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Ashbo Phire Lyrics

যাবার বেলায় চোখে জলের খেলা
যেন ফিরে দেখি তোমার মুখে হাসি
আসব ফিরে, আজ আসি
আসব ফিরে, আজ আসি

যাবো কোথায় আবার ফিরব ঘরে
এ জনম আমার, এই মাটি ঘিরে
আসব ফিরে স্বাধীন হয়ে,
খোলা মাঠের গান হব
স্বাধীন দেশের এক ঠিকানায়
স্বাধীন বাগান হব।

যাবার বেলা চোখে জলের খেলা
যেন ফিরে দেখি তোমার মুখে হাসি
আসব ফিরে, আজ আসি
আসব ফিরে, আজ আসি

মায়ের ডাকে সাড়া না দিয়ে কি পারি?
থেকে গেলে পায়ের ছাপ, ফিরব বাড়ি
ফিরব কারোর সোহাগ হয়ে,
কারোর মাথার ছাঁদ হব
এবার শুধু শহীদি’তে ভাইবোনেদের কাঁধ হব

সাজে মেলা, এজে আবেগ খেলা
কে বাজাও রাগ দেশবাসী
আসব ফিরে, আজ আসি
আসব ফিরে, আজ আসি

আসব ফিরে, আজ আসি
আসব ফিরে, আজ আসি

বন্দে মাতরম, বন্দে মাতরম
বন্দে বন্দে মাতরম (২)
বন্দে মাতরম, বন্দে মা

Meaning of Ashbo Phire Lyrics

Ashbo Phire lyrics appears to be a patriotic Bengali song with a strong message of hope, resilience, and unity. It reflects the sentiments of love for the motherland, freedom, and the spirit of coming together as a nation. Ashbo Phire lyrics is a beautiful and heartfelt Bengali composition that encapsulates the deep emotions of patriotism and love for one’s homeland.

The recurring theme throughout the Ashbo Phire lyrics is the anticipation of returning to one’s roots, to the embrace of the motherland, and to the joy of freedom. The refrain “আসব ফিরে, আজ আসি” (translated as “I will come back, today I will come”) serves as a powerful expression of this yearning to return home.

Ashbo Phire Lyrics

Ashbo Phire lyrics imagery is rich and evocative, as it describes the tears in one’s eyes during the day of departure, the longing to see a loved one’s smiling face, and the determination to come back. These sentiments are universal and resonate deeply with people who have experienced separation from their homeland or loved ones.

The lines “মায়ের ডাকে সাড়া না দিয়ে কি পারি?” (translated as “Can I ignore my mother’s call?”) highlight the emotional connection to one’s mother, symbolizing the attachment to the motherland itself. The reference to footsteps and the return home is a powerful metaphor for the journey of life, suggesting that no matter where one goes, the desire to return to one’s roots remains constant.

Ashbo Phire lyrics also pays tribute to the sacrifice of the nation’s heroes, the “শহীদি’তে ভাইবোনেদের কাঁধ হব” (translated as “The shoulders of brothers and sisters in martyrdom”). It acknowledges their role in achieving independence and freedom and underscores the importance of honoring their memory.

Ashbo Phire lyrics express a strong sense of unity and solidarity among the people, as they come together to celebrate and rejoice in their nation’s achievements. The mention of “সাজে মেলা” (translated as “decorated fair”) and “আবেগ খেলা” (translated as “playing with enthusiasm”) signifies a festive atmosphere and a sense of shared joy and pride among the citizens.

The final lines, “বন্দে মাতরম, বন্দে মাতরম, বন্দে বন্দে মাতরম,” emphasize a profound reverence and devotion to the motherland, echoing a common slogan in Indian and Bengali nationalism. It’s a call for unity and unwavering love for the nation, reinforcing the idea that the motherland should be cherished and respected.

In essence, Ashbo Phire lyrics is a moving tribute to the deep-rooted love for one’s homeland, the struggles for freedom, and the unity of its people. It celebrates the enduring spirit of the nation and the longing to return to the embrace of the motherland. It’s a powerful expression of patriotism and hope that resonates with those who have a strong connection to their homeland.

About the Author of the Song

“Ashbo Phire” is both written and composed by a famous Indian music composer Nilayan Chatterjee. He is famous for his works like Kishmish (2022), Dilkhush (2023) and Kacher Manush (2022). The song “Ashbo Phire” is a part of a newly released movie named, Bagha Jatin (Release date : 19 October 2023). It was released on 15 Oct 2023 in YouTube by a famous Indian music channel  Zee Music Bangla. The song was sung by an exceptional Indian male singer and composer, Arijit Singh, who is known for his talent in singing. Arijit Singh was declared to be one of the most followed artist and he was awarded to be the most streamed artist in the year 2020-2022.

Film : Bagha Jatin
Producers : Gurupada Adhikari & Dev Adhikari.
Director : Arun Roy
Singer : Arijit Singh
Song Composed & Written by : Nilayan Chatterjee
Music Arrangement & Programming : Sayan Samrat
Mixed by : Subhadeep Pan
Mastered by : Gethin John (Hafod Mastering Studio) U.K
Back Vocal : Sreeja Gupta

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