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Keno Nei Lyrics

হঠাৎ করেই মনে পরে যাবে
চাঁদটা আর নেই পাশে
হারিয়ে গিয়েছে মেঘেরি দেশে
মিলেছে তার অস্তিত্বে
স্বপ্ন হয়েও পাশে নেই তুমি
আমার এই রাজ্যতে
কেন নেই আজ তুমি
রংধনু হয়ে থাকবে তুমি
কেন নেই আজ তুমি
কবিতার ছন্দে ঘেরা শুধুই তুমি
স্তব্ধ হয়ে বসে থাকি
চারদেয়ালের সীমানায়
কল্পনাতেই রয়ে গেলে তুমি
ফেলে যাওয়া ডায়রীতে
কত প্রহর অপেক্ষায় কাটিয়ে
এপিটাফে আজ আমি
কেন নেই আজ তুমি
রংধনু হয়ে থাকবে তুমি
কেন নেই আজ তুমি
কবিতার ছন্দে ঘেরা শুধুই তুমি

Meaning of Keno Nei Lyrics

Keno Nei lyrics is rich in poetic imagery, reflects on the sudden absence of a beloved person, drawing upon metaphors like the moon, lost in the neighboring land of clouds. The lyrics convey a sense of longing, questioning why the person is no longer present in the speaker’s life. The mention of dreams that lack the person’s presence further emphasizes the emotional void left behind.

Keno Nei lyrics opening lines, “হঠাৎ করেই মনে পরে / চাঁদটা আর নেই পাশে” (Suddenly it comes to mind / The moon is no longer nearby), evoke a feeling of unexpected realization. The moon, often symbolizing beauty and inspiration, becomes a poignant metaphor for the absent person. The moon’s disappearance is likened to the person being lost in a distant, cloud-covered realm, emphasizing the emotional distance that has been created.

Keno Nei lyrics line “মিলেছে তার অস্তিত্বে” (Found in their existence) suggests that, despite the physical absence, the person’s existence is still felt or acknowledged. This dual reality of presence and absence adds complexity to the emotional landscape portrayed in the song.

The repeated questioning of why the person is not present today, combined with the imagery of a rainbow and the poet’s solitude, reflects the theme of yearning and the search for meaning. “রংধনু হয়ে থাকবে তুমি / কেন নেই আজ তুমি” (You will remain as a rainbow / Why aren’t you here today) signifies the enduring and vibrant memory of the person, perhaps even in the form of a rainbow, which is a symbol of hope and beauty after a storm.

Keno Nei Lyrics

Keno Nei lyrics lines “কবিতার ছন্দে ঘেরা শুধুই তুমি / স্তব্ধ হয়ে বসে থাকি” (Only you are enfolded in the rhythm of poetry / I sit silently) suggest that the memories of the person are encapsulated in the rhythm and structure of poetry. The speaker, left in a state of silence, reflects on the impact of this absence on their creative expression and emotional state.

The reference to the four walls and the boundary of imagination in “চারদেয়ালের সীমানায় / কল্পনাতেই রয়ে গেলে তুমি” (Within the limits of four walls / You reside in imagination) highlights the confined emotional space within which the person is remembered. The imagination becomes the refuge where the person’s presence is vividly felt, transcending the physical constraints.

Keno Nei lyrics closing lines, “ফেলে যাওয়া ডায়রীতে / কত প্রহর অপেক্ষায় কাটিয়ে / এপিটাফে আজ আমি / কেন নেই আজ তুমি” (In the discarded diary / Spending countless moments waiting / Today, in the epitaph, I wonder / Why aren’t you here today) poignantly encapsulate the speaker’s contemplation on time spent in anticipation and the realization of the person’s absence, akin to an epitaph marking the loss.

In essence, the song is a beautifully crafted expression of the complex emotions that arise when someone significant is no longer present, using vivid metaphors and poetic imagery to convey the depth of yearning, memory, and the enduring impact of the person’s existence in the speaker’s life.

About the Author of the Song

Keno Nei Lyrics

Keno Nei is a bengali song made by U TURN. Keno Nei song sung by Shafkat kabir prottoy. Keno Nei beautiful lyrics written by Rayan Rimel. Shafkat kabir prottoy also composed the music of the song. Keno nei was released on U TURN youtube channel on Jan 2 2024.

Song : Keno Nei
Vocal : Shafkat kabir prottoy
Lyrics : Rayan Rimel
Composer : Shafkat kabir prottoy
Music : U TURN
Mix & Mastered : Fahmidul Haque Suhash at REDFLAG STUDIO
Director : Tanim Ahmed Tonmoy
Cinematographer: Juyel Rana

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