Tomaro ki pore mone lyrics

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Tomaro Ki Pore Mone Lyrics

তুমি কোন মাসে এসেছিলে
আর কোন মাসে গিয়েছিলে
মনে তো আর পড়ে না
কোন এক নভেম্বরে
তোমার জন্য দাঁড়িয়েছিলেম
তোমারো কি মনে পড়ে না।

তোমারো কি পড়ে মনে
রিকশায় হাত চেপে ধরে আমি ছাড়তে চাইতাম না
তোমারো কি পড়ে মনে
দুপুরবেলা রোদে পুড়ে আমি দাঁড়িয়ে থাকতাম।

তোমার পায়ে ছিলো রূপার নূপুর
আর তোমার ভাইয়ের বিদেশি কুকুর
দৌড়ে দৌড়ে আমার পিছু ছাড়েনা
আমার জুতার ভেতর পাঁচটা সেলাই
মনে কোন সেলাই যে নাই
তবুও তোমার মনে জায়গা পেলাম না।

তোমারো কি পড়ে মনে
রিকশায় হাত চেপে ধরে আমি, ছাড়তে চাইতাম না
তোমারো কি পড়ে মনে
দুপুরবেলা রোদে পুড়ে আমি, দাঁড়িয়ে থাকতাম।

আমার সারা-মাসে পকেট ফাঁকা
তোমার ফোনে দিতে টাকা
ফ্ল্যাক্সিলোডের দোকারদার আমায় ছাড়েনা
তোমার সস্তা খাবার পছন্দ না
আমার টঙে কাটে সকাল-সন্ধ্যা
পিজ্জাহাট ছাড়া আবার তোমার চলেনা।

Meaning of Tomaro Ki Pore Mone Lyrics

Tomaro ki pore mone lyrics expressing a nostalgic and emotional tone. The lyrics depict a sense of longing, reminiscing about a past encounter or relationship. The speaker reflects on a specific day, November 1st, and the emotions associated with waiting and yearning for someone. The verses evoke a vivid image of the speaker waiting, contemplating, and enduring various emotions.

In the first part of tomaro ki pore mone lyrics, the speaker recalls a particular November day, expressing that they have forgotten the details, perhaps indicating the passage of time. Despite the fading memories, the speaker vividly remembers standing in anticipation on November 1st, waiting for someone, with a poignant question about whether the other person remembers or not.

Tomaro ki pore mone lyrics second part of the lyrics delves into the speaker’s feelings and experiences associated with the past. The mention of a rickshaw ride and a desire not to let go suggests a sense of attachment and reluctance to part ways. The reference to crying in the afternoon rain paints a picture of emotional turmoil and vulnerability, emphasizing the depth of the speaker’s emotions.

Tomaro ki pore mone lyrics continue to describe symbolic elements, such as the sound of anklets on the beloved’s feet and the presence of a foreign dog belonging to the brother. These details add layers to the narrative, providing a glimpse into the speaker’s personal and emotional world.

The repetition of the lines about holding onto a rickshaw and standing in the rain further emphasizes the emotional intensity of the speaker’s memories. The use of specific details, like the number of stitches in the speaker’s shoes, adds a touch of realism to the narrative, making the emotions more relatable.

Tomaro ki pore mone lyrics then shift to the financial struggles of the speaker, highlighting a sense of emptiness in their pocket throughout the month. The reference to giving money for the other person’s phone and the reluctance to buy cheap food indicates a financial sacrifice made out of love. The speaker’s daily routine, marked by the emptiness of their pocket and the preference for the other person’s taste in food, conveys a sense of selflessness and devotion.

Tomaro ki pore mone lyrics closing lines of the lyrics bring the song full circle, revisiting the theme of waiting and longing. The speaker expresses a desire to hear the sound of the other person’s footsteps again, highlighting the enduring impact of their presence on the speaker’s life.

In summary, the song appears to be a poignant reflection on a past relationship, filled with emotions of love, longing, and nostalgia. The vivid imagery, specific details, and repetitive elements contribute to the emotional depth of the lyrics, making it a heartfelt expression of the speaker’s experiences and feelings.

About the Author of the Song

Tomaro ki pore mone is a bengali song made by Bagdhara Band. Tomaro ki pore mone sung by bagdhara band lead singer Kazi Zohad Yazdani. Tomaro ki pore mone lyrics written by Kazi Zohad Yazdani. Tomaro ki pore mone song mixed and mastered by Taawkir Tajammul Nisshobdo. Tomaro ki pore mone was released on Bagdhara Band youtube channel on Feb 9, 2024.

Vocal | Guitar: Kazi Zohad Yazdani
Lyrics & Tune : Kazi Zohad Yazdani
Composed : Bagdhara
Bass Guitar : G.M. Faruk Johny
Drums | Percussions: Pantha Singha
Audio Production: Studio Chanachur
Creative Production: Redugraphy
Video Production: Maa-Babar Dowa Production
Post Production: Clarte Studios
Animation: Md.Toriqul Islam
Mixed & Mastered : Taawkir Tajammul Nisshobdo

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