Icche Kore Lyrics

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Icche Kore Lyrics

ইচ্ছে করে তোমাকে খুব যতনে
আগলে রাখি হৃদয় ভরে,
তোমাকে যত দেখি
মনে হয় আরও দেখি,
তবুও যদি মন ভরে।

কি মায়া যে তোমার
আমি তলিয়ে যাই,
নিজেকে প্রতিক্ষণ এ মায়ায় ডুবাই।

তুমি আমার শেষ ঠিকানা
যেন তোমাকেই পাই,
তুমি আমার শেষ প্রার্থনা
আমি তোমাকেই চাই।।

তোমাকে যে কখনো দেখি
আমি স্নিগ্ধ রোদে,
কখনো তারার ভিড়ে
হয়ে একলা চাঁদে।

কখনো বৃষ্টি নামার আগে
ওই মেঘেদের ভেলায়,
কখনো রাতের আকাশে
মিষ্টি তারার মেলায়।

কি থেকে কি হয়ে যাবো আমি
যদি তোমায় না পাই,
একটু খালি মায়া তোমার
আমায় দিয়ো গো ঠাঁই।

তুমি আমার শেষ ঠিকানা
যেন তোমাকেই পাই,
তুমি আমার শেষ প্রার্থনা
আমি তোমাকেই চাই।।

Meaning of Icche Kore Lyrics

Icche Kore lyrics you provided seem to express deep emotions and sentiments, portraying a sense of longing and devotion in a poetic manner. The song appears to revolve around themes of love, yearning, and the desire to be close to someone special. Let’s delve into the meaning of this song in a more detailed paragraph.

Icche Kore lyrics beautifully articulates the profound emotions of the speaker, who ardently desires to be close to their beloved. The opening lines express a plea for the recipient to be kept close to the heart with great care and affection. The repetition of the act of seeing the beloved suggests an intense longing and a continual yearning for their presence. Despite the speaker’s constant observation, there is an acknowledgment that the depth of their feelings may not always be reciprocated. The reference to “মায়া” (maya) in the context of the song suggests a mystical and enchanting quality, perhaps signifying the allure and captivating nature of the beloved.

Icche Kore lyrics verses portray a sense of surrender to the enchantment of love, as the speaker expresses a willingness to immerse themselves in the magic of their emotions. The lines “নিজেকে প্রতিক্ষণ এ মায়ায় ডুবাই” convey a sense of willingly losing oneself in the enchantment of love, suggesting a surrender to the captivating power of the emotions involved. The repetition of the phrase “তুমি আমার শেষ ঠিকানা” emphasizes the significant role of the beloved in the speaker’s life, portraying them as the ultimate destination and the final prayer.

Icche Kore Lyrics

The imagery in the song is evocative, drawing on elements of nature to convey the depth of the speaker’s emotions. The reference to tears in the rain and the solitary moon in a crowded sky creates a poignant picture of the speaker’s emotional state. The use of rain, clouds, and stars adds a poetic touch, symbolizing the range of emotions experienced in love, from tears to moments of sweetness and connection.

In the latter part of the song, there is a sense of desperation in the lines “কি থেকে কি হয়ে যাবো আমি, যদি তোমায় না পাই,” conveying the idea that life may lose its meaning if the beloved is not found. The request for a bit of the beloved’s “মায়া” to fill the emptiness suggests a dependency on the enchantment of their love for fulfillment.

In conclusion, Icche Kore lyrics appears to be a heartfelt expression of deep love, longing, and the transformative power of emotions. The use of vivid imagery and poignant language contributes to the emotional intensity of the lyrics, making it a poignant exploration of the complexities of love and desire.

Song: Icche Kore Lyrics
Singer: Tanveer Evan
Lyrics & Tune: Arifur Rahman Jony
Music: Piran Khan
Label: CMV
Drama: Bhalobashi Tobuo
Director: Probir Roy
Cast: Tawsif Mahbub, Tanjin Tisha and more.
Cinematography: Bidrohi Dipon
Edit & Colour: Rashed Rabbi
Producer: SK Shahed Ali
Produced by: Central Music and Video (CMV)
Released Date: 13-12-2023

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