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Batighor Lyrics

কতটা একা বাতিঘর?
আলোর সরলরেখা চলে কতদূর?
কতটা ম্লান অভিমান?
স্মৃতিময়, কত ঢেউ গুনে সব সয়ে
এখনও একা বাতিঘর।

নিরবে দাঁড়িয়ে ধূসর
কতটা একা বাতিঘর?
স্মৃতিময়, কান্নার রঙে সব সয়ে
এখনও একা একা।

তাই রাত জেগে কেউ অযথাই
নিরবে ধীরে ধীরে চুপিচুপি দূরে সরে যাই,
তাই রাত জেগে কেউ গান গাই
হৃদয়ে চুপিচুপি একা একা স্বপ্ন সাজাই,
কতকাল একা বাতিঘর।
মেলেনা ঢেউ গুনে বেহিসেবি ঝড়
কতদিন একা একা সব চুপচাপ সয়ে যাই,
নিরবে অযথাই।

একা দাঁড়িয়ে বাতিঘর
নিরবে কতটা ধূসর?
স্মৃতিময়, কত রাত জেগে সব সয়ে
এখনও একা বাতিঘর,
স্মৃতিময়, নির্বাক একা সব সয়ে
এখনও একা বাতিঘর,
স্মৃতিময়, কত ঢেউ গুনে সব সয়ে
এখনও একা বাতিঘর,
স্মৃতিময়, কান্নার রঙে সব সয়ে
এখনও একা একা।

Meaning of Batighor Lyrics

Batighor lyrics appears to express the emotions and solitude of someone standing alone in a lighthouse. The lyrics evoke a sense of loneliness and contemplation, as the protagonist reflects on the distance covered by the straight line of light from the lighthouse, the melancholy of their solitary existence, and the memories that continue to echo in their heart.

The recurring theme of being alone in the lighthouse is a metaphor for isolation and introspection. The use of phrases like “একা বাতিঘর” (alone lighthouse) and “নিরবে দাঁড়িয়ে ধূসর” (standing alone, pale), underscores the stark solitude the individual feels. The lighthouse, typically a symbol of guidance and safety, becomes a lonely space in this context, emphasizing the emotional distance and isolation.

Batighor lyrics mention of the light’s straight line and its duration raises questions about the extent of the journey and the endurance of the solitary existence. The “ম্লান অভিমান” (melancholic pride) suggests a bittersweet sentiment associated with self-reliance and independence, perhaps hinting at a struggle between pride in one’s solitude and a yearning for connection.

Batighor Lyrics

The repetition of the phrase “স্মৃতিময়” (full of memories) indicates a deep connection to the past. The act of counting the waves, symbolized by “ঢেউ গুনে” (counting the waves), suggests a meditative reflection on life’s experiences. The lyrics convey a sense of longing and introspection as the individual continues to count the waves of memories, finding solace in the recollections of the past.

Batighor lyrics lines “নিরবে দাঁড়িয়ে ধূসর” and “এখনও একা একা” (standing alone in silence, still alone) echo the recurring theme of solitude, emphasizing the enduring nature of the individual’s aloneness. The use of colors, such as “ধূসর” (pale) and “কান্নার রঙে” (tearful color), adds an emotional depth to the narrative, suggesting a spectrum of feelings associated with the solitude.

Batighor Lyrics

Batighor lyrics mention of someone waking up at night and silently moving away, along with the imagery of singing and creating dreams in silence, adds a layer of mystery to the narrative. It might symbolize the passage of time and the cyclical nature of solitude, as someone quietly withdraws, sings in the night, and weaves dreams alone.

Batighor lyrics concluding lines bring the focus back to the lighthouse, repeating the phrases “একা বাতিঘর” and “স্মৃতিময়.” The repetition reinforces the central theme of solitude and memories. The song captures the essence of an individual’s journey through life, marked by isolation, introspection, and a continuous engagement with the waves of memories that define their existence.

In summary, this song is a poignant reflection on solitude, memories, and the enduring nature of being alone in a metaphorical lighthouse. Batighor lyrics use vivid imagery, emotional tones, and repetition to convey a deep sense of introspection and contemplation, making it a powerful and evocative piece.

About the Author of the Song

‘Batighor’, translates to ‘the lighthouse’ is a song written by Ziaur Rahman Zia during the band’s visit to a lighthouse in Deauville. The author describes the song as dedicated to all those figures who stand there for their loved ones no matter what. Just like the lighthouse that takes all those waves and still stands there to light up for those in need. 

“Batighor” song is made by Shironamhin Band. Batighor is sung by Sheikh Ishtiaque the lead vocalist of the band. Batighor song music is composed by the lead guitarist of the band Sudipto Sinha Dipu. Batighor was released on Shironamhin youtube channel on 22 Feb 2024.

Ziaur Rahman (Bass, Cello)
Kazy Ahmad Shafin (Bodhran, Flute, Back voice)
Sheikh Ishtiaque (Voice)
Symon Chowdhury (Piano)
Sudipto Sinha Dipu (Guitar)
Guest Artist – Dr. Sangbartika Bandyopadhyay from Kolkata (Choir Voice)
Band Manager: Infitar Danial
Recording Studio: Noizemine Sound
Mixed & Mastered by: Shafiqul Islam
Artwork Design: Tahzib Ferdous
Typography Design: Ziaur Rahman

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