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কি যে আড়ালে তুমি হারালে
তুমি বুঝলে না কি যে ছাড়ালে,

দিনের শেষে রাত নামে আকাশে
যায় চাঁদ হেসে ব্যাথার শেষে।

কংক্রিটের আড়ালে দিনের ভিড়ে
ছিলাম এই ঘোরে ভেঙে গেলো ঘুম অবশেষে
কত যে আশা ছিল বাধবো ঘর তোমায় নিয়ে
কত যে লুকানো অব্যক্ত কথা

যদি তুমি চাইতে আমায় এনে দিতাম আমি সব
মুছে দিয়ে নগরের শত কলরব
হাসির আড়ালে কত ব্যথা বয়ে যাই
দেখতে কি পাও তুমি সেই আমায়।

আজও কি আছো তুমি সেই খানে দাঁড়িয়ে
শুনতে কি পাচ্ছো তুমি মিথ্যে তোমার গল্প
তোমার কাছে তুমিই সঠিক সবকিছুই বেঠিক
জগতের শত আয়োজন বৃথা

অবুঝ দমকা হাওয়া বয়ে যায় মনের ভেতর
বাইরে শান্ত আমি নদীর মতন।

Meaning of AKKHEP Lyrics

AKKHEP lyrics express with deep emotional and introspective themes. The verses express a range of sentiments, including love, loss, and self-reflection. The following is an attempt to capture the essence of the song in a 500-word paragraph.

AKKHEP lyrics evoke a profound sense of emotional vulnerability and self-discovery. The opening lines inquire about the nature of the defeat one might face and whether the realization of what has been left behind accompanies that loss. The imagery of the night sky with the moon smiling at the end of the day adds a poetic touch, symbolizing perhaps the cyclical nature of life and the beauty that can be found in moments of darkness.

AKKHEP lyrics mention of concrete surroundings and the chaos of the day suggests a struggle in the midst of the daily grind, and the speaker acknowledges breaking free from the intensity of such a life, eventually finding solace in the arms of sleep. This transition from the bustling noise of the day to the calm of the night hints at a personal journey, a retreat from the harsh realities of life into the realm of dreams.


AKKHEP lyrics then delve into the unspoken desires and expectations that were harbored, the aspirations tied to building a home with a loved one. The unexpressed emotions and silent words that were concealed find resonance in the lines, creating an atmosphere of longing and unfulfilled dreams. The verses vividly paint a picture of the emotional complexity that lies beneath the surface, hidden in the unsaid and unacknowledged.

The plea to bring everything if the beloved desires, and the subsequent mention of erasing the colors of the city with a sweep of the hand, introduces a sense of sacrifice and willingness to go to great lengths for the happiness of the other. The laughter amidst pain and the poignant question of what can be found by looking at the speaker underscore the theme of seeking validation and understanding from the beloved.


AKKHEP lyrics verses carry a timeless quality as the speaker reflects on the enduring presence of the beloved, questioning if they still stand at the same place, listening to the same fabricated stories. The acknowledgment of the beloved as the only source of truth in the speaker’s world emphasizes the importance of their perspective and the impact they have on shaping the speaker’s reality.

AKKHEP lyrics closing lines convey a lingering uncertainty about the current state of the beloved, pondering if they are still standing there, waiting. The mention of hearing false tales suggests a skepticism about the information received from the outside world, reinforcing the idea that the beloved holds the key to the speaker’s truth.

In essence, the song encapsulates a journey of love, loss, and self-discovery. The lyrical richness and poignant imagery create a tapestry of emotions that resonates with listeners, inviting them to reflect on their own experiences of love and longing. The song becomes a vessel for introspection, weaving together the threads of personal narratives and universal emotions in a way that transcends time and cultural boundaries.

About the Author of the Song

AKKHEP is a bengali song made by Pathsala Bangladesh Band. The AKKHEP song is sung by Jakariya Khan Rijon, the lead vocalist of the band. AKKHEP lyrics is written by Jakariya Khan Rijon and the music of the song is composed by ZH Babu. AKKHEP was released on the Pathsala Bangladesh youtube channel on Feb 18, 2024.

Vocal : Jakariya Khan Rijon
Lyric & Tune : Jakariya Khan Rijon
Lead Guitar : Ashish Debnath
Drams : Apu Basfor
Bass : Pritom Tarafder
Guitar : Antor
Guitar : Mishul
Music Compose : ZH Babu
Poster : Alfa kabir
Animation: Sazid (কাকতাড়ুয়া এনিমেশন)

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