Bhaabo Jodi Lyrics

Bhaabo Jodi Lyrics | ভাব যদি | Arijit Singh | Kabuliwala

Bhaabo Jodi Lyrics

ভাবো যদি ফিরে যাওয়া যায়
সময়ের সাপলুডো বোর্ডের গুটি হয়ে,
ভাবো যদি ঘুরে আসা যায়
পদচিহ্নের ধারাপাতের সাথী হয়ে।

ছিল কত মানুষের বিচিত্র সামিয়ানা
এ রঙ্গীন শহরে ছিল কত যে ঠিকানা,
পলি পড়ে যাওয়া, সেই ঠিকানার দরজায়।
স্মৃতি নিয়ে যদি তুমি দাঁড়াও একবার
ও.. খুলে যাবে দ্বার, কত পারাপার,
কত কত মানুষের স্বপ্ন মাখা শহর।

হরেক মাল ৫ টাকা, শুনে ঘরে ছোটাছুটি
মাদারী বাঁদর নাচায়, ঘিরে তাকে হুটোপুটি।
গোলাপি রঙের বুড়ির চুলের ডাক
শিলে কাটা নকশা মসলায় মিশে যায়।
ও.. ধুনুরির বাজনায় তুলো গুলো নেচে ওঠে
কাবুলির পেস্তার রঙ চোখে ফুটে ওঠে।

পলি পড়ে যাওয়া, সেই ঠিকানার দরজায়,
স্মৃতি নিয়ে যদি তুমি দাঁড়াও একবার
ও.. খোলা আছে দ্বার, এসো বারবার
ক্লান্ত তবু জেগে আছে আজও এ শহর।
তুমি ফিরে এসো বারবার
আছে জেগে এ শহর,
তুমি ফিরে এসো বারবার
আছে জেগে এ শহর,
ও.. খোলা আছে দ্বার, এসো বারবার
ক্লান্ত তবু জেগে আছে আজও এ শহর

Meaning of Bhaabo Jodi Lyrics

Bhaabo Jodi lyrics you’ve shared appears to be a set of nostalgic verses, reflecting on the essence of a vibrant city and the memories associated with it. The lyrics evoke a sense of returning to a place filled with colorful experiences and cultural richness. Let’s delve into the meaning of the song.

Bhaabo Jodi lyrics verses begin by contemplating the idea of going back in time, symbolized by a journey on the board of the “sarpaludo,” a metaphorical representation of the waves of time. The board becomes a pathway through which one can traverse the past, encountering the imprints of symbols and the companionship of the trails of memories.

The mention of the diverse population and the multicolored city signifies a place where people from various backgrounds coexist. The lines suggest a kaleidoscope of experiences within the city, each address representing a unique story. The reference to “poli pore jawa” (falling into a whirlpool) hints at the twists and turns of life, where each doorway holds the potential for unexpected events and encounters.

Bhaabo Jodi lyrics invite the listener to stand at the door of these memories, emphasizing the significance of reflection. “Smriti niye jodi tumi darao ekbar” (if you stand with memories once) encourages revisiting the past, and the opening of the door metaphorically represents unlocking the gateway to a flood of recollections.

Bhaabo Jodi Lyrics

As the narrative unfolds, the singer reminisces about the city’s ambiance, where every street corner resonates with dreams and aspirations. The imagery of small transactions, like every garland being worth five taka, captures the simplicity of daily life in the city. The reference to a dancing monkey and the hustle and bustle around it adds a touch of lively, ordinary moments that contribute to the city’s charm.

Bhaabo Jodi lyrics celebrates the artistic richness of the city, depicting intricate patterns carved in stone and the fusion of colors in the mortar. The sound of the dhunuri (a traditional musical instrument) and the lively dance of the tulips signify the cultural vibrancy that breathes life into the city.

Bhaabo Jodi lyrics repetition of the lines “Poli pore jawa, sei thikanaar dorjay” reinforces the cyclical nature of life and the continuous journey through memories. The chorus, with its urging repetition of “Eso barbar,” encourages the listener to come back repeatedly to this city that still awakens and thrives despite the passage of time.

In essence, the song encapsulates a journey through time, memories, and the vivid tapestry of a city that remains eternally awake, inviting one to return and relive the magic woven into its very fabric.

About the Author of the Song

Bhaabo Jodi is a bengali song sung by Arijit Singh for the movie Kabuliwala. Bhaabo Jodi lyrics was written by Anirban Bhattacharya and the music is composed by Indraadip Dasgupta. Bhaabo Jodi song was released on 22 Dec, 2023 in kabuliwala audio junkbox. On December 22, 2023, Bhaabo Jodi song was released on Kabuliwala audio junkbox.

Singer: @Official_ArijitSingh
Music: Indraadip Dasgupta
Lyrics: Anirban Bhattacharya
Guitars and vocals: Arijit Singh
Arijit Singh’s vocal recorded by Sukanta Singha
Arijit Singh’s voice and guitar edited by Pritweeraj Sarkar

Artist manager: Ashish Biswal
Flute: Nitmalya humtu dey
Mixed and Mastered by: Shiladitya Sarkar

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