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Dhyani Nodi Lyrics

দেবে নাকি তুমি ধ্যানী নদীটার মাঝে ডুব?
মশকারি করে লম্বা সাঁতার এ রোদে
পৃথিবীর এত এত রোজকার বিষয়ে
গরম না করে মাথা আর মন, একবার।

দেবে নাকি তুমি ধ্যানী নদীটার মাঝে ডুব?
মশকারি করে লম্বা সাঁতার এ রোদে

প্রাইস-ট্যাগটা মূল্য দেখায় বেশ হাই,
তেজপাতা দিয়ে যদিও জীবন কেনা যায়।
অখণ্ড সেই নিখিলের মুখ দেখতে,
চলো যাই মিশে মাছের চোখের কাতারে।

পৃথিবীর এত এত রোজকার বিষয়ে
গরম না করে মাথা আর মন, একবার।
দেবে নাকি তুমি ধ্যানী নদীটার মাঝে ডুব?
মশকারি করে লম্বা সাঁতার এ রোদে

জীবনের উঁচু মিনার চূড়ায় দাঁড়িয়ে,
কৃষ্ণের বাঁশি হাত থেকে তার ছিনিয়ে,
এক হ্যামিলনে বাজায় হালের বেসুরে।
ও কানের প্রভু! কান নিয়ে নাও ফিরায়ে।

দেবে নাকি তুমি ধ্যানী নদীটার মাঝে ডুব?
মশকারি করে লম্বা সাঁতার এ রোদে…

Meaning of Dhyani Nodi Lyrics

Dhyani Nodi lyrics you’ve shared appears to be in Bengali, and it reflects deep contemplation on life, its complexities, and the search for meaning amidst its myriad experiences. Dhyani Nodi lyrics begins with a poignant question directed towards the listener, asking whether they immerse themselves in the river of contemplation or are they simply drifting along the currents of life without much thought. The imagery of sinking into the river suggests a desire for introspection, for diving deep into one’s thoughts and emotions rather than merely skimming the surface.

Dhyani Nodi lyrics mention of “moshakari” or the act of measuring with a straight line amidst the curved paths of life symbolizes the attempt to impose order and logic onto the chaotic nature of existence. However, the speaker questions the efficacy of such rigid frameworks in understanding the complexities of the world.

Dhyani Nodi lyrics next stanza reflects on the materialistic nature of society, where the price tag often dictates the perceived value of things. Despite this, the speaker suggests that true fulfillment cannot be bought with money alone. There’s a longing to witness the boundless beauty of the universe, symbolized by the reference to the unbroken face of infinity. It’s an invitation to explore life beyond the constraints of material wealth and societal norms.

Dhyani Nodi Lyrics

Dhyani Nodi lyrics repetition of the refrain “Debe naki tumi dhoni nadi tar majhe dub?” reinforces the central theme of introspection and questioning. The speaker urges the listener to delve deeper into their own consciousness, to confront the uncertainties and contradictions of existence rather than simply drifting along with the tide.

The imagery of the “jiboner unchu minar churay dariye” paints a picture of standing at the pinnacle of life’s challenges, ready to face whatever comes next. The mention of Krishna’s flute and the act of cutting its strings signifies breaking free from the illusions and attachments that bind us. It’s a call to embrace the dissonance of life’s melody, to find beauty in its imperfections.

Dhyani Nodi lyrics song concludes with a plea to the divine, asking for guidance in navigating the tumultuous waters of existence. The imagery of the river and the straight line intertwines once more, suggesting a reconciliation between the desire for clarity and the acceptance of life’s inherent chaos.

Overall, the song is a reflection on the search for meaning and purpose in a world filled with contradictions and uncertainties. It encourages introspection, questioning, and a willingness to embrace life in all its complexity. Through its evocative imagery and thought-provoking lyrics, it invites listeners to embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

About the Author of the Song

Dhyani Nodi is a Bengali song sung by Rathin Paul from the E Ruher Tole album by Penoa Band. Dhyani nodi lyrics written by Yeaseer Arafat. Dhyani nodi mixed and mastered are done by Farmin Faisal. Dhyan nodi song music directed by Pankaj Chowdhury Ron. Dhyani Nodi was released on Penoa Band youtube channel on Apr 10, 2024.

Song: Dhyani Nodi
Album: E Ruher Tole
Lyrics: Yeaseer Arafat
Tune & Vocal: Rathin Paul
Guitar 1: Rathin Paul
Guitar 2: Vogoban Rudra
Keyboard: Mir Morshed Shiblu
Drums: Anindya Paul Jit
Music producer: Farmin Faisal
Mixing & Mastering: Farmin Faisal
Producer : Yeaseer Arafat
Director and Cinematographer: Pankaj Chowdhury Ron

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