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Aalote Chol Lyrics

পায়ে পায়ে বেগ, ভালোবাসা মেঘ
ছুঁয়ে দিক, ছুঁয়ে দিক,
আসমানে চল, তারাদের দল
ছুঁয়ে দিক, তোকে ছুঁয়ে দিক।

বাড়িঘর, ভারী জ্বর,
বালিঝড়ে বৈঠা ভাঙে,
দেখো উড়ে আসছে গাঙে, মৌমাছিপাল।
অল্প আঁচে গল্পগুলো,
এই হাওয়াতে পাখনা ছুঁলো, দামাল,
তবে নাকি বেসামাল।

আলোতে চল, আরও আলোতে চল
মেলে ধরি আয় সামিয়ানা,
এই মহাদেশ, হবে এইখানে শেষ
আমাদের নেই নেই, নেই সীমানা।।

রাত আসে নেমে, আমি তুমি,
ঠোঁটে রেখে ঠোঁট, চোখ বুজে রই,
এইবারে থেমে, আমি তুমি,
সুখেদের ভিড়ে, যন্ত্রনা হই।

আরও প্রেম, আরো প্রেম,
আলো কমে যাচ্ছে মানে,
জোনাকিরা রাস্তা জানে, মনপাহাড়ে।
উল্টোস্রোতে পাখনাবাজি,
তুই পোড়ালে পুড়তে রাজি, বারে
আর কত বাহারে।

আলোতে চল, আরও আলোতে চল
মেলে ধরি আয় সামিয়ানা,
এই মহাদেশ, হবে এইখানে শেষ
আমাদের নেই নেই, নেই সীমানা।।

Meaning of Aalote Chol Lyrics

Aalote chol lyrics displays themes of love, longing as well as the beauty of nature. It speaks of a gradual blossoming of love, represented by clouds of affection that are approaching step by step. The phrase “chuye dik” emphasizes the desire for physical and emotional closeness, urging the beloved to be touched and seen. Aalote chol lyrics next line, “Ashmane chol tarader dol,” refers to the dance of the beautiful stars in the night sky. It suggests that the universe itself is celebrating the uniting of the two lovers. The phrase “chuye dik toke chuye dik” reaffirms the desire to touch their beloved.

Aalote chol lyrics mention a house filled with excitement and the breaking of barriers. This might symbolize the liberation and joy experienced when love overcomes various obstacles. The verse “Dekho ure asche gange moumachipaal” signifies the arrival of the river Ganges in the sky. It represents a metaphorical merging of earthly and divine elements. The subsequent lines describe tales that are woven in the gentle breeze. The phrase “Tobe naki beshamala” suggests questioning whether this is just an illusion.

The refrain “Aalote chol aaro aalote chol” expresses a desire to continue on the path towards the light. It stands for the desire for deeper relationships and learning. “Mele dhori aay samiyana” denotes the desire to preserve the happy occasions, much like a canopy or tent The idea that this location—Eikhane—will mark the end of their voyage is conveyed in the song. It emphasises that for them, there are no restrictions (nei nei nei simana). It offers a feeling of boundless love and opportunity.

aalote chol lyrics

The subsequent words continue to delve into the feelings between the two lovers. In addition to expressing the onset of night (raat ashe neme), they also convey their young relationship (aami tumi, thote rekhe thot chokh buje roi). The lyrics express a yearning to fully comprehend one another and investigate the mysteries of love.

The lines “Aaro prem aaro prem, Aalo kome jacche maane” suggests that as their love grows, it diminishes other worldly considerations. The reference to “Jonakira rasta jaane monpahare” signifies a path illuminated by fireflies in the mountains of the heart. It implies that love can lead to unexpected and enchanting destinations. The song ends with the chorus, repeating the longing to journey further into the light and hold onto joyous moments.

Song : Aalote Chol Lyrics
Web Series Name : Srikanto
Singer : Debayan Banerjee
Composer : Anis Ahmed
Lyricist : Pralay Sarkar
Music production & Arrangement by: Anis Ahmed
Mixed and mastered by : Debayan Banerjee
Director : Sani Ghosh Ray
Label : SVF Music

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