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Ore Nil Doriya Lyrics

ওরে নীল দরিয়া

আমায় দেরে দে ছাড়িয়া

বন্দী হইয়া মনোয়া পাখি, হায়রে

কান্দে রইয়া রইয়া (x2)

কাছের মানুষ দুরে থুইয়া,

মরি আমি ধড়-ফড়াইয়া রে (x2)

দারুণ জ্বালা দিবানিশি,

দারুণ জ্বালা দিবানিশি

অন্তরে অন্তরে

আমার এত সাধের মন বধূয়া হায়রে

কি জানি কি করে।

ওরে সাম্পানের নাইয়া,

আমায় দেরে দে ভিড়াইয়া

বন্দী হইয়া মনোয়া পাখি, হায়রে

কান্দে রইয়া রইয়া

ওরে সাম্পানের নাইয়া।

হইয়া আমি দেশান্তরী

দেশ-বিদেশে ভিড়াই তরী রে (x2)

নোঙর ফেলি ঘাটে ঘাটে,

নোঙর ফেলি ঘাটে ঘাটে

বন্দরে বন্দরে

আমার মনের নোঙর পইড়া রইছে হায়রে

সারেঙ বাড়ির ঘরে।

এই না পথ ধইরা

আমি কত যে গেছি চইলা

একলা ঘরে মন বধূয়া আমার

আমার রইছে পন্থ চাইয়া।

ওরে নীল দরিয়া,

আমায় দেরে দে ছাড়িয়া

বন্দী হইয়া মনোয়া পাখি, হায়রে

কান্দে রইয়া রইয়া,

ওরে নীল দরিয়া.. 

Meaning of the Song 

The well-known Bengali folk song “Ore Nil Doriya” has been covered by a variety of musicians over the years. Ore nil doriya lyrics uses the analogy of a bird that has flown away from its nest, the song expresses the singer’s sorrow for a beloved who has abandoned them and deserted them. A metaphor for the singer’s emotional swing is the “Nil Doriya,” or blue swing, which is described in the song. A sense of melancholy and nostalgia is evoked by the ore nil doriya lyrics, which are powerful. The song is frequently linked to Bengal’s Baul tradition, which stresses how important it is to pursue spirituality via music and dance. 

About the Author of the Song

Abdul Jabbar, also referred to as “Baul Shah Abdul Karim” or “Shah Abdul Karim,” is a well-known folk singer from Bangladesh. The Baul tradition, a style of folk music that has its roots in Bengal, is recognised for Abdul Jabbar’s contribution to it. His songs are notable for their straightforward lyrics, sultry melodies, and social and philosophical undertones. Thousands of songs that capture the pleasures, tragedies, and ambitions of common people are among the hundreds of songs he wrote and composed. 

The dotara, a two-stringed instrument, and the ektara, a one-stringed instrument, are frequently used in the instrumentation for the traditional Bengali folk ballad “Ore Nil Doriya”. The sound of the song depends on these instruments, which are frequently utilised in Baul music. Ore nil doriya Lyrics melody is based on the Baul musical style and is distinguished by its simplicity and soulful tone. Due to its minor note and sluggish speed, the melody evokes a melancholy and introspective vibe.

Ore Nil Doriya Lyrics

Ore nil doriya lyrics melody frequently employs microtones, or minute fluctuations in pitch, which heighten the song’s emotional impact. A hand drum called a dhol, which is played with both hands, is often used to provide the song’s rhythm.  Both listeners and critics have praised the song for its straightforward but evocative melody, the heartfelt nature of ore nil doriya lyrics , and how well it captures Bengali society in general. In both Bangladesh and India, ore nil doriya has appeared in a number of movies, TV series, and advertisements.

The song has appeared in a number of movies in Bangladesh, notably the well-received film “Monpura” (2009), where it was sung by well-known performer Asha Bhosle. The song has been used in a number of ads over the years in India and was used in the well-liked TV show “Byomkesh Bakshi”. 

Song – Ore Nil Doriya Lyrics
Singer – Abdul Jabbar
Music – Alam Khan
Lyrics – Mukul Chowdhury
Movie – Sareng Bou
2nd Vocal – Rishi Panda
Re Arrange And Mix, Master – Rishi Panda
Filmed By – Subhasis Mukherjee
Edit & Colour – Rishi Panda

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