Subarna Rekha Lyrics

Subarna Rekha Lyrics | সুবর্ণরেখা | Shreya Ghoshal | Kinjal Chatterjee 

Subarna Rekha Lyrics

কিছু কিছু বোকা কবিতার মতো
দুজনেই থাকি দুজনার মতো,
আমাদের শিরোনাম যায় না লেখা।
জোয়ার এলে শুধু চর ডুবিয়েছে
স্বভাবের দোষে ঘর ডুবিয়েছে,
বারে বারে কেন সুবর্ণরেখা।

আবার এলে, মনের জলে
মন ভাসাবো, বাঁচবো বলে,
আকাশ পেলে, মেঘের দলে
নাম লেখাবো, বাঁচবো বলে,
শুধু বাঁচবো বলে।

জ্বালো কি, জোনাকি
খুঁজে এনেছিল কবেকার আলো,
ঝিনুকের, চিবুকে
কেন মুক্তোর আদর ছড়ালো।

হুম.. জানি তাও, হা হা হা
ফাগুনে, হুম হুম
পুড়ে ছারখার যন্ত্রণাকার,
আমাদের দালানে
মনে মোড়া পাখি আসবে কি আর।

ছোট ছোট কাহিনী
নিয়ম ও তো মানিনি,
কি দিয়ে দুঃখ সাজাই ..
আবার এলে, মনের জলে
মন ভাসাব, বাঁচব বলে,
আকাশ পেলে, মেঘের দলে
নাম লেখাব, বাঁচব বলে,
শুধু বাঁচব বলে।

Meaning of Subarna Rekha Lyrics

Subarna Rekha lyrics appears to delve into the complexities of life, love, and the human experience through a series of poetic verses. The imagery and emotions evoked are rich, touching upon themes of longing, disappointment, hope, and resilience.

Subarna Rekha lyrics opening lines set a tone of resignation and perhaps frustration with the mundanity of life, likening it to “foolish poetry” where two individuals live their lives without any remarkable title to their story. This could reflect a sense of disillusionment with the ordinary or a desire for something more meaningful.

The imagery of drowning in a swamp due to one’s own faults suggests a sense of self-destructiveness or being overwhelmed by one’s flaws and circumstances. It speaks to the idea of being trapped by one’s own nature or decisions, unable to break free from destructive patterns.

However, amidst this despair, there is a glimmer of hope in the desire to live, to feel, and to aspire for something greater. The imagery of finding solace in the heart’s waters, of writing one’s name in the sky amidst clouds, reflects a yearning for transcendence, for something beyond the mundane existence.

 Subarna Rekha Lyrics

Subarna Rekha lyrics lines about searching for light in the darkness, about the unexpectedness of freedom being found in confinement, hint at the paradoxes of life. Sometimes, it is in the depths of despair that one finds the strength to rise, and it is in the darkest moments that the light shines the brightest.

The refrain of “humming” and the mention of the arrival of spring evoke a sense of renewal and vitality. Even amidst the machinery of pain and suffering, there is the anticipation of the return of joy and beauty. The imagery of a bird turning in the mind’s courtyard suggests the possibility of transformation and redemption, of finding peace and freedom despite the struggles.

Subarna Rekha lyrics mention of “small stories” and the disregard for rules and norms perhaps speaks to the idea of finding meaning and joy in the simple things, in breaking free from societal expectations and constraints. It underscores the importance of embracing one’s own truth and living authentically, even if it means going against the grain.

Overall, this song is a poignant exploration of the human condition, weaving together themes of longing, resilience, and the quest for meaning. It speaks to the universal experiences of love, loss, hope, and despair, inviting listeners to reflect on their own journeys and find solace in the beauty and complexity of life.

About the Author of the Song

Subarna Rekha Lyrics

Subarnarekha lyrics is a bengali song sung by Shreya Ghoshal and Kinjal Chatterjee from Tahader Katha bengali movie. Subarna rekha lyrics was written by Dhrubojyoti Chakraborty and the music composed by Saptak Sanai Das. Tahader Katha bengali film directed by Subrata Ghosh. The song was recorded at Aural Workstation. Subarna Rekha was released on Saregama Bengali youtube channel on 20th May 2024.

Singer : Shreya Ghoshal and Kinjal Chatterjee
Composer : Saptak Sanai Das
Lyricist: Dhrubojyoti Chakraborty
Music Arrangement and programming : Soumalya Sinha
Esraj : Debayan Majumder
Tabla : Govind Khati
Recording engineer : Debashish
Mixing and Mastering : Anindit Roy
Direction : Subrata Ghosh
DOP : Aalok Maiti
Editor : Malay Laha
Produced by : Epic Tale Entertainment
Music Label : Saregama Bengali

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