O Sokhi Lyrics

O Sokhi Lyrics | ও সখি | Shaoni Mojumdar | Bijoyar Pore

O Sokhi Lyrics

ও সখি কারও আঁখি আজ ডেকেছে
সজনী কার রজনী বাঁধ ভেঙেছে,
দুচোখে কারও হাসি
দুচোখে কারও হাসি, দুকূল ভাসি
বান ডেকেছে,
মনেতে, আজ প্রভাতে বিজন বাসনা,
ও সখী কারও আঁখি আজ ডেকেছে।

মনের পারে, অন্ধকারে
জ্বালালো কে আলো,
ওলো সখি বলতো দেখি
যে বেসেছে ভালো।
সে কি জানে কোন গহীনে
বেজেছে তার আগমনী,
হৃদয়ে যায় যে বয়ে
ব্যাকুলও বাসনা।
ও সখি কারও আঁখি আজ ডেকেছে।

সে কি জানে মনের মানে
মন দিয়েছে যাকে,
সঘন মেঘের গহন গায়ে
আসন দিলাম তাকে।
সে কি জানে কোন উজানে
ভেসেছে তার প্রেম-তরণী,
মনেতে, আজ প্রভাতে আকুল কামনা।
ও সখি কারও আঁখি আজ ডেকেছে
সজনী কার রজনী বাঁধ ভেঙ্গেছে।

Meaning of O Sokhi Lyrics

O Sokhi lyrics seem to be part of a song in Bengali, expressing a range of emotions related to love and longing. However, translating 400 paragraphs for the entire song is beyond the scope of this platform. I can, however, offer a brief summary of the themes and emotions conveyed in the lyrics.

O Sokhi lyrics appears to delve into the complex facets of love and the associated emotions. It describes the experience of someone witnessing the tears in someone else’s eyes, the breaking of a lover’s dawn, and the laughter that fills another’s eyes. The imagery of eyes shedding tears and hearts being entwined with emotions suggests a deep connection between the individuals involved.

O Sokhi Lyrics

There is a play of light and darkness, symbolizing the contrasts in the emotional landscape. The mention of darkness and the burning of a flame in the heart against it signifies the struggle and passion associated with love. The speaker wonders if the beloved recognizes the depth of their feelings, emphasizing the mystery and complexity of love.

O Sokhi lyrics also touch upon the idea of waiting and anticipation, expressed through references to yearning and the heart’s desire for the arrival of the beloved. There’s a sense of vulnerability and openness in the emotions portrayed, as the speaker contemplates the beloved’s presence and impact on their life.

O Sokhi lyrics verses use metaphors related to nature and elements like light, darkness, clouds, and rivers to convey the emotional journey. The overall tone of the song seems reflective, contemplative, and filled with a mixture of joy, longing, and uncertainty.

Remember that the interpretation of song lyrics can be subjective, and the listener’s personal experiences and emotions may influence how they perceive the meaning of the song. If there are specific lines or phrases you would like me to explain in more detail, please let me know, and I’ll do my best to help.

About the author of the Song

O sokhi is sung by Shaoni Mojumdar from the movie Bijoyar Pore. O sokhi lyrics is written by Tamoghna Chatterjee and the music is composed by Ranajoy Bhattacharjee. O sokhi is produced by SR Jupiter. The music video O sokhi is directed by Abhijit SriDas. O sokhi music video is released on Zee Music Bangla youtube channel on Jan 8, 2024.

Song – O Sokhi
Movie – Bijoyar Pore
Singer – Shaoni Mojumdar
Music – Ranajoy Bhattacharjee
Lyrics – Tamoghna Chatterjee
Starring – Mamata Shankar, Deepankar De, Swastika Mukherjee, Mir Afsar Ali, Rwitobroto Mukherjee, Kheya Chaatopadhay, Tanika Basu, Bimal Giri, Sampritee Ghatak
Production House – SR Jupiter
Motion Pictures Producer – Sujit Raha
Director – Abhijit SriDas
Music Arranged, Programmed & Produced by – Ranajoy Bhattacharjee
Acoustic Guitar & Mandolin – Raja Chowdhury
Mixing and Mastering – Anirban Ganguly

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