Polash Ronger Bhalobasha Lyrics

Polash Ronger Bhalobasha Lyrics | পলাশ রঙের ভালোবাসা | Dwitiya Bhaag

Polash Ronger Bhalobasha Lyrics

পলাশ রঙের ভালোবাসা-
বকুল তোমায় দিলাম।
দালান ভর্তি অবকাশে,
আঁচল ভীষণ বিষাদ।

পাথর গলা কুয়াশাতে-
গোধূলি আলোর নিলাম।
প্রতিশ্রুতি আঁকা নক্সায়,
রুপোর বরফে পিছুটান।

নদীকে বেঁধেছি উঠোনে-
শিকলের মৃত শোকে।
রাতের বিষণ্ণ চাঁদ!
কবর আঁকড়ে বাঁচে।

যমুনার মতো সে যে একা,
পাহাড় জড়িয়ে ঘুমোয়।
ভাড়াটে দুঃখগুলো যত-
প্রাচীন পাঁচিলে শুকোয়।

নদীকে বেঁধেছি উঠোনে,
শিকলের মৃত শোকে।
রাতের বিষণ্ণ চাঁদ,
কবর আঁকড়ে বাঁচে!

পলাশ রঙের ভালোবাসা-
বকুল তোমায় দিলাম।
দালান ভর্তি অবকাশে,
আঁচল ভীষণ বিষাদ।

Meaning of Polash Ronger Bhalobasha Lyrics

Polash Ronger Bhalobasha lyrics paints a poignant picture of love, using rich imagery from nature to convey deep emotions of longing, sorrow, and solitude. The poet begins by likening their love to the vibrant hue of the palash flower, symbolizing the intensity and passion of their affection. Offering this love to their beloved, represented by the fragrant bokul, seems to be an act of devotion amidst the backdrop of melancholy.

Polash Ronger Bhalobasha lyrics mention of “dalan bhorti ovakash” and “anchol bhishon bishad” suggests a sense of emptiness and desolation, perhaps reflecting unfulfilled promises or a sense of longing unmet. The imagery of “pathor gala koyashate” and “godhuli alor nilam” further heightens the emotional depth, depicting a landscape washed in the golden hues of twilight but tinged with the heaviness of unspoken sorrows.

Polash Ronger Bhalobasha lyrics lines “pratishruti anka noksaye, rupor borofe pichutan” evoke a sense of betrayal or disappointment, as if promises made have been buried under the weight of unfulfilled expectations. The juxtaposition of the ephemeral beauty of snow with the fleeting nature of commitments adds a layer of complexity to the emotions expressed.

Polash Ronger Bhalobasha Lyrics

The poet’s journey towards the river, where “shikoler mrit shoke” and “rater bishonno chand” await, reflects a retreat into solitude and contemplation amidst the quietude of nature. The mention of “kobar ankore banche” hints at the permanence of grief, suggesting that even in death, the sorrows of life persist.

Comparing oneself to the solitary river Jamuna, “jomunar moto se je eka”, and finding solace in the embrace of mountains as one sleeps, “pahar joriye ghumoy”, illustrates a profound sense of loneliness and introspection. The imagery of sorrowful nights and ancient graves echoes the timeless cycle of human suffering and mortality.

In the final refrain, the repetition of “palash ronger bhalobasha” and “bokul tomay dilam” reinforces the theme of love amidst adversity, suggesting that even in the face of sorrow and despair, love endures. However, the juxtaposition with “dalan bharti ovakash” and “anchol bishon bishad” reminds us that love is not without its challenges and hardships.

Overall, this song offers a poignant meditation on love and loss, using the beauty of nature to evoke complex emotions and existential themes. It speaks to the universal experience of longing and heartache, while also celebrating the enduring power of love to transcend adversity and endure through the trials of life.

About the Author of the Song

Polash Ronger Bhalobasha Lyrics

Polash Ronger Bhalobasha is a bengali song sung by Subhrajit Panda from the album এটা অ্যালবাম হতে পারতো. Polash Ronger Bhalobasha lyrics was written by Soutik and Shuvra and the music was composed by Dwitiya Bhag. Polash Ronger Bhalobasha was released on Dwitiya Bhag youtubr channel on Jun 3, 2024.

Song : Polash Ronger Bhalobasha
Composition : Dwitiya Bhag
Singer: Subhrajit Panda
Lyrics : Soutik , Shuvra
Album : ‘ এটা অ্যালবাম হতে পারতো ‘
Music Arrangement: Swayam Majumder
Artwork : Arpita Mal
Video : Subhrajit Panda

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