Khelbo holi rong debona lyrics

Khelbo Holi Rong Debona Lyrics | খেলবো হোলি রঙ দেব না | Asha Bhosle

Khelbo Holi Rong Debona Lyrics

খেলবো হোলি রঙ দেবো না

তাই কখনো হয় ?

এসো এসো বাইরে এসো, এসো গো

এসো এসো বাইরে এসো

ভয় পেয়োনা ভয়

এসেছে হোলি এসেছে,

এসেছে হোলি এসেছে..

ও.. লালে লালে আবীর লালে

আকাশ হল লাল,

লালে লালে আবীর লালে

আকাশ হল লাল।

হো.. বৃন্দাবনে হোলী খেলে নন্দের দুলাল,

বৃন্দাবনে হোলী খেলে নন্দের দুলাল।

শোন শোন গাইছে সবাই, শোন গো

শোন শোন গাইছে সবাই ফাগুনেরি জয়,

এসেছে হোলী এসেছে,

এসেছে হোলী এসেছে,.

ও.. লুকোচুরি চলবেনা তো

আজকে হোলীর দিনে,

লুকোচুরি চলবে না তো

আজকে হোলীর দিনে।

ও.. রঙ খেলা কি জমে বল

আপন মানুষ বিনে,

রঙ খেলা কি জমে বল,

আপন মানুষ বিনে।

ছাড়বো না তো আজকে তোমায়

ছাড়বো না,

ছাড়বো নাতো আজকে তোমায়

নয় কিছুতে নয়,

এসেছে হোলি এসেছে,

এসেছে হোলি এসেছে..

খেলবো হোলি রঙ দেবনা

তাই কখনো হয়?

এসো এসো বাইরে এসো, এসো গো

এসো এসো বাইরে এসো

ভয় পেয়োনা ভয়

এসেছে হোলি এসেছে,

এসেছে হোলি এসেছে..

Meaning of Khelbo Holi Rong Debona Lyrics

Khelbo holi rong debona lyrics about Holi is quite well-known. It commemorates the Holi celebration, a colourful and happy Hindu event that heralds the coming of spring and the triumph of good over evil. The thrill and energy of Holi are captured in the song’s lyrics.

Khelbo holi rong debona lyrics first line of the song, translates to “I will play Holi but won’t throw colours.” It conveys the festival’s lighthearted atmosphere as well as the singer’s decision to abstain from the custom of flinging coloured powder. This decision might be a personal one or a political one.

The subsequent words, “Tai kono hoy? “Eso eso baire eso, eso go,” exhort everyone to gather outside and take part in the festivities. It’s an invitation to join in the Holi celebrations and share the joy and excitement with one another. “Eso eso baire eso” is repeated several times, highlighting the singer’s excitement and enthusiasm.

Khelbo holi rong debona lyrics lines that follow, “Bhoy peyona bhoy, esheche Holi esheche,” it is stated that there is no reason to be afraid for Holi has here. Breaking down barriers, letting go of inhibitions, and embracing joy are all common themes in Holi celebrations. The idea of fearlessness implies that during Holi, people can express themselves freely without any inhibitions or anxieties.

Khelbo holi rong debona lyrics then discusses Holi’s colours and the ambience they provide. In the lyrics, “O lal-e lal-e Abir lal-e, Akash hol lal,” it is said that the red-colored powders used for the event caused the sky to turn red. It stands for the world-wide happiness and vivacity that Holi gives.

The phrase, “Ho, Vrindavan-e Holi khele Nonder dulal,” alludes to Lord Krishna, commonly known as Nonder Dulal or the Beloved of Nanda. It draws attention to how Lord Krishna is associated with the festival of Holi and his amusing interactions with the locals of Vrindavan.

The subsequent lines, “Shon shon gaiche shobai Faguneri joy,” mean that everyone is singing in unison, rejoicing in the victory of the spring season. This reflects the communal spirit and the sense of unity that Holi fosters among people.

Khelbo holi rong debona lyrics then mentions the game of hide-and-seek, saying that it won’t be played on this day, which implies that during Holi, there are no hidden secrets or barriers between people. It is a time for openness and togetherness.

“Rong khela ki jome bol, Apon manush bine,” asks if using colour to express enjoyment blurs the divide between people. It emphasises the significance of Holi as a celebration of harmony and inclusivity while raising the question of whether playing with colour can help people overcome differences and come together.

Khelbo holi rong debona lyrics

Khelbo holi rong debona lyrics “Chhadbo na to ajke tomay, chhadbo na, Chhadbo na to ajke tomay, noy kichute noy, Esheche Holi esheche,” which reinforce the idea that Holi has arrived and the singer won’t abandon anyone today, bring the song to a close. It represents the determination to celebrate jointly and to hold on to everyone while enjoying the festive spirit of Holi.

Overall, this song beautifully captures the essence of Holi, conveying messages of unity, fearlessness, and the joyous celebration of colors. It celebrates the arrival of Holi and invites everyone to join in the festivities, regardless of any inhibitions or differences.

Song : Khelbo Holi Rang Debo Na Lyrics
Movie : Ekanta Apan
Artist : Asha Bhosle, Kavita Krishnamurthy
Music Director : Rahul Dev Burman
Lyricist : Swapan Chakraborty
Release : 1987
Director : Biresh Chatterjee
Mood : Happy
Theme : Festive
Starcast : Victor Banerjee, Aparna Sen, Satabdi Roy

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