Kotodin Dekhini Tomay Lyrics

Kotodin Dekhini Tomay Lyrics | কতদিন দেখিনি তোমায় | Manna Dey

Kotodin Dekhini Tomay Lyrics

কতদিন দেখিনি তোমায়

তবু মনে পড়ে তব মুখখানি

স্মৃতির মুকুরে মম

আজো তবু ছায়া পড়ে রানী

কতদিন..কতদিন দেখিনি তোমায়

কত দিন তুমি নাই কাছে,

তবু হৃদয়েরও তৃষা, জেগে আছে

কত দিন তুমি নাই কাছে

তবু হৃদয়েরও তৃষা,

জেগে আছে, জেগে আছে

প্রিয় যবে দূরে চলে যায়

সে যে আরও প্রিয় হয় জানি

কতদিন.. কতদিন দেখিনি তোমায়

হয়তো তোমার দেশে আজ

এসেছে মাধবী রাতি

তুমি জোছনায় জাগিছো নিশি

সাথে লয়ে নতুন সাথী

হেথা মোর দ্বীপ নেভা রাতে

নিদ নাহি দুটি আঁখি পাতে (x2)

প্রেম সে যে মরিচীকা হায়

এ জীবনে এই শুধু মানি..

কতদিন.. কতদিন দেখিনি তোমায়

তবু মনে পড়ে তব মুখখানি

কতদিন দেখিনি তোমায়..

Meaning of Kotodin Dekhini Tomay Lyrics

Kotodin Dekhini Tomay is a famous song sung by the legendary singer Manna Dey and has been close to people’s heart ever since it was released. The phrase “Aajo tobu chaya porey rani” means “Even today, your shadow falls gracefully.” This sentence implies that even when a person is physically far away, the singer can still feel their influence or presence. It communicates the concept that they have had an enduring influence on the singer’s life.

Kotodin dekhini tomay lyrics next lines, “You have been gone for so many days, Koto din tumi nai kache” highlights the person’s protracted absence and the singer’s feelings of desire and yearning as a result of their separation. “Yet, the thirst of the heart remains awake,” is what Tobu Hridoy-ero trisha jege ache means.

The artist is saying that their heart still longs for the person they are speaking to even after time has passed. It represents the intense yearning and desire to be. The proverb “Priyo jobe dure chole jay, se je aro priyo hoy jani” means “When someone dear goes far away, they become even dearer.” This sentence expresses the idea that when a loved one is taken from us, their absence highlights how valuable and significant they are to us. It captures the longing and emotional toll that separation has.

Kotodin Dekhini Tomay Lyrics

“Hoyto tomar deshe aaj esheche madhobi rati” means “Perhaps tonight, love has arrived in your land.” This statement hints that the person’s place or life may have been touched by love. It suggests that even though a loved one is far away, love is not constrained by geography and can bring joy and fulfilment.

Kotodin dekhini tomay lyrics next few lines expresses how the person occupies the singer’s thoughts and imagination, particularly during nighttime when their presence is strongly felt.”In this dark, rainy night, sleep eludes my weary eyes,” the proverb goes. “Hetha mor dip nebha raate nid nahi duti aakhi patey.” Kotodin dekhini tomay lyrics expresses the singer’s agitated state, who is unable to relax or fall asleep during the stormy, pitch-black night. It stands for their yearning and the emotional upheaval brought on by the breakup.

Kotodin dekhini tomay lyrics last few lines of the song signifies the importance and truthfulness of love in the singer’s life. It suggests that although love is delicate and sensitive, it yet maintains great significance by comparing it to a touch-me-not flower. It implies that love, which transcends physical boundaries and brings meaning and fulfillment, is the only truth that truly matters in life.

The song skillfully expresses the feelings of desire, nostalgia, and love while emphasizing the effects of distance on relationships and showing hope and the strength of love that endures. This song was an absolute hit during the 1970s and is still a favorite among the old generation.

Song: Kotodin Dekhini Tomay Lyrics 
Singer: Manna Dey
Music Director: Kamal Dasgupta
Lyricist: Pronab Roy
Label: Saregama India Ltd

There are many lyrical as well as lofi versions available in YouTube. 

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