphasizing the depth of emotion shared.

Mayar dunia lyrics verses then delve into the theme of theatricality, portraying life as a series of plays. The poet reflects on exchanging emotions like a drama, with each act filled with sorrow. The analogy of living like a play suggests a sense of detachment or perhaps a coping mechanism to navigate the difficulties of life.

Mayar Dunia Lyrics

The poet expresses a state of existence akin to disappearance, comparing oneself to the act of leaving, while the dramas remain stored in the heart. The recurring refrain emphasizes the absence of people who can truly understand or recognize the poet, creating a poignant sense of isolation.

Mayar dunia lyrics subsequent verses introduce a narrative involving a sibling relationship, weaving in elements of struggle and resilience. The poet describes the creation of a bonfire and the willingness to endure the fire, metaphorically symbolizing life’s challenges. The mention of being like the mind itself suggests a shared experience of emotional intensity.

Mayar dunia lyrics emotional game played in the realm of passion is portrayed as a high-stakes gamble, leading to a departure and a sense of being undervalued. The use of regional dialect and colloquial expressions adds authenticity to the emotional narrative, enhancing the cultural depth of the lyrics.

Mayar Dunia Lyrics

As the poet contemplates the emotional games played, a sense of disillusionment and detachment emerges. The refrain resurfaces, emphasizing the lack of recognition, understanding, and connection in the illusory world of Maya (illusion). This repetition reinforces the central theme of isolation and the search for genuine human connection.

Mayar dunia lyrics final verses conclude with a declaration of self-sufficiency and the artist’s ability to create dreams independently. The poet asserts a state of being where no one else exists besides the self. This conclusion hints at a journey towards self-discovery and autonomy, emphasizing the importance of self-recognition in the face of external complexities.

In summary, the song appears to be a rich exploration of human emotions, relationships, and the quest for authenticity in the midst of life’s dramas. The evocative language and cultural nuances contribute to a powerful expression of introspection and self-awareness within the context of Bengali cultural and emotional landscapes.

About the Author of the Song

Mayar Duniya is a bengali song sung by Tanzil Misbah. Mayar dunia lyrics was written by Tanzil Misbah. Mixed and mastered by Shovon Roy. Tanzil Misbah was released on burnabee records on Jan 18, 2024.

Song : Mayar Duniya
Singer : Tanzil Misbah
Lyrics & Tune : Tanzil Misbah
Music & Mix-Master : Shovon Roy
Label : Burnabee Records
Directed By Nazmul Evan
Production : NE Films
Starring : Shanti Rehman,Tanzil Misbah, Rasel
Dop : Yasin Bin Arian
Edit : Sami Ahmed & B Somin

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