Priyotama Lyrics

Priyotama Lyrics | প্রিয়তমা | Anirban Bhattacharya | Dracula Sir

Priyotama Lyrics

এ নিশীথে অনায়াসে
খেলা করে আলো ছায়া,
দূরে পথ ভেসে আছে
ডুবে গেছে আসা যাওয়া।
একা হাঁটে কুহকিনী নীরবতা করতলে
অন্তবিহীন কুঁড়ি ফোটে
ঝরে যাবে বলে।

তোমাকে সাজাবে বলে
কোটি কথা করি জমা,
আশা রাখি দেখা হবে
শুভরাত্রি প্রিয়তমা।
এ আঁধারে মায়া বাড়ে
পারো যদি কোরো ক্ষমা,
আশা রাখি দেখা হবে
শুভরাত্রি প্রিয়তমা।

এ সমাধি ঘিরে জমে সমসাময়িক কোলাহল
কেঁপে ওঠে পরিচিত অপরাধী শব্দদল,
একে একে ঘর ভাঙে কাছে ডাকে জলরাশি
তুমি আছো অনুভবে দ্রুতপায়ে সরে আসি .

এ আঁধারে মায়া বাড়ে পারো যদি কোরো ক্ষমা
আশা রাখি দেখা হবে শুভরাত্রি প্রিয়তমা।
তোমাকে সাজাবে বলে কোটি কথা করি জমা,
আশা রাখি দেখা হবে শুভরাত্রি প্রিয়তমা।

Meaning of Priyotama Lyrics

Priyotama Lyrics is a romantic love song expresses the singer’s desire for his beloved. It starts with wishing good evening to his beloved. Then he invites his sweetheart to come and be with the singer on this peaceful night of festivity. He really craves to be with his lover on this night and then he promises her that he will take her away from this cruel world such that this world is out of her vision.

He said that he will hold her hand throughout this long path playing with the Shadows, dust and the clouds that follows them. The singer tells his beloved lady that she should understand him, listen to him and come with him in this beautiful path as he will always be with her no matter what.

Priyotama lyrics second stanza the singer is expressing his loneliness. He expresses his desire to always be around her and spend every moment of his life with her always and forever. Spending a second without her feels like forever to him. He wants to be with her in every ups and downs of life and face every difficulty that comes in between holding her hand and facing it with courage and strength. He wants to live and die along her side. He gives her assurity that he loves her with all his heart and she is the only one who can bring happiness in his life.

Priyotama Lyrics

Priyotama lyrics third stanza of the song, the singer expresses his lack of hope and desire to live when she is not with him. He wants her to come to him and remove his feeling of loneliness from his life and be with him till the end. The singer needs his beloved sweetheart to stay close to him always and be near his heart and his soul. She brings him peace. The singer promises that he will adorn her forever and will listen to her always. He says that he will have countless conversations with her. They will grow in this life together.

In the end the singer says that even in the darkness love prevails. Love wins over everything. He will meet her on this beautiful night. Through this heart touching song the singer wants to convey the message to his beloved that he will love her forever and hold her hand through every difficulty and never leave her.

About the Author of the Song

Priyotama is a soul catching song written by Ritam Sen and sung by Anirban Bhattacharya. Priyotama is a Bengali song from the Bengali movie Dracula Sir in 2020 starring amazing artists such as Anirban Bhattacharya And Mimi Chakraborty. This song is Originally composed by Durjoy Choudhury which was further designed by Amit Ishan. The director of this song is Debaloy Bhattacharya. The editor of this song is Sanglap Bhowmick.

Song – Priyotama Lyrics
Original Composition – Durjoy Choudhury
Lyrics – Ritam Sen
Singer – Anirban Bhattacharya
Rearranged and Music Design – Amit – Ishan
Additional Programming – Amit – Ishan
Nylon Guitar – Subhamoyy Chowdhury
Bass Guitar – Subhamoyy Chowdhury
Violin – Rohan Roy
Recording Engineer – Soumen Paul @ Gaanbajna Studio
Mixing and Mastering – Amit Chatterjee
Director : Debaloy Bhattacharya
DOP : Indranath Marick
Screenplay dialogue: Debaloy Bhattacharya, Kallol Lahiri
Editor: Sanglap Bhowmick
Music: Amit – Ishan, Saqi, Durjoy
Lyrics: Saqi, Ritam Sen, Debaloy Bhattacharya
Art Director: Tapan Seth
Make up: Prosen, Boom
Costume: Sandy, Baisakhi Roy
Associate Director: Trisha Nandi

YouTube link for female version of Priyotama Lyrics Song which has more than 1.8 million views :-

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