Rongila Lyrics

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Rongila Lyrics

রঙিলা রঙিলা রঙিলা রে রঙিলা
আমারে ছাড়িয়ারে বন্ধু
কই গেলা রে বন্ধু
কই রইলা রে
আমারে ছাড়িয়ারে বন্ধু
কই গেলা রে

তুমি হইও গাঙ রে বন্ধু
আমি গাঙের পানি
জোয়ারে ভাটাতে হবে
নিতই জানাজানি রে বন্ধু
নিতই জানাজানি

তুমি হইও ফুল বন্ধু
আমি হবো হাওয়া
দেশ বিদেশে ফিরবো আমি
হইয়া মাতেলা রে
হইয়া পাগেলারে

সেকালে কইছিলোরে বন্ধু
হস্ত দিয়া মাথে
তোমার মালার ফুল হইয়া
ফুইটা রব সাথে রে
ফুইটা রব সাথে

খালি কণ্ঠ খালি রইল
না পরিলাম মালা
না আইলো মোর প্রাণের পতি
(হায় হায় রে…)
ডুইবা গেলো বেলা রে
ডুইবা গেলো বেলা

Meaning of Rongila Lyrics

Rongila lyrics is a popular Bengali folk song often sung during traditional folk gatherings and cultural events. It’s characterized by its catchy rhythm and simple yet evocative lyrics. In essence, the song revolves around themes of separation, longing, and the pain of unrequited love, portrayed through the metaphorical imagery of colors, elements of nature, and emotions.

Rongila lyrics repeated refrain “রঙিলা রঙিলা রঙিলা রে রঙিলা” (Rongila rongila re, rongila) translates to “Colorful, colorful, colorful, oh colorful,” which sets the tone for the song’s vivid imagery and emotional depth. The color ‘রঙিলা’ (Rongila) symbolizes vibrancy, liveliness, and the spectrum of emotions experienced in love and separation.

Rongila lyrics expresses their anguish and sorrow at being abandoned by their beloved, using poignant metaphors drawn from nature and everyday life. The lines “আমারে ছাড়িয়ারে বন্ধু, কই গেলা রে” (Amare chhadiyare bondhu, koi gela re) convey the pain of abandonment and the desperate plea for the beloved to return.

The imagery of water, wind, and flowers further enriches the song’s emotional landscape. The protagonist compares themselves to water (“আমি গাঙের পানি”) and their beloved to the wind (“তুমি হইও গাঙ রে বন্ধু, আমি গাঙের পানি”), highlighting their inseparable bond and the agony of separation.

Rongila Lyrics

Similarly, the comparison between the protagonist as the wind (“আমি হবো হাওয়া”) and their beloved as a flower (“তুমি হইও ফুল বন্ধু”) conveys the transient nature of their love and the longing to reunite despite being apart.

Rongila lyrics reference to journeying across lands (“দেশ বিদেশে ফিরবো আমি”) reflects the protagonist’s determination to traverse any distance to be with their beloved, despite the challenges and uncertainties they may face.

Rongila lyrics melancholic tone reaches its peak in the final stanza, where the protagonist laments the emptiness and desolation of their existence without their beloved’s companionship. The imagery of an unadorned neck (“খালি কণ্ঠ খালি রইল”) and the absence of a necklace (“না পরিলাম মালা”) symbolize the emptiness and longing in their heart.

The refrain “হায় হায় রে” (Hay hay re) adds a touch of emotional intensity and sorrowful lamentation, evoking a sense of deep longing and pain.

Overall, the song encapsulates the universal themes of love, separation, and longing, resonating with listeners through its poignant lyrics, evocative imagery, and soulful melody. It’s a timeless piece of Bengali folk music that continues to touch hearts and evoke emotions across generations.

About the Author of the Song

Rongila Lyrics

Rongila is a bengali song sung by Masha Islam. Rongila lyrics was written by Dukhai Khandakar and the music of the song composed by Sachin Deb Barman. Rongila music re-arrangement are done by Pavel Areen. Rongila music mixed and mastered are done by Sumon Parvez. Rongila was released on Living Room Session on Jun 6, 2024.

Lyricist – Dukhai Khandakar
Composer – Sachin Deb Barman
Singer: Masha Islam.
Music Re-Arrangement: Pavel Areen.
Drums: Imtiaz Ali Zimi
Violin: Innema Roshni, Polash Dewan, Afsana Akter, Yaar Hossain.
Acoustic Guitar: Hasibul Nibir, Michil.
Cello: Tanvir Tori.
Bass Guitar: A M M Newaj Sharif.
Banjo: Rayhan Parvez Akanda Pranto.
Piano: Arafatul Hasan Shanto.
Harmonica: Asad.
Sound engineer: Faiz Sagor.
Audio Mix & Master: Sumon Parvez.
Recording Studio: Butter Communication

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