Jotne Rakha Lyrics

Jotne Rakha Lyrics | যত্নে রাখা | Bijoyar Pore | Ranajoy | Lagnajita

Jotne Rakha Lyrics

যত্নে রাখা, আঙুল আজ অপেক্ষাতে
সোহাগ মাখা, বিকেল তোমার ছোঁয়াতে।

দূরত্ব জুড়ে জুড়ে শেষে কাছেই আসি
জীবন সত্যি তোমায়, খুব ভালোবাসি।

তুমি জানলা খুলে গেয়ো গান
ফিরছি আমি দিচ্ছি জানান,
আমি হেঁটে এসেছি বহুদূর ..

কেউ.. রাত জেগে বসে আছে
ভালোবাসা খুব ছোঁয়াচে,
তোমার কাছে।

শিশির পায়ে পায়ে জড়ালো
কে যেন ডাক পাঠালো,
তুমি দরজা খোলো।

এই দেখো আমার ঠোঁটে আলতো হাসি
ফিরতি পথে চেনা স্মৃতি রাশি রাশি।

তুমি কান্না সরিয়ে রেখো ঘুম
আজ ফিরে আসার মরশুম,
আমি হেঁটে এসেছি বহুদূর ..
তুমি জানলা খুলে গেয়ো গান
ফিরছি আমি দিচ্ছি জানান,
আমি হেঁটে এসেছি বহুদূর ..

Meaning of Jotne Rakha Lyrics

Jotne Rakha lyrics reflects the emotions of separation, yearning, and the enduring power of love. The lyrics convey a sense of longing and anticipation, portraying the speaker’s deep emotions for a loved one who is physically distant. The opening lines emphasize the tender care the speaker wishes to bestow upon their beloved, highlighting the eagerness to be close and the joy found in the touch of their fingers.

Jotne Rakha lyrics verses unfold, the theme of distance becomes more pronounced, with the speaker expressing the gradual approach towards their loved one. The mention of “Sohag mākhā” (applying vermilion, a traditional symbol of married life) in the evening suggests a sense of ritual and commitment. The repetition of the phrase “জীবন সত্যি তোমায়, খুব ভালোবাসি” (In truth, I love you very much) reinforces the sincerity and depth of the speaker’s affection.

Jotne Rakha Lyrics

Jotne Rakha lyrics takes a poignant turn as it describes the yearning and sleepless nights spent thinking about the beloved. The imagery of someone sitting awake at night, feeling the touch of love intensely, conveys the emotional intensity and connection between the speaker and their beloved. The idea of love being felt from a distance is beautifully encapsulated in the lyrics.

Jotne Rakha lyrics middle part of the song shifts to a more assertive tone, with the speaker confidently stating that they are gradually approaching and will soon be near their loved one. The act of opening the door is symbolic, signifying the anticipation of a reunion. The mention of familiar memories rushing back as the speaker walks the familiar path further emphasizes the emotional journey undertaken to reach their beloved.

Towards the end of the song, there is a shift in mood as the lyrics introduce a sense of joy and laughter. The speaker expresses happiness through a smiling face and reminisces about shared memories. The use of the phrase “ফিরতি পথে চেনা স্মৃতি রাশি রাশি” (memories scattered along the returning path) adds a nostalgic touch to the narrative.

The concluding lines bring the song full circle, with the speaker urging their beloved to wipe away tears and sleep peacefully, assuring them of a warm return. The repetition of the idea of singing a song and the mention of walking a long distance further underline the determination and commitment of the speaker to bridge the physical gap between them.

In summary, the lyrics beautifully captures the essence of love, separation, and the emotional journey to reunite with a beloved. The lyrics blend tender emotions with a sense of anticipation, creating a heartfelt narrative that resonates with the universal theme of love transcending distance.

About the Author of the Song

Jotne Rakha is a bengali song from the movie Bijoyar Pore sung by Ranajoy Bhattacharjee & Lagnajita Chakraborty. Jotne Rakha lyrics are written, and the music is composed by Ranajoy Bhattacharjee. Mix and master by Anirban Ganguly. The beautiful music video is directed Abhijit SriDas. Jotne Rakha was released on the youtube channel of Zee Music Bangla on Jan 4, 2024.

Song : Jotne Rakha
Movie : Bijoyar Pore
Singer : Ranajoy Bhattacharjee & Lagnajita Chakraborty
Music & Lyrics : Ranajoy Bhattacharjee
Mixing and Mastering : Anirban Ganguly
Director : Abhijit SriDas
Producer : Sujit Raha
Production House : SR Jupiter Motion Pictures
Label : Zee Music Bangla

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