Platonic Prem Lyrics

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Platonic Prem Lyrics

এখনও কি মনে পড়ে?
ভালবাসার জ্বরে
পুড়ে যেত মন; কাঁপত গান।
তুমি উত্তাপ ছড়াতে
আমার অভিমানের রাতে
তোমার ছিল— ঢের বেশি অভিমান।

এখন স্বেচ্ছার দূরত্ব
ক্রমে বুঝিয়ে দিচ্ছে সত্য
কে ছিল কতটা কাছে?
হয়তোবা নির্জনে
কিছু বাজছে তোমারও মনে
কারণ, দুঃখ চিরকাল ছোঁয়াচে।

তবু প্রেম ছোঁয়াচে হতে পারল না
হারতে হারতে জেদটাও হারল না
আমরা জিতে গেছি নিজের মত ক’রে।
শুধু ভালবাসাই একলা প’ড়ে, হেরো
বেঁচে গেছে আয়াস দুজনেরও
বেশ ভালই আছি নিজেদের ভেতরে।

সত্যি কি ভাল আছি?
নাকি খেলছি কানামাছি
নিজের সঙ্গে নিজেই ক্রমাগত
তুমিও লুকোচ্ছো কৌশলে
আর অভিনয়ের বলে
তোমার নিজস্ব না শুকোনো ক্ষত।

এখন সানগ্লাস প’রে চোখে
ভীষণ নাগরিক এক রোখে
আমরা লুকিয়ে যাচ্ছি কত চোখের জল।
ছুঁতে গিয়েও যায় নি ছোঁয়া
হয়তো এটাই বুর্জোয়া
প্লেটনিক প্রেমের ফলাফল।

Meaning of Platonic Prem Lyrics

Platonic Prem lyrics reflects the complexities and nuances of love, human emotions, and self-realization. The Song navigates through the journey of love, from the feverish intensity of affection to the somber realization of distance and the eventual acceptance of oneself.

Platonic Prem lyrics opening lines evoke the imagery of being consumed by the fever of love, where the heart trembles with songs but is also weighed down by the burden of pride and ego. The protagonist grapples with the conflicting emotions of love and self-respect, as their beloved seems to be drifting away, perhaps lost in solitude, while sorrow continues to linger.

However, amidst the melancholy, there is a realization dawning gradually – the truth that distance, whether physical or emotional, has its own way of revealing the reality of relationships. The narrator begins to comprehend the proximity they once shared with their beloved, now lost in the solitude of their own sorrow, hinting at the perpetual presence of pain.

Yet, despite the struggles and the apparent defeat in love, there’s a resilient spirit that refuses to succumb entirely. The narrator asserts that they haven’t lost everything in love’s defeat; instead, they have emerged victorious in retaining their sense of self. Love, they suggest, is not just about being together but also about finding solace within oneself.

Platonic Prem lyrics

The questions arise – is being true to oneself synonymous with happiness? Or is it merely a facade, a game of pretense played with one’s own conscience? The narrator reflects on the gradual unraveling of their own truth, as they perceive their beloved also hiding behind a veil of deception, unable to confront their own wounds and vulnerabilities.

In the midst of this introspection, the image of wearing sunglasses symbolizes the detachment and aloofness adopted by society, shielding oneself from the rawness of emotions. Despite the attempts to hide behind this facade, the tears remain unshed, signifying the inability to escape the consequences of unrequited love.

Ultimately, Platonic Prem lyrics portrays love not as a fairy tale with a happy ending but as a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. It delves into the complexities of human emotions, the masks we wear, and the struggles we face in embracing our true selves. Through its poignant lyrics and introspective tone, the song invites listeners to contemplate the nature of love, relationships, and the eternal quest for self-fulfillment amidst life’s trials and tribulations.

About the Author of the Song

Platonic Prem lyrics

Platonic Prem is a bengali song sung by Soumik Ray. Platonic Prem lyrics was written by and the music of the song also composed by Soumik Ray. Platonic Prem mixed and mastered are done by Avishek Saha. Platonic Prem was released on Soumik Ray youtube channel on May 17, 2024.

Song – Platonic Prem
Singer : Soumik Ray
Guiter : Soumik Ray
Lyrics and Composition : Soumik Ray
MIxing and Mastering : Avishek Saha

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