Janena Keu Lyrics

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Janena Keu Lyrics

জানেনা কেউ
জানে শুধু আকাশের তারারা,
জানেনা কেউ
বিপন্ন দিশেহারা,
বিষাদময় পাতা ঝরে
ভালোবাসায় ..

সেই বিষন্ন বিকেল
বিপন্ন সময়, বেদনায়,
তাই বিভ্রান্ত হৃদয়
শুধু স্মৃতির পাতায়, আবারও ফিরে চায়,
হেরে যায়, তোমারি আশায়।

ভালোবাসার কোনো শাখা নেই
ইচ্ছের পাখা নেই যেমন,
হয়তো, আজ এই ক্ষনে খুঁজে খুঁজে
হারাবে আমায় ভীষণ,
আর কতকাল এই শুন্য বুকে
গাংচিল ডাকে রোজ সব হারিয়ে,
হৃদয়ে চলে ঝড়, আমিও নিখোঁজ।

সেই বিষন্ন বিকেল
বিপন্ন সময়, বেদনায়,
তাই বিভ্রান্ত হৃদয়
শুধু স্মৃতির পাতায়, আবারও ফিরে চায়,
হেরে যায়, তোমারি আশায়।

আমিও সেই
আগের মতো উদাস স্বপ্নেই থেকে যাই,
তুমিও কি
চাও আমি ঘুরে দাঁড়াই?

ফিরে তাকাও
অদম্য দুরন্ত সাগরের ঢেউ,
ঠিকানা নেই স্বপ্নের
বোঝেনা কেউ।
জানেনা কেউ,
অবাধ্য সেই স্বপ্নের কোনো ডানা নেই
জানি শুধু কেউ কোথাও ভালো নেই।

Meaning of Janena Keu Lyrics

Janena keu lyrics beautifully encapsulates the essence of longing, sorrow, and the complexity of love. It delves into the depths of human emotions, exploring the pain of separation, the relentless search for solace, and the bittersweet memories that haunt the heart.

Janena keu lyrics verses paint a vivid picture of a soul adrift in the vast expanse of existence, seeking solace in the stars, finding no comfort in the vastness of the universe. The imagery of desolate landscapes and falling leaves evokes a sense of melancholy, as the protagonist grapples with the weight of unrequited love.

Janena keu lyrics refrain, “সেই বিষন্ন বিকেল, বিপন্ন সময়, বেদনায়” (in those desolate evenings, in those lonely times, in pain), echoes the anguish of a heart yearning for love yet ensnared in the torment of memories. It speaks to the universal experience of heartache and the longing for a lost connection, resonating with anyone who has felt the sting of unfulfilled desire.

Janena keu lyrics imagery of a withered tree without branches or wings without flight symbolizes the emptiness and futility of longing for something that may never be attained. The protagonist’s search for solace amidst the void reflects the universal human struggle to find meaning and purpose in a world filled with uncertainty and despair.

Janena Keu Lyrics

As the song progresses, the narrator’s resignation to their fate becomes palpable, as they resign themselves to the inevitability of their solitude. The repetition of the refrain underscores the cyclical nature of their suffering, as they continue to oscillate between hope and despair, never finding respite from their inner turmoil.

In the final stanza, the narrator’s plea for understanding and acceptance is poignant, as they acknowledge the futility of their search for solace in a world devoid of compassion. The imagery of a tempestuous sea without a shore reflects the tumultuousness of their emotions, as they struggle to find stability amidst the chaos of their inner world.

Overall, this song is a poignant meditation on the human experience of longing, sorrow, and unfulfilled desire. Its evocative imagery and haunting melody capture the essence of the human condition, reminding us of the universal longing for connection and the pain of separation.

About the Author of the Song

Janena Keu Lyrics

Janena Keu is a bengali song sung by Sheikh Ishtiaque from Shironamhin Band. Janena Keu lyrics was written and the music was composed by Ziaur Rahman. Mixed and mastered by Shafiqul Islam and recording studio is Noizemine Sound. Janena keu music video song directed by Ziaur Rahman and director of photography by Rony Sharafat. Janena Keu song was released on Shironamhin youtube channel on Apr 25, 2024.

Song : Janena Keu
Band : Shironamhin
Singer : Sheikh Ishtiaque
Tuned And Lyricist : Ziaur Rahman
Guitar : Sudipto Sinha Dipu
Bass And Cello : Ziaur Rahman
Drums, Violin, Flute, Back Vocal : Kazy Ahmad Shafin
Piano : Symon Chowdhury
Band Manager : Infitar Danial
Typography, Artwork And Director : Ziaur Rahman
AD : Infitar Danial
DOP And Video Edit : Rony Sharafat
Music Partner : Believe Artist Services

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