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Bhalobashar Morshum Lyrics

মন একে একে দুই 

একাকার আমি তুই,

আর না চোখ ফিরিয়ে, একটু হাস। 

নেই, মনে কি কিছুই?

তোর ঠোঁটের ডানা ছুঁই, 

মিলবে সব জীবনের ক্যালকুলাস। 

স্মৃতিরা গেছে পরবাস 

কথারা হয়েছে নিঝুম,

এ বুকে তবু বারোমাস  

ভালোবাসারই মরশুম,

ভালোবাসারই মরশুম। 

ডাক নামে ডেকে যাই 

সেই আগের তোকে চাই,

সেই যে সেই তাকালেই, সর্বনাশ।।

ঝড় এলে তুই, সাথে থাকলে কি ভয়

তোর ঠিকানায়, পাঠালাম এ হৃদয়। 

প্রেম হলে এক সুরে গান বেজে যায় 

সে দেয় জখম, তবু সেই তো ভেজায়। 

ব্যথারা ফিরেছে এপাশ 

বালিশে জমে ভাঙা ঘুম,

এ বুকে তবু বারোমাস  

ভালোবাসারই মরশুম,

ভালোবাসারই মরশুম। 

দিন, বদলে যাবে ফের 

হাত ধরে সময়ের,

ফুটবে ঠিক মন মাফিক মন পলাশ

ফুটবে ঠিক মন মাফিক মন পলাশ

ফুটবে ঠিক মন মাফিক মন পলাশ।।

Meaning of Bhalobashar Morshum Lyrics

Bhalobashar morshum lyrics opening verses imply that two persons are having a discussion. In order for the other person to smile and not turn away, the speaker says that they are the same as them. The speaker is solely thinking about the other person’s lips in the second line, which implies that nothing else is on their mind.

The sentences that follow discuss the recollections of the past and the way today they resemble a strange country. The speaker also says that even though their heart is sad, they still care about the individual they are speaking to.

Bhalobashar morshum lyrics following verse describes how well the speaker calls the other person by name and expresses how much they are needed. Bhalobashar morshum lyrics verse’s final sentence implies that it would be their destruction if the other individual weren’t there.

In the verses that follow, the speaker describes how they would feel if they were alongside the other person during a storm. They make reference to feeling comfortable and safe. The final phrase of this stanza implies that love is like a song and that falling in love makes a person bold.

The song’s conclusion discusses how things change as time goes on. The speaker, however, expresses the hope that they may cling to the present and preserve their love. The speaker expresses the wish in the final phrase that their hearts would overflow with love and happiness. Essentially, the song is about holding onto love despite aging, nostalgia, and changes brought on by time.

About the Author of Bhalobashar Morshum Lyrics

Bhalobashar morshum sung by very renowned singer Arijit Singh and shreya ghoshal . Barish wrote the bhalobashar morshum lyrics. Saptak Sanai Das composed the music,featuring Madhurima Basak, Anindya Sengupta, Shruti Das, Arjun Chakrabarty, and others. This is a very popular song in between teens and it’s one of the best bengali songs in 2022 and also there are many songs in the film X=Prem but this is the best song from this film.

Bhalobashar Morshum Lyrics

Renowned director Srijit Mukherjee directed the film X=Prem. In this song Chandraniv Saha was in the arrangement and programming. Souptik Majumdar with violin. Mixing and mastering Engineer Anindit Roy and Asst.Mixing Engineer Annreeju Ray and the Aural Workstation’s Music Studio.

These are some various versions and adaptations of bhalobashar morshum on platform like YouTube. These are some links off the songs that have been provided here :

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